Thoughts On Reality; All Over The Place Part 2

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you. **The following was written in a different “timeline.”

Since the time I started this website, I have never written or shared anything with the intent of offending or hurting anyone, nor will I ever do such a thing. However, we all have different beliefs, different perspectives. At times my messages can be misinterpreted by the reader, or I may have not been thorough.

However, when at times I share my truth, and you do not agree with it, it is all right. I never really expect anyone to agree with what I say. But if you just plain and simple do not ‘like it’ and are offended because it is not sugar coated. That’s on you. I will not stop sharing my truth. And I am not one that throws apologies left and right. They become meaningless. As if the whole idea about apologizing isn’t all ready.

In the past I have written about different subjects. In the recent weeks, I have written about lightworkers and their insistence that they are powerless, that they have done everything they can, and cannot do much else without money. This of course does not apply to the ones that are doing actual LIGHT-WORK each day. But there are still in large numbers people or groups who just refuse to release some of the old beliefs that have been embedded in their minds, and continue to sit around and wait for miracles.

They fail to see the truth. And that truth is you are the miracle, that was sent here to Earth by the Universe.

I have been quite a few times (wrongfully)accused of putting down lightworkers, while praising the Higher Dimensional Beings. This just isn’t true. These people must have missed a few other articles I have written on the so called Higher Dimensional Beings. By this term I am referring to the Federation of Light, Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic and Archangelics, including the beings of Inner Earth.

You see, the Higher Dimensional Beings, which I will refer to them from now on as HDB’s, are very wise, millions of years ahead of us, so it is perhaps impossible to counter them in any type of an argument or discussion.

They have a few things that they will throw at you every time. One, freewill. Two, prior agreement. Three, you are a creator, what are you waiting for. And number four, love. A four letter word.

I must not forget to mention this one as well; Oh yes, things were not meant to go this far. That is what they say. But they did go, too far, for too long. So what happened? What did the so loving HDB’s do? Nothing.

Well, not nothing. They did fight a few wars in the skies for Earth, but apparently the good guys lost.

So how does an entire Federation of Light, Archangelics, and many other benevolent entities get beat by a bunch of primitive Draconians and few other malevolent groups?

I guess the only option was to totally obliterate the Dracos/Reptilians, or simply run, hide, stay out of their way. The benevolent ones chose the latter. Sparing the power hungry and the blood thirsty.

I’m sure the whole situation was much more complicated than I’m quickly explaining it here.

No it wasn’t.

With great power comes great responsibility, yes? Well the HDB’s had great power.

If you do not take the necessary action to prevent or stop something, you are in great ways PERMITTING IT TO GO ON.

Throughout this galaxy the Dracos and Reptilians went on a destruction spree, for millions of years. Annihilating planets whole. Extinguishing entire races.

Where were the HDB’s? The so called Spiritual Hierarchy? And Source Creator itself?

I’m sure they have a great explanation for this.

Let’s move on to the next piece. Allow us to leave behind everything that occurred up until after the fall of Atlantis.

All that has occurred for about twelve thousand years. The HDB’s just watched everything unfold, no matter how wrong it was. Was it all necessary? All in preparation for what is unfolding now?… Spare me!

Let’s bring about the topic that is making headlines. The sex trafficking of children. The abuse, torture, rape, consumption of human childrens’ blood and organs, for thousands of years. Yet it’s only being found out now.

The abduction of children, and unimaginable things being done to them; being tied down and scared to the point of permanent breakdown. For what? So the Reptilians can withdraw a fluid from the childs brain that it releases when in extreme fear, because that fluid is like a drug for the Reptilians. Afterwards, drinking their blood and consuming their flash.

With everything that has unfolded in the last twelve thousand years, somewhere, somehow, humans of Earth are still responsible. And it is all right because it happened by prior agreement, OR, the HDB’s could not interfere with the ‘freewill’ of the slimy, scaly snakes that are the Draconians and Reptilians. Of course not ALL of them.

By no means am I attacking the Dracos or Reptilians. Because if we are to play the blame game, 90% of the blame would go to those that could have stopped it but chose not to, again, they permitted it.

