Empower Your Soul Connection Part 3 and 4

lightworker eraoflightdotcomThe Soul’s Function

Most sentient life in the universe is nonphysical. Here on planet Earth, we are among the pioneers of life’s great adventurers in experience. We agreed to incarnate, not just into a 4D spirit world, but even further into the crushingly dense realm of 3D physicality.

In order to be here, we have wandered far from the freedom of the nonphysical realm of 5D, but we can take the opportunity now to reconnect with the love, light and beauty of that higher realm of existence.

In the 3D physical world, we are limited by both space and time. We are stuck on a one-directional timeline where life seems to be ruled by the clock. Furthermore, in order to move around in the dimension of space, we need to expend energy to transport our solidly physical bodies elsewhere.

We visit the 4D spirit world either when out of the body at night or during the afterlife part of our reincarnational cycle. Unlike the physical realm, where people live in a world that contains everyone, there are many sub-realms within 4D. There, people live in places that best resonate to their frequency of consciousness. Birds of a feather flock together and, in the spirit realms, they are generally unaware of those dwelling in other sub-realms.

In the afterlife, there are the heavily-populated sub-realms where the average person goes. Then, there are realms of increasing love and light for those who aspire to higher consciousness. These are realms of great delicacy and beauty that, once visited, you never forget them. Then again, there are less savory realms that, if you ever did decide to venture down into them, you’d wish you could forget them!

The most obvious freedom of 4D, besides the ability to levitate your spirit body, is the ability to project to another location. Astral projection simply involves focusing upon another location (or person) that you know and willing yourself to be there. Astral projection is an act of relocation. People and places all have their own unique signature tone. The person simply attunes to the sigtone of the location or person and they will instantly be repositioned into that location in space.

In 5D, the soul has the additional freedom of being able to move around in time as well as space. At your soul, “superconscious” or “higher self” level of consciousness, you can look up and down a timeline to see both past and future at will. The greatest use of this ability is to pre-scan potential timelines to see how they would turn out were you to physically pursue them.

And that is an ability we will be employing on this course!


Levels of Consciousness

Today, we will go into meditation and explore the different levels of consciousness and their related chakras. With this exercise, it will become clear why we use the third eye or brow chakra in the Soul Connection technique.

This will be a regular meditation for the purpose of reflection and insight, so use your own preferred technique or our “Ultimate Meditation” technique:

The Infinite Being Meditation

As you reflect upon each different chakra in this article, pause to tune into that chakra, feel its level of consciousness, and become more familiar with its natural function.

Contemplate on these thoughts in your meditation

There are twelve levels of consciousness in Creation and the human chakra system is designed to correspond exactly to the first seven of those levels.

First density is the most fundamental level of physical consciousness and is the natural level for elements – metals, gases, rocks, and so on.

The subconscious mind resonates at the frequency of second density, which is the natural level for biological entities such as plants and basic animals. This also means that the subconscious mind is attuned to the sacral chakra – the second of the seven major chakras.

The intellect – the majority of conscious attention in physical humans – operates at the level of third density and is attuned to the solar plexus chakra.

Higher feelings operate in fourth density and are attuned to the heart chakra.

The superconscious or soul mind operates in fifth density and is attuned to the throat chakra. Fifth density is a non-physical realm of mental energies expressed as light and sound. Fifth density is also called the causal plane because it is here that templates of soul-based intention are created. These templates of consciousness are compressed into subtle etheric form and then further into dense physical form to be manifested as objects and situations in the fourth and third density levels of existence.

Sixth density is the realm of higher soul consciousness and is attuned to the “third eye” or brow chakra. This is the natural level for the oversoul or group souls, where the soul family functions more as a cohesive unit in contrast to the individual soul nature of the regular 5D soul realm.

To complete the picture, seventh density, to which the crown chakra is attuned, is the first of the three cosmic levels of awareness, which are attuned to the consciousness of planets, suns and galaxies. Beyond these, the highest of the density levels – the Divine realms of 10D, 11D and 12D – are home to facets of the Creator which exist for the supply and maintenance of all requirements of life in the other levels of existence.

In the Soul Connection technique, we raise the heart-centered sphere of energy to the brow chakra for two reasons.

1) It is a feeling-related chakra, just like the heart chakra and is therefore directly compatible with it. While the throat chakra is home to your active soul consciousness, it exists in a realm which is more mental than feeling in nature. The chakras alternate in a yin-yang fashion: The sacral chakra is about feeling, the solar plexus is intellectual, the heart is about higher feeling, and the throat chakra is attuned to what many call the mental or higher mental realms.

2) Activating the brow chakra with energy from the heart causes a synchronistic activation of the throat chakra, due to its location between the brow and heart chakras.

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**By Owen Waters