Ivo of Vega: You’re Angry Because You Expect Too Much

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomDisappointed with the results – the results you have created.

Sharon: I walked into the kitchen after going grocery shopping. Merlin(cat) was hovering at my feet, waiting for more food. He got food before I left for the store. But there he was again, giving me that stare. When he didn’t get anything, I saw his tail swishing back and forth, so I said, “You’re angry because you expect too much.”

That could open a whole can of worms, really. How often have I been disappointed at my own creation?

Ivo: And you see, my love, you created everything in your life. It is all a reflection of you. You are learning to take responsibility for your creation, as all humans are now learning collectively upon earth. When you are disappointed in your own creation, and you feel that you expected too much, then you are not recognizing the godly being that you are. You are believing that you are only a physical human again.

It is this we must warn all of you on.

It is very difficult for a broke, penniless, sick, tired and depressed person to imagine that you can have it all, but you can have it all.

Me: I feel that I went through all of these things because I had to understand what it was like to experience these ways of life – to have empathy for others with the same problem.

Ivo: Yes, but there is more than one way to do this. Had you been able to realize your godliness earlier in your life, you would have had empathy for others with these plights because you would have been connected with the empathy that your higher self had that had sent you to earth in the first place, but because you could not remember yourself to that extent, you had to experience life circumstances that allowed you to do so.

So you remember the empathy you had that brought you to earth to help. You did so by experiencing these things firsthand.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Now you are tired of what you have created and wish to move to the country. You have no money saved to purchase a home, you would even live in a camper of sorts but fear the Canadian winter.

Me: When I go to the park and I sit near the water, it is my vibration. That’s the only thing I can say – it is me!

Ivo: Might I suggest to you that you stop telling yourself to stop expecting too much, and start expecting everything. Then you will open the channels to create it.

Expecting too much is a belief you have that keeps a ceiling on your ability to manifest and create a better life for yourself.

The other belief that you have is that those who “have it all” are morally diminished. That is not necessarily the case.

Me: I have an issue with people who do spiritual work in order to become rich. This, to me, is counter productive because you have the wrong motivation. Making money, to me, is an objective that is not spiritual in nature.

Ivo: You can attract abundance and because you live in a financial system, it requires the use of money quite often.

Me: True. I don’t like people who spend more time selling things than they do giving away free information. I’m starting a Zazzle account where I will be able to sell my photography, artwork and yes, I’ll put up Ashtar Sheran t-shirts and things for people who want them, but it’s my intent to market to a wide audience. It’s also my intent, that should I supersede an amount I have in my head, the overflow will be either given to spiritual projects or to charities, real charities, not the fake ones.

I only need so much. But I am putting together a Plan B in case the DS manages to hold up the QFS funding for 4b money holders even longer than you’re projecting. Just in case.

I want to go up north. I want to live in the bush. I want to land ships. And by hook or by crook, I’m going to do it!

Those are my expectations. And I don’t have that much longer to go here because I’ve been dying to leave this city for a long time. Now it’s overdue. I can’t wait. I have to do something. And the other thing – I’m 60 so I just don’t have a lot of time to wait anyway. I have to get moving.

Ivo: So you are not expecting too much?
Me: No! I’m not. I know I can do this. I’ve known it for years.

Ivo: And money is slowing you down?

Me: It’s always the last thing. I’m going to earn enough to do this. Other people have done things that seemed impossible so I’m going to do this too.

Ivo: My love, it was your parents who showed you never to expect too much of life. They lived through the depression and world war 2 so they were the ones who were disappointed in life. But you need not be. I know you despise the city you live in, but sometimes that is not helping you either. You are learning to accept it and to make the best of it. It might be worth taking a trip up north again to investigate possibilities, because right now you are too far away from your destination. Your neighbour will feed your cat while you are gone.

Me: Yes, he’s a problem that way. He follows me from room to room, he’s so attached to me. Leaving for a few days would perhaps re-traumatize him. After all, I only keep him alive.

Ivo: It is possible. Are you in touch with real estate agents from that area? Have you contacted people who run trailer parks? You have not investigated nor have you gotten details for Plan B. It is time to do so.

And this is a lesson as well, for you all, with respect to the Law of Attraction. She can attract but then she must act. Becoming involved in your project is a must. Taking action is a must.

Dispensing with beliefs that limit you is absolutely necessary. Keeping one’s expectations of life low to avoid disappointment is a bad idea.

Me: What I do at times is take a piece of paper or a word document and I write down… “I would raise the money to go up north to land ships except for the fact that…..” and then you fill in the blanks. Write down the first thing that comes along. I know. I fear the gugwe and other negative types of bigfoot. But I won’t be alone so I don’t have to worry about being defenseless against negative beings. I know that living in cities creates a sense of security for many, but when the negative part of being in one outweighs the positive aspects, then you have to move.

I know I also have a problem with the work I do. When it sells I get a small commission. Unlike my brother who used to paint cars. He’d get a whole month’s worth of earnings just from painting a couple cars.

I have to give it some thought. But I have to bring in Athena and Sigrid, because when you consider something from a third or fourth dimensional mindset only, you’re limited to these lower frequency solutions. To think big, you have to bring in the big guns.

Thanks, Ivo. You make so much sense.

Ivo: My love, you live by universal law, not your earth’s laws. If you want to do something, you can do it.

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart