A Critical Message For All Lightworkers

lightworker eraoflightdotcomThe following is a critical message for all who call themselves lightworkerslightwarriorswanderers, and such. And it needs to be taken seriously for your own highest benefit, as well as for the benefit of the entire planetary collective nonetheless. Bonus points if you can somehow share and spread this message through whatever means that you may have at your disposal, at this time.
I would like to begin this message by a direct quote from The Arcturian Council (channeled by Daniel Scranton). Here it goes:
“If you keep looking for how ‘they’ are trying to stop you from ascending, then you’ll keep finding more evidence to support that belief; and you’ll also keep finding more people to throw into the category of ‘they’ and ‘them’. And your list of enemies can keep growing on a daily basis if that is your approach to spirituality.”
Nope, once is just not enough. Here, read that first line again. And keep on reading it over and over and over again, until it, at last, sinks in…  
“If you keep looking and looking and looking for how ‘they’ are trying to stop you from ascending, then you’ll keep on finding more and more and all the more EVIDENCE to support just THAT EXACT BELIEF!”  
Yes, I did add a few more words to that quote this time for the emphasis, but I hope that you’ll all forgive me for that one. In any case, here’s the thing: That quote is one hundred percent LEGIT, and here’s a fun thing that all of you folks can individually do to verify it (if and when you do get the time to even do so, that is.)  
Basically, over the past few years, you might have run into some pretty decent channellers who have kept on saying over and over and over again that they have ever so kept on getting “attacked” by those of the negative disposition. And, as predictable as the rising of the sun itself on each new day, do the “attacks” on these ones keep happening and happening and happening all the more. And over and over and over again at that! Their PCs get hacked, their Websites go down, their Livestreams get the glitch, and their Implants get the Itch (no matter what). And, mind you, there’s rarely (if at all) a thing WRONG with any of these channellers or their channellings per se. In short, these appear very much to be benevolent beings bringing through other benevolent beings and energies and collectives through their channellings, generally speaking. And yet, they keep on getting “attacked” day after day after day. One wonders just how.
Now, at the exact same time — and this is where things begin to get really fun and interesting — there are other benevolent, high energy, high frequency channellers out there who neither ever as much as mention being attacked, nor do get attacked in any way, shape or form in there. These people live in the exact same countries and states and localities that the former groups of channellers are residing in, and yet, none of these “attacks” come to them, somehow!  
Maybe these latter groupings (of channellers) are all partnering with the negative forces then somehow, right? Nope! NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. Rather, their messages are about a trillion times more empowering and enlightening than what you’d ever find coming through from the former varieties of peoples and channellers and individuals and groups. In fact, if you were indeed a negatively oriented being or collective, you’d be putting in like a 100000000000000X greater effort just to get these ones to somehow / anyhow shut up (or shut down, for that matter!) And yet, somehow, that never really happens. Hmmmmm. I wonder why.  
Maybe, just maybe, people do indeed create their very reality, after all? Yeah, yeah. Quite the preposterous suggestion, I know.
There are So. Many. otherwise positive and benevolent channellers that I’ve seen on here lately who are all too busy doing the work of the negative forces for them. And for free of cost, that too! No credits either! Putting out ideas the likes of “everything’s so very “difficult” right now”“we just can’t “take this” anymore”“someone give us the “time table” on this madness already” and so on and so forth. I’m a light-bringer myself, and know quite a few light-bringers from different corners of the world through the internet personally (none of us being any more privileged than any of you all reading this, just so you know). And I can very much so assure you, even guarantee you, that we are all getting along with our lives right now just fine. Yes, there indeed are still challenges to be dealt with (by / for all of us) in some way, shape or form every single day; but the idea / suggestion that we are all miserable and helpless with respect to these things is, well, laughable (to say the least). Rather, because we do indeed take out the time every single day to laugh as much at life; that ultimately keeps us healthy and happy (even when placed square in the middle of the hell that Earth (in many ways and respects, even is right now). We are all the same as all of the other lightworkers out there, facing the exact same challenges; and yes, in the past (during times when we were spiritually immature), we too have been attacked — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually; you-name-it. But NOT ANYMORE! Because now, we all create our reality Very. Much. So. consciously. With each Breath and Thought and Word and Action and Belief and Intention and Love and (recurring) bouts of Laughter here no less! In fact, had a SEARING toothache just a couple days back (Healing Energies and Blessings and Prayers from ya’ll most welcome); and I STILL somehow managed to be (considerably!) joyful through it all than what most would otherwise expect. And I’m NOT in any way, shape, or form more “special” or “stronger” or “better” than any of you all are. But I simply refuse to allow absolutely any sort of negative energies / ideas / intentions / thoughts / emotions / beliefs into my life; even on my worst day no less. And it saves me from experiencing hell-on-earth, Every. Single. TIME.  
Because, and here’s the thing: Our (so-called) “REALITY” is basically the exact same thing as a LUCID DREAM. And nearly everyone on here already knows that (through reading it, hearing it, and even direct personal experiences, for that matter). In short, if you truly EXPECT to find a monster hiding under your very bed; buddy’s one hundred percent gonna be there (to scare you or eat you or whatever it is that these monsters do) the very moment that you take even as much as the teensiest of peeks in there. Be there or be square, eh?  
