Goddess of Creation: Awakening Expands Consciousness

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomThis is a channel that you may find yourself experiencing over and over and over. Right now, as this channel took place there are many, many people who are waking up. The Goddess actually speaks about this and the impact that is taking place in society. Awakening is about becoming aware of something of which you were unaware. There is a direct link from awakening to the expansion of people’s consciousness.

We speak frequently about our consciousness. We speak of it as a way of making choices and as a means of how we create in our lives. Our consciousness is how we express outward. During this channel, while in the All That Is, we are able to see the influence of awakening, it came across as if a door is opening. From there people were able to see/ sense more around them because that energy was bigger. What then happened, was that a person’s UNconsciouss, which is a direct line from your soul, is able to send more information. A key part of awakening, ascending, expanding is that there is a continuous flow that moves from unconsciousness into consciousness.

In essence, your unconsciousness is your direct line from your soul into you the human. This is received as intuition, insights, gut reaction, or expanded awareness.

Lastly, the Goddess actually sent wave upon wave of love and light to help people as they move through this process. As people learn about what has been hidden and as technology jumps to the higher frequency it can be very hard to understand or even frightening. These waves of light will help to smooth the process.

Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out for my heart to yours; I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

Life is about community. Life is about growth, opportunities, potentials, and then whatever you choose to do with them. Life is infinite and where you are expressing it in the person that you are right now, is a key focus for the moment. However, you are so much more than this earthly life you are living.

People get busy and distracted and they, therefore, forget to pay attention to what’s truly important in their lives. They get caught up in work perhaps arguments they are in, perhaps trying to accomplish something, and it distracts them from their soul alignment.

People get caught up in the world and they may be hearing what is happening in various places within the world; perhaps in your own community, perhaps in your own family. And then sometimes your vision comes down to a small narrow focus and you forget that there is more that is also happening. It is essential as you live your life to remember to be in that flow of the divine. The focus may be God it may be the Angels and for some people, it begins as an easier process if you focus on something outside of you rather than within.

However, the more that you are able to remember that it’s truly about what is within your heart what about that alignment to God as you, the Angels, and the Light Beings as you all of that comes together and creates that perspective of your life. So, while we are here and you are fully conscious and focused, I feel it is important to remember that when you get bogged down, by disconnecting, taking that step back, and then coming in once more from your higher perspective. Then you may have the answers you were seeking, you may have the energy to do what’s needed, you may be able to make that choice that you were struggling to make.

So, live your life fully, being fully present upon the earth while you still have that open continuous flow of love and light from the divine and that divine is you.

Take a deep breath in and just sit quietly for a moment feeling as if the vibration and the frequency of what I speak is moving through you.

I invite you to now take a breath where you let your focus come down through that breath into your heart center and you feel as if you are creating a ball of light that just circulates in and around your heart. As you do so you are creating that deeper alignment within your heart you send an aspect of that that goes down through your energy bodies and into the earth.

As it moves into the earth, you can feel it as it spreads out in different directions. Gaia is another one of the wonderful resources available to you. Gaia is a means of grounding you she stores information and she resonates a frequency that can help to balance you in your everyday life.

You let that energy of Gaia flow back up within your heart center and then you send it up through your throat. Your third eye, your head center and it goes all the way up until you link within that space of your higher self.

Take a moment as if you are gently allowing your energies to merge with whatever might be here so that you can become much more comfortable which in turn will assist you with being perceptive about whatever information may be here or as you’re looking at your life.

You then allow your energy to stream even higher for some it may feel as if there’s a magnet that’s just pulling your consciousness straight up and into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within this space, it is as if you are merging with infinity. Your perception may be that you see yourself as if you are looking and here is you and then the mirror reflection of you. However, the you in the mirror is filled with a magnificent aura, it’s filled with different frequencies, and all of that allows you to have access to your many, many, many, experiences. Your soul is your link to God and God source energy. Many will call this the central spiritual sun which is the center of the universe. We’ve worked with that many times before.

As we continue to move forward through the ascension process on earth, it is becoming more and more important that you allow this flow of love and light to move down through you and it’s all manifest right here within this space.

This is the expression of you and only you because you are the only one with your soul. The more that you become comfortable within the space, the more you understand who you are as that soul essence.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here. As I do so I reach out to embrace you; I embrace you as the consciousness and the person that you are, I embrace you as your divinity, your soul essence, everything in which you are tapping into. As I merge with you, everyone shifts and moves into the All That Is.