The HDB’s say it wasn’t meant to go this far. So why not intervene? Ah yes, freewill; of the blood sucking monsters. But what about the will of the innocent child?

What do they say about the freewill of the innocent?

There’s much to gain from ‘every experience’.

All right. Let’s ask the nine year old child that was abducted by the CIA and taken to the secret islands of the ‘Elite’. Where the child was raped by a bunch of men and women.

Perhaps the child would not be able to recall any of that, because of the drugs the innocent soul was injected with. And yes many of them are just dead, many of them are killed afterwards. Thrown out, because as the ‘Elite’ put it, their ‘meat expired’

The humans of Earth are far from perfect in many aspects. But within, yes, within, they are of angelic essence. These angels that have been tormented and manipulated for millennia and stripped, hijacked of their Divine DNA, by ‘aliens’, yes offworlders, which that is what has brought them in the condition they are in now. All of this done, as the Universe stood by.

Here we are, thousands of years later, being preached to about love via channeling, from entities that stood by and watched as humanity not sank, but was forcibly DROWNED into the third density Earth.

The HDB’s did prevent a nuclear war from breaking out here on Earth not in the too distant past. But much more could and should have been done, long ago, and even now.

Two words come to mind.

Direct intervention. There’s news that this is occurring now, but on a smaller level.

I’m certain the HDB’s, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Source Creator see this whole mission or process as a success.

The suffering has been irrelevant, or worth it? For hundreds of thousands of years.

I forget, suffering is an illusion. Than why is it required that we ‘clear’ negative past life experiences? Because not just the mind, but even the soul can be traumatized in the lower dimensions.

All of this, to ‘serve’ the ‘Heavenly Father/Mother’, Source Creator… Or just to feed its Ego.

But I do not believe in the ego. It is inexistent. It is just an excuse. Another subject for another time.

Moving on…

The game of duality, evolution through suffering. The plan was laid out in the highest dimensions, by supposedly some of the most evolved, wisest, godly beings in the Universe… This duality game though, how unwise, how ungodly, but mostly how unloving.

Now, returning to the beginning of the article, I said you, you are the miracle. And indeed you are.

Through your thoughts, words and actions, truly this world is being changed and saved.

Unity is key.

Through thought, spirit and physically, humans are strong even in single digits. But when united? Nothing can stop us.

As more and more are beginning to realize their true power, the dark continues to diminish swiftly.

It is true this has been a very long and dubious journey, but we have made it.

The Starseeds on this planet have not only been clearing their own karmic residue, but also the residue of the Collective, that has been accumulating for millennia.

This is why starseeds have the hardest time coping with the different symptoms, with all the energy waves that come into the planet. As we stated previously with each wave of light it is required that we make more room for the new light. And we do this by clearing the old, again our personal but the Collectives’ low vibrational residue in particular.

This is just one of the things a true lightworker does. We will say a Starseed in particular. This is why we are here. Yes we may be few in numbers. But our light, our power and courage are stronger than that of a million who are ‘lost’ or remain asleep.

So to answer your question of what a lightworker is, there you have it. But we will go on a little further.

What is a lightworker? What qualifies one to be a lightworker? Any person that ‘wants’ to do good? Any person that is aware of the crimes of the Cabal? Someone who ‘wants’ to believe in Ascension, so long as the Global Currency Reset manifests?

Perhaps a lightworker is one who WORKS WITH THE LIGHT. One who meditates on a daily basis or at least does their best to do so, and sends light and love to the world. One who each day envisions the world they desire. An individual who does not attach themselves to the ‘web’. Whether it is mainstream or independent media. Whether it has to do with disclosing Cabal crimes, or praising a leader, or hoping and focusing on currency revaluations. Even one who does not see channeled messages as ‘gospel’, for their highest truth must come from within. A lightworker, who’s focus is mainly within. For through the SOURCE WITHIN, the infinite light that exists there, bringing it out into the open and anchoring of that light, the world is being changed.

Each person has a different view on these things. But the best to do is to not limit yourself with labels. Not only that, but in the world outside of you, there is nothing but limitations. The world within you, you are infinite. Do you understand what we are attempting to convey here?

As we move closer the center of the galaxy, higher light continues to enter our world. What does this mean?

