Empower Your Soul Connection Part 1 and 2

lightworker eraoflightdotcomThe Nature of the Mind

The most fundamental state of mind in the universe is that of Infinite Being – that all-pervasive intelligence which brought about the creation of the universe. As the universe is composed of consciousness and nothing but consciousness, Infinite Being is the fundamental fabric of the universe.

Infinite Being is the sense of awareness within all people and all things.

Sentient beings can experience the fundamental awareness of Infinite Being as an “I Am” presence within themselves. They can also receive, process, and transmit mental energy. In a world where everything is in motion, so is mental energy. It is one of the many forms of energy that cascade through the different levels of existence.

The human brain is designed to receive, process and transmit mental energy. The telepathic receive-transmit part of the process is, to a large extent, unconscious in most people. However, if you have ever walked into a crowded room and sensed the atmosphere within the room, you were using such a capability at a conscious level.

Because the human brain is pre-occupied with information from the five senses, little thought is typically given to the other processes of the human mind, such as telepathic communion or the thoughts of the soul.

It is interesting to note that, when the activity of brain is slowed down through meditation, the mind, with its other capabilities, has the opportunity to come forward into the foreground. Less brain activity allows a greater awareness of the entire range of mind activity.

The conscious mind can be defined as the sphere of consciousness where the attention is currently focused. Most people confuse the conscious mind with the brain but, then, how do they explain near-death experiences, where the mind continues on while the brain is temporarily inactive?

When doctors restart a person’s “dead” heart and brain, the mind often comes rushing back into the physical body with a full memory of everything that had been said in the operating room while the person was “dead.” Then, there’s all the really interesting information that people report about meeting angels, guides, dead relatives and who knows what, all to the shock and bewilderment of the doctors!

Humans have at least three levels of mind: Physical brain-centered minds, spirit minds that operate while they are in their spirit or astral body, and soul minds that operate even above that frequency. But, here’s the surprise.

While your soul mind is based in 5D (fifth density, the nonphysical mental realm), it also operates right here in the 3D physical realm as part of your physical mind. Whether you choose to be conscious of it is the question. It’s right there in the back of your mind, ready for your attention to turn in its direction.

Your soul mind, with all its superconscious powers and capabilities, isn’t just way “up there” somewhere. It’s extends itself right here into 3D, just waiting for your attention to embrace it as part of your sphere of conscious awareness.


The Soul Connection technique is specifically designed to help you with the purpose of this course. It employs the individual signature tone or sigtone of your soul consciousness.

In the soul realms, light is the carrier of thought and sound is the carrier of feeling. Souls recognize other souls by their sigtones.

With practice, the signature tone of your soul will become more and more familiar to you and it will then become your gateway to quickly accessing soul consciousness at any time. Have patience and allow your perception to build with each session.

Important: Practice this full version of the Soul Connection technique daily as, later in the course, you will need to be ready to use a shorter version of this technique and then spend most of the exercise time on the powerful exercise to which this course is leading.

The Soul Connection Technique

Begin by sitting upright in a chair in a quiet place with your hands resting loosely in your lap and the palms facing downwards.

With your eyes closed, breathe in through your nose. See the universal life energy that fills the air as a white light coming into your body and down your spine all the way to the base of the spine.

While you breathe out through your nose, see that white light rise back up the spine to the heart chakra, positioned outside the body just in front of the breastbone, filling this energy center in front of the chest with its vibrant white light.

See the heart chakra as a sphere of energy which intensifies with each and every breath.

Breathe into the base of the spine and out to empower your heart chakra, which is the gateway to spiritual consciousness.

Breathe in… and out… filling your heart chakra with light.

Continue this for another ten to twenty breaths.

Allow yourself to feel a beautiful sense of gratitude. Gratitude for being alive, for simply existing and for being in the flow of the adventure of life.

Feel gratitude for the Sun that gives us life. Gratitude for the Earth that gives us our home in the cosmos. Gratitude for the people that you love, and for those who share your journey through life. Feel the beautiful love that flows from and through your heart chakra.

See the energy sphere of your heart chakra as a miniature sun, radiating outwards and yet being constantly replenished by the unlimited supply of love that fills the universe.

Live in a constant flow of universal love. See yourself centered in your heart chakra. Be in that flow of love as it radiates out into the world.

You are now ready to attune with soul consciousness. You will be stepping into a world filled with sacred light where your soul bathes in the light of the Divine spirit, which is the essence of the Creator.

Honor that divine connection. Be aware that you are about to enter a sacred place.

Now, with your eyes closed and yet looking slightly upwards above the horizontal, take the bright ball of energy which envelops your heart chakra and move it up to your “third eye” chakra, just in front of your brow.

Allow yourself to relax into the realm of soul consciousness. There is a subtlety and a silence to this level of consciousness. The hallmarks of this place are peace and joy. Be in perfect stillness. Connect with the joy and the sense of divine connection that are yours.

Now, ask to perceive the unique signature tone of your soul consciousness. Even though it is composed of subtle sound energy, it will likely be perceived by you as a feeling because spiritual sound and feeling are closely intertwined.

Empower Your Soul Connection Part 3 and 4

**By Owen Waters