Look around, I suspect that this place is becoming more and more familiar to you especially since the conversation with Yeshua last time, almost every single one of you have come here on a consistent basis. This is a place of creation it has the very high frequency of your divinity; however, it’s created as a place where many can gather.

I wish to speak further about ascension. During our journey, the last time (Channel of April 04, 2021) Yeshua spoke of his life upon the earth, his death, and then returning to earth having ascended or moved beyond death into everlasting life. He then chose to go back and live out the remainder of that life. However, he would always have times in which it was necessary for him to recalibrate and realign with that higher frequency to which he had ascended.

Here we are living upon earth and earth is once again ascending. There have been times of great transition in the past which resulted in the ice age, the flood, great fires, and earthquakes; the sinking of Atlantis, the sinking of Lemuria. Ascension is not anything new to Gaia, and Gaia is therefore going to be the balanced planet that she is and is going to move through this ascension process that is for your planet of earth and as it relates to the other planets within your universe.

That is one of the keys for you to remember that this is a universal ascension, not just one planet. So, where you stand right now within this process ascension is also being called the awakening. Humanity has been asleep in one form or another for a very long time. The awakening is the coming to the realization that life is different than what you thought it was. As more and more people awaken that will automatically open up their energy fields. If you can imagine when someone is asleep, they will use that phrase just because awake and asleep is easy to understand.

So, when someone is asleep, they frequently are complacent, they just go with the flow in their life they don’t question if things happen, they just think okay and move on. This has been going on within millions of people upon the earth. As people begin to awaken or they began this has been the awakening has been going on for at least 20 years in a very conscious way, probably 50 years in an unconscious way.

So that wave has been rolling through society, wave upon wave upon wave upon wave, and in doing so more people look around and question; why am I doing that what is the purpose for this. If something does not make sense, they say that does not make sense and that wave of questioning is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And as people question, they awaken to the understanding that things in life are different than what they believed them to be.

It can be very traumatic for people it can be frightening however one of the keys that and the reason I wished to speak about this is that I would like to have that be very quick for people, that they awaken they fully understand and rather than staying in a traumatized place they move on into the higher frequency into the greater understanding and into the potentials that they now become aware of which are actually going to enrich their lives.

Consider your own life. Do you feel as if you have awakened to what is happening in the world, in society, and in your lives? Okay, what I heard from some of you is a sense that awakening versus not awake feels the same to them. Perhaps these individuals have always been aware that there’s something different than just going by the status quo and therefore they were always awake.

Another potential of why it may all seem the same is because there’s something inside of you that’s nudging you to ask questions and you’re not sure where to do so, how to do so, and what it’s going to bring. You have many resources available through your internet, you can reach out to other people, and I wish to express this as your nuts and bolts for moving forward. The world is awakening it is more than 50 percent and it is probably closer to 80 percent. Some people may be conscious, some people may be unconscious.

So that was my next step. We always come into these meditations through your consciousness, your focus of which you are aware. That focus that takes you in a direction to connect in your heart, to anchor, to flow to your divinity, to flow into the All That Is. All of that is your lusciousness that represents your awareness this is the aspect of your life where you may make choices and it directly affects where your consciousness will.

Take you, your consciousness is something that we have talked about for many, many years and all of you have been stretching and stretching and stretching so that more and more of your awareness is able to be within the expanded consciousness. Even as I said that I can feel all of you stretching out even bigger.

Your expanded consciousness is what helps your personality your ego your belief systems it’s what helps all of that to stretch out so that you can become comfortable with change as we are here in the All That Is and as you just allow your mind or your consciousness to just float about put forth the intention that the more you expand your consciousness, the greater amount of information there is that will come back to you affecting you in life.

Now then, there is your unconscious aspect which is also a part of this consciousness. It is that part of which you are unaware but it has a direct influence on you at all times. That is the part coming in from your right brain abstract thinking that comes down from your soul. That is nudging you to open to new potentials to try something different, to perhaps take a different way to work and see what you might notice or to reconnect with a friend from the past with whom you haven’t spoken.

So that unconscious part of your consciousness is that guide post that helps you in your everyday life. For so much of humanity, their unconsciousness has been somewhat hitting a brick wall because humanity has not paid attention. So, therefore, as humanity awakens and that opens up doors more of every single person’s unconscious can come into their everyday life and therefore their consciousness expands.