All that is of the old world will no longer work. This especially includes the economic and monetary aspects of the 3D matrix.

Allow us to be blunt and clear at the same time. Money does not exist in the 5th Dimension.

If you truly wish for a world of light and freedom and joy. You must focus on the new, and not give your energy to old constructs of the 3D world that no longer exists, but only remains as mere memory in the minds of those that are still asleep.

Once again we ask do you understand what we are saying here? The 3D Matrix has been ‘deconstructed’. It only remains a memory, a thought in the minds of those asleep, but you still see it, it seems so real, does it not? Now you see how powerful your thoughts are?

Now use those thoughts on focusing on the 5D Earth, anchoring the new light and the organic matrix of 5D, giving your energy to the higher reality for all.

There should be no cause for concern, but even those asleep are about to be snapped awake. Their illusory world is about to collapse. This is where once again lightworkers are called to step up and get more involved and ‘increase the distance’ their light reaches, in order to calm the masses.

We will now close with this;

If you think you have seen enough up until now, you are about to see thrice as much as we move into the year of 2022. Your focus on the light, and within, is of utmost importance, as the greater waves of light wash over the entire planet.

Change is to occur on a whole other level. This type of transformation has never been witnessed in the Universe before, and YOU are on the front line.

Faltering now is not an option. Your light, your love, your role and partaking in this, your focus are paramount.

I am Kejraj!

Part 1

23 Replies to “Thoughts On Reality; All Over The Place Part 2”

  1. blu3ray

    Yes there are deliberate trolls but we enjoy what you share, there’s been a few times I do not agree with the comments. Truth is everywhere.

  2. Malissa



    B Revealed

    Y disgrace of Planet Home

    & Other Planets Alike & Residence

    Displayed Magnitudes of Horrific Suffering


  3. Kieran

    God is only eternal love,beautiful and whole.Our dream of seperation was born of our fear.If god entered our illusion,on our terms ,he would have ceased to be god .Then he and us would have been lost eternally.Thank your stars brothers ,that god knows our fears not at all,and when we awaken we will know,nothing happened to us ever,in truth..

  4. kdjgbl

    Humans are the creations of the Anunnaki , offsprings of the Anunnaki DNA experimentation , The Anunnaki could influence the fate of humanity. Will they continue to let Humans run wild with uncontrolled freewill, or will they fix the mess they created ? The mess called Humans.

    1. blu3ray

      A perfectly imperfect mess. All is in harmony, as the sun shines, love thrives. Good and evil, black and white, yin and yang. All is one.

  5. Rob

    If there is a mission, we are All are here to crack the illusion of separateness.
    In our collective dark night of the soul, Source has allowed an expression of ITself to manifest that consciousness through our free will. This has ignited evolution of the heart mind which is the only navigation system through the etheric debris of old, remnant, stale and unsupportive energies and events. Time to put on the “blinders” and let only the new supportive/blissful/cleansing/fortifying energies filter through. Some call this Ascension. .how about we just start with the uplifting of each other in whatever delivery system one chooses to accomplish that end. This is inclusive of all life forms existing in any lesser or greater vibrational makeup.
    Therefore the Eye on the Prize is in Service of the One…

  6. bodhimoss

    Well done, Kejraj! This nails all the inconsistencies and questions that keep popping up as we move through this process, I agree with all you have written.

    You wrote: “The HDB’s did prevent a nuclear war from breaking out here on Earth not in the too distant past.” Yes, but they only “interfered” that time because it would have impacted the rest of the solar system.

    As ARK wrote, many HDB members have said on numerous occasions, “Your mess, you fix it.” Okay fine! The Grounded Ones are fixing it while the HDB watch the game safely from the nosebleed section of the stadium. I have no doubt of success, we are the HDB.

    Looking forward to Part II.

    1. Harriet

      At times I have been angry at Creator. Our negativity wasn’t supposed to be any worse than around 30% here on Earth. Then I read the negativity climbed to well over 60%. The Master of Discomfort was supposed to absorb it all and reached the point that he told Creator he couldn’t any more, it was too much, so Earth was told she needed to absorb all this negativity we created. There would have been a lot less negativity for any of us, including Earth and the Master of Discomfort had Creator honored the 30% agreement and kept the interference from the Dracos etc under control. Also, how is all this suffering really necessary to teach us our lessons at this Earth School ? It’s hard to believe we agreed to these horrible lives; how is suicide or experiencing murder or torture a valid life lesson for our future as a creator?

