Thoughts from your Hostess of Light – April/May 2021

star bright eraoflightdotcomSorry for the delay in this month’s newsletter, time was like slow motion and no matter how hard I tried I could not get the newsletter to form it was always just out of reach. My emotions and energies are at the top of the cosmic cup of coffee overflowing into deep canyons and emotional abysses. Empathically amplified like a speaker at a Kiss concert. Feeling ones way around is not an easy feat, as one unrest is laid to bed and another comes to call before a deep breathe is taken. Everything comes to circumnavigate our soul and life, like debris from an angry tornado. This part of the journey is actually the hardest as we learn to walk thru the emotional lava fields and not get burned again.

Everyone is awakening to a ‘living fact’ that did not seem to exist in their world before. Incorporating these new truths into one’s life, body mind and soul is a great feat. As we slide thru time more and more glitches in the matrix, so to speak, will show themselves, exposing a naked truth that needs to be addressed.

Each Dimension is like a chapter in a very long book, within that chapter is many pages that must be experienced and turned before one enters the next dimensional chapter. Belief systems in all of their forms flavors and energies are electrically charged and thus I become electromagnetic and magnetically charged two particles within the same spin. Like a magnet that seeks itself the holographic expression of these belief systems are found within the rooms and the Mansions of light.All holographic bubbles of life are painted in accordance with our own strokes, thoughts and expectations.

Matrix like in its theme these holographic bubbles of expression and energy are personalized and individualized by each human being. If one crash lands on a side of a Snowy Mountain during an avalanche in Alaska do they just give up or move through all obstacles to the other side of the white worm hole of awareness? As a human we actually do both, first me give up and then we get up and move thru it!This past year plus we’ve all eaten a lot of dirt, a lot of worms, in a bowl full of Heartache, for the planet Earth and her people. We have ‘cried Uncle’ loudly pointing the finger at everything and everyone for the outside circumstances of our lives. Like crystalline devices of remembrance within a quantum computer, we have the ability to hold many layers of information, truths and experiences simultaneously, Creating vortices of energy as All situations circumnavigate themselves. Becoming magnetic of nature and inviting same particle compositions to join them. In layman’s terms the Groundhog Day repetitiveness is personalized not universalized.

We feel Stripped Away of whom we once were and in that knowledge lives an emptiness that seeks to be filled. Whether its food or booze, sex or drugs and rock and roll, the spirit longs to fill a part of its self that it does not see in the schematics of the now. We reach out to no avail like a free-floating astronaut that just lost his wrench,

We don’t seem to fit the Energy or our clothes or our thoughts; just like Goldilocks everything feels a little alien. We all seek a landing pad, a place of cemented in Hope, so that we can see in the fullness of time and understand what is to come. The Hologram of our world shifts and changes slowly, like a merry-go-round out of sync and out of time. Do we actively seek our missing parts and call back them back to this shadow of our old self? Or do we just work on the sculpture in front of us?

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