You see how this flow works together how do you receive your unconscious messages from soul? Do you feel it in your solar plexus? Do you hear tones or words or thoughts? Do you get flashes of images or do you listen to that inner knowing that sense inside of you that says ‘yes this is exactly what I need to do?

When that happens, that cycle just completed you as your soul or as your higher self sent an impulse to say pay attention to this moment you received the message you paid attention to, and that completed that cycle of intention. Then in doing so it expanded your consciousness.

It is the distractions that keep this cycle from working fully within you. The distractions that come about in the form of being busy at work busy with family, busy in your everyday life, busy looking at what might be going on in the media; I could go on and on.

So, as you become aware of what expanding consciousness is through awakening and receiving the unconscious insights the distractions fall by the wayside. You will still have them in your life; however, it is much easier to let them go to say that’s a distraction and I’m letting it go. There may be times when that distraction is actually something to nudge you into opening up more so you do not need to always just blindly let it go. But as you look at the distraction, you have the understanding you either let it go, you take what you need, and then you come back into focus.

Okay I just heard someone say but I don’t know what I don’t know true statement and that statement also opens up everything you need not know everything you need only be open to the potential that many beautiful and glorious things are available to you to be open to receive. And if you learn something that is totally outside of your perspective, then either take it at face value, look into it, and find out the truth, or perhaps understand that that is where the world is moving.

There will be so much technology that is in vibrational alignment with the higher frequency that many people will think that can’t be, that’s not possible so I ask you to simply be open understand that you don’t know what you don’t know however you’re willing to give it a chance.

My heart is so full! As I’m looking at everyone here, there are all these bursts of light and energy and so many people are moving into that space of awareness feel what that is there you go.

Even just talking about your consciousness, your unconsciousness, your awareness. These topics of conversation may be totally new to you or it may be something you’ve thought about and studied your entire life you are aligned with the universe, with the planet, with your galaxy, with God source energy, and within all of that, there is an infinite flow of love, of light, of potentials, and experiences. Be open to receive.

I ask that all of you come back together as a group. As you do so you allow your consciousness or your focus to be present within you. And as you are gathering as one allows that expanded consciousness to give you the perception of what this space looks like to you. Then as if you are awakening that pathway to your unconscious, let that doorway open and see if you gather any more information from this experience of being together as a group. Amazing!

Coming up within the center you see the hologram of the earth. As this hologram comes up within you, I invite each one of you to send your expanded consciousness into the hologram. And as you do so, it begins to take on the light and the balance and the expansion that comes with you and this process. The hologram turns, vibrates, rotates as it integrates everything that was sent into it.

There’s an aspect that goes out through the universe and the remainder goes down into the earth. It’s like there is that column of light and it falls down it goes through that column as it connects with the matrix surrounding the earth, it sends this circle of light and energy. That is expanding consciousness. That is about awakening which is about the increased flow and movement from the unconscious.

It then goes down all the way into the center of the earth. As it anchors within the earth it comes back upward. Once it has anchored within the earth, your own energy and frequency comes up within you, it moves within you, in your human space, and as you are integrating all of that for yourself. Pay attention to that of which you are aware and pay attention to opening up your unconscious aspects.

As each one of you is integrating that I invite you to be with me as we send that vibration and that frequency through every bit of humanity, that all of humanity awakens; that they awaken in a conscious way so that they know that flow from divine source that comes into them and they receive the unconscious.

Support of their divinity and may that go person to person to person to person throughout the entire world as that expansion moves throughout, allow the remainder of your consciousness and your focus to come down within you. It moves through the soul plane and as you bring it back into you the human.

You may need to expand your energy field so that you may anchor all of your ascended self. Recognize that a massive transformation is taking place. Recognize that you as a human are an integral part of all that is taking place. it is not up to you to do it for everybody else, however, as you move through your own process it creates space for everybody else. Breathe in and breathe out.

As you experience your life through the awakening of the planet, I invite you to understand that you are already connected to so much you as your soul has moved through this entire experience.

You as your expanded consciousness have opportunities to integrate to transform to experience life. In many, many as yet known to your ways. Be confident in yourself. Be confident in your consciousness. And to be confident in your unconsciousness that as you expand receiving those messages from soul knowing it is always in your highest and best interest.

You are loved!

I am ever with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net