  7. John Sutter

    No money in 5D? Sounds wonderful. All our lives we are drained of energy chasing this false God. It’s another means of harvesting us.

  8. John Sutter

    Thanks for this further informative explanation. I also had the same questions about HDB’s.

    Well, there is something called “The warrior spirit” that is needed in confronting these monsters. Running and hiding is not the answer.

  9. hey dude

    Thank you. I read it well!
    As usual, I will meditate for the light! But what I’m curious about is that I haven’t found any jobs since I was fired in March because I wasn’t vaccinated. No one has read my resume. My friends don’t contact me like a dream either. I’m not giving my energy to money, but I’m in trouble because my loans are being withdrawn every month. I have no choice but to find a job again, but I’m waiting for the event more because it’s an absurd situation.
    am I invisible? 😂 I think it’s because it’s time to rest. I’ve been involved in various incidents since I was young, so I’m almost done with Karma.
    The money I saved is coming to an end.🤪

  10. hey dude

    Thank you friend! I read it well!
    As usual, I will meditate for the light!
    But what I’m curious about is that I haven’t found any jobs since I was fired in March because I wasn’t vaccinated.
    No one has read my resume.
    My friends don’t contact me like a dream either. I’m not giving my energy to money, but I’m in trouble because my loans are being withdrawn every month.
    I have no choice but to find a job again, but I’m waiting for the event more because it’s an absurd situation. am I invisible? 😂
    I think it’s because it’s time to rest..
    I’ve been involved in various incidents since I was young, so I’m almost done with Karma.

    1. Frank

      If you have a bank account: You can post your bank details here and I can transfer you money.

      Best Wishes


      1. hey dude

        Thank you, Frank!
        But I’m in S.Korea and I’ve never transferred abroad, so I don’t know how to do!
        Censorship and brainwashing are still serious. People are still afraid of COV19, and most of them are preparing boosting shot after completing their second vaccination.
        Many people who have not been vaccinated like me are not even employed for part-time jobs.
        I feel like I’m in a completely different world from them. I believe in Source’s plan and I’m holding on with hope amnd light.

        1. Frank

          Dear hey dude,

          thank you for your comments. I understand. Yes, being aware about our light, being, and power from within and holding this awareness is the key for the present situation. I am also unvaccinated and live in Switzerland. Here it is also challenging but from your description I would say that the current situation in Switzerland is better than that in South Korea. I wish you and all of us all the best. With greetings rich in blessings. Frank

          1. hey dude

            We’ll all meet after the event. If you have twitter account, we can be friends! @Divine_light777
            if you don’t have, no problem ! God bless you Frank!

  11. Finn

    Bravo, Kejraj !! – I have been following you for many years now; and sofar this has got to be your very best article ever !! – You said what indeed needed to be said !! — And yes; I am looking forward to having a very serious conversation with my Higher Self, when the time comes, about the prior agreement of volunteering to incarnate into this Open-Air-Prison-Planet !! – I still do not understand how I have sofar managed to survive this lifelong experience, (I am now in my senior years). – Please believe me when I say that I will not be doing anything like this way of living ever again !! —- Anyway, to you Kejraj; I again say; Bravo !!

    1. John Sutter

      Question: how can HDB’s be HDB’s if they are fine with allowing the heinous atrocities you mentioned?

      I would not let a hair on a child’s head be harmed by anyone.

      Who is the higher being here?

  12. Ігор Копитко

    Thanks Kejraj! Your article resonates very much! I have been practicing affirmations for a long time, for several years, in which I visualize the flow of Light and Love that passes through all spheres of our planet (plant, animal, mineral, the sphere of natural elements, the sphere of people) and anchors this flow in the center of the Earth’s core. If you can, please answer. Will there be any major global events before the end of the year? Thanks!

  13. ARK

    Loved your rant!!!
    Source two years ago responded to my arguments with “Your mess. You clean it”