Kindly note here that this post is so NOT being made to “brag” about any of this. Or even to judge you or anything such, for that matter. Rather, it is being made in here because we are now at a make-or-break time in the very history of humankind. Timelines are splitting big time even as we speak; and; without being too very doomsy-n-gloomsy, let me assure you all that you can very much so create a negative timeline for your-selves (and other-aligned-selves) should you NOT recognize this obvious (and imminent) danger and trap (and BAIT) of giving your power away to others. Be these ‘others’ channellers, prediction-makers, doom-marketers (what an epic word, that one), prophets, (purportedly) higher beings, or what-else-have-you! And mind you, I don’t even need you to be doing any of this, AT ALL. For your choices of timelines affect me NOT. But I just have to warn you here regarding such things anyways, because ultimately, you all are my beloved light familia. And so, till my very last breath, I will most certainly continue reminding you all as to just who you are and how very powerful that even really makes you. But, then again, I can only do so much for you all. Beyond that, you can lead a horse to the water but…(you know the rest).  
So, I would sincerely urge you ALL in here to go look up the realities that these depressed and doom-and-gloom-type channellers have been creating for themselves (and even for the collective that they so easily and effortlessly (un)inspire in any case). Nearly everyone on here knows as to just which channellers I’m even really talking about in here. Not like the negatively-charged energies and beliefs that they emanate to the whole lightworker collective out there get missed in any case. So yeah, do go look up their lives (of both the positive-vibe-types as well as the negative-vibe-types of channellers), and come tell me that I’m wrong about absolutely ANY of this! (Spoiler: I’m not! Period.)
Your Reality is but a Lucid Dream.  
(One more time for those in the back.)  
Your. Reality. Is. But. A. Lucid. Dream.
Once again!
Kindly Repeat That to Your Self until the message finally sinks in, my dearest fellow Gods-In-The-Flesh!
BELIEVE in being attacked, GET attacked.
TRUST the doom and gloom predictions, EXPERIENCE the gloom and doom predictions.
BELIEVE in the monster under your bed, EXPECT the monster under your bed.
I could go on and on here with this, but well, you get the point now.
You create your own reality by giving things your focus. Focus upon positive things, appreciation, gratitude, love, light, peace, joy, unity, bliss, abundance and such (be it within your “imagination” or your “reality”), get just that.
Focus On and / or Expect horrible things, get just that. For that’s how the universe / creation / reality even works, like it or not.
Same planet. Same places (of residence). Same challenges. And yet, one group of channellers is somehow the Primary Target of all that is EVIL”; and yet another group of channellers is living in utter paradise already. Somehow! (And NO, the latter grouping isn’t in any way, shape or form in “denial” of certain FACTS or TRUTHS either. And yet, they really “get it”, so to speak).
Beware as to just where you put your Focus and Attention. Beware Of what you expect. BEWARE AS TO just what you’re projecting out there through your very thoughts, words, actions, and above all, your very beliefs and your expectations no less. Because you’ll all get exactly the kind of “reality” that you are so very constantly and consistently focused upon and believing in…ZERO exceptions. Z. E. R. O!
But if you’re regardless going to serve the negative ones (by simply ignoring all of this advice) anyways, please at least ask the negative ones to pay you for this. I hear they’re all pretty rich anyways (and you could well pay a bill or two most definitely through being their servant / minion right now, eh?) NEVER do something that you’re truly good at for FREE and all, am I right? (Of course I am!)
As for all of the others who are genuinely and sincerely looking to join me and the rest of the Creator Race (Homo Divinus) in the higher 4th Density (aka 5th Dimension) timelines — or even merely wishing to be of true service to humanity and Mother Earth during this time — please start very carefully WATCHING and MONITORING as to just where you give your precious focus and attention and thought and emotion and energy and intention and belief / faith to. Because you 1,000% will, yes, you 1,000% WILL create your reality accordingly. (Thy WILL be done!) And so, please put in the work (to get there) sincerely and diligently; for with that, not only shall you serve YOURSELVES, but also the rest of Humankind, Mother Earth, all Beings and Energies and Elementals upon her, and practically the entirety of Creation Itself nonetheless! Rest, I leave it to you.  
Folks, you all are my light FAMILY, “awakened” or NOT. So I’d absolutely love for you all to join me in these higher realms. But I simply can’t (and won’t, even if I somehow could) drag you all up in ‘there’. Because that’s your soul journey, and YOUR CALL at the end of the day. I can only Write and Pray and Heal and send Energies and Prayers and ENDLESS BLESSINGS your way. Above that, it’s all your choice. Make it or break it, it’s all on YOU and YOU ALONE!  
If this message resonates with you at all, feel free to share it through whatever (free-will honouring) means necessary.
And please be sure to drop in a comment below if this message resonates with you at all. For I do indeed read every single comment that gets posted on in here. And the sheer encouragement that I receive therein sure helps (way more than you’d ever realize), FACTS!
Stay Spectacular.
(I formerly used to write on here as Aseim, just in case y’all remember that at all lol).
P.S. If any of you are on LinkedIn and wish to join my real-life network (click my name above or CLICK HERE to get there),  feel free to add me. I’m only active on LinkedIn (as a social media platform) at the moment because the rest of them are like, dripping with negativity at this time. Which for one downright refuse to even as much as entertain, even for but a moment right now. BUT THAT is currently being up-graded too. And very much so BECAUSE OF all of OUR EFFORTS (click to read more!) in that regard! So my endless gratitude to all of you folks in here for that! Cheers! And stay blessed. All of my love to you!

11 Replies to “A Critical Message For All Lightworkers”

  1. Phil

    In my opinion, this channeling is more true than helpful. Why say that? The “attacks” experienced by lightworkers are:
    1) “real” in the sense that they have to be acknowledged, examined, and processed
    2) “unreal” in the sense that they can only hurt you if you want them to

    Most likely, if a lightworker is dealing with black choppers or gangstalkers or psychic attacks, he’s retracing some past trauma encoded in his dna, which he wasn’t able to process properly last time it happened. The solution is a bit more complicated than just denying these things are not real. They have to be acknowledged, understood, and transmuted into a positive timeline.

    The key here is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Be in this world but not of this world.

    And also, I don’t think there is any such thing as ascending alone. “We’re in this together” is a LIGHT slogan, not a dark one.

  2. sea

    That’s it right there in a nutshell, how our reality is created. Really powerful and absolutely true on all counts. Very much appreciated! 🙏 and really like your emphases 😁

  3. Julie Chrystal

    Very well said. Thank you for your words. I live in Quebec which is the hardest province hit with the covid narrative but I have tried my best to create my reality which is giving to me by going into “yellow” Ones when we weren’t “allowed”. It depends on the light worker but I believe that I feel the collective energies and there are days that are more difficult than others. When I feel like this I ask my guides, angels ,galactic family, even GOD to help me through this. It is not always easy which I will admit but deep down I know there is light, love and hope at the end on humanities experiment. Every soul on Earth is brave just by being part of it. However I know there is hope because on 8 of August I felt Gods love and if every person felt this , there would be mo ore separation from each other. It is so amazing and surreal as a feeling.So I know it is coming .I was so asleep and I have been activities one year ago. I don’t feel like this everyday yet but I know it is there. Writing souchore than I thought . Julie Chrystal.

  4. Emily

    I agree with the majority of your message (as I do most of the messages posted here over the past year). However, I would ask what your thoughts are if an individual has a very long (compared to human) concept of time. Seeing time as a loop or as a long match, solid and full of possibilities on one end, and blazing bright with a god spark at the other. When I meet an idea that is “negative” instead of wanting to reject attention instead I try and follow the thread of time that is woven through its karmic energy, looking for the point at which the idea/consciousness “lost hope” so that it can at least attempt to be restored. Is this (in your opinion) a not so useful use of energy? I am lucky enough (in the sense I am very grateful) to be able to worship and heal full time as my occupation during this period. Every moment awake is consciously trying to improve and heal the current situation and ease earths suffering in the kindest and truest way.

    1. Deborah

      That is soooo coool — “Seeing time as a loop or as a long match, solid and full of possibilities on one end, and blazing bright with a god spark at the other.”

      And it is super cooool you — “follow the thread of time that is woven through its karmic energy, looking for the point at which the idea/consciousness “lost hope” so that it can at least attempt to be restored.”

      I’ve tried to do this, but get pulled into negative / low energy so instead I say my affirmation or toss this thought feeling into the sky, into the galaxy where it dissolves and is absorbed for the good of all.

      Thank you for the healing work you do.

  5. light worker

    It has been said many times by many sages that we create our own reality here via our thoughts. The problem for us here is that unlike in the higher dimensions, the manifestation is not immediate. It takes a while for what we send out to come back to us and this delay obfuscates from us the fact that we are doing it. This is an intentional “feature” of this matrix so that humans could experience a world which had seeming random events that were out of the individual’s control. Even now, you would have trouble convincing more than a few souls here that is the case. The traditional materialist paradigm says the opposite and it is still what the majority here believe.

    1. Douglas A James

      Exactly it takes years sometimes to manifest if a person is diligent .. if all.is of the 1 then all thoughts and manifestations are of the 1. You cant blame people when these changelings like st Germaine michael stare soon.. any time.now.. lol. Yah for.them 10 yrs is soon.. but for.the man in France being told he can’t enter a business without the jab time is a bit more urgent. Enough talking let’s see the galactics take out the dark one and let’s see our military take out the cabal in this now then all can awaken and all can prepare to ascend!! Sound good?

    2. Deborah

      As more people awaken, they will accept this universal principle.
      I have to remind myself, it’s taken me years to get here, and I have a very strong desire for this growth.

      Personally, I still have some low energy thoughts, and really do NOT want to create them. So I am grateful for the delay, because I would probably be angry at what I created and this would create more anger, this would be a big negative snowball. Hopefully most of the low energy thoughts are gone.

      I am mostly creating a really cool life today and the future, so if it takes a few days to get here I’m ok.

      This article is perfect for your comment: