The Great Quantum Transition: Karma Of War Op Part 2

The last Galacom Update (see DNI 11.02.2022) continues to acquire new details.

It is referred to the removing accumulated negative energy from Earth with the help of anti-karmic reactors (see – Operation Karma Of Wars, DNI, November 4, 2021).

Along the way, it turned out that according to Cosmic Laws, people do not have the right to annihilate the karma of other men.

Firstly, according to the rules, this is possible only during a person’s stay in the incarnation, according to the principle: what was worked out in life, must be worked off in life.

Secondly, the exclusive competence of any actions with someone else’s karma belongs only to Karma Lords, which earthlings are not.

A few days ago, Karma Lords, Guan Yin, and Melchizedek submitted a petition to the four Highest Hierarchs of the Pleroma, arguing for the need to adopt a New Law on Karmic Amnesty and repeal the current Law.

Very serious arguments were given. In particular, numerous violations and abuses of Dark Forces with human karma were noted, including unauthorized draining of their karma on people, violation of the Law of Free Will and Choice Freedom, etc.

As special and ambiguous cases, the karma of war was mentioned (see PART 1), namely, the purification from it of all soldiers who fell defending their country from enemies.

Formally, as mentioned above, Lightwarriors have no right to participate in removing others’ karma.

But we all know that if a person acts according to his heart and if his actions are based and conditioned by Love, he cannot harm but bring only good.

In Pleroma, the received document was treated with all seriousness. After a thorough analysis of the situation on Earth, the Supreme Hierarchs made a sensational decision: to assign the status and powers of Karma Lords to earthlings on a temporary and technical basis!

The two leaders of the ground team immediately and simultaneously announced: “We are in.”

In fact, it was an exam for enrollment in the school of Co-Creators, when Guan Yin and Melchizedek personally take earthlings as students and eventually lead to the status of World Mother and World Father.

In the Local Universe, this is the first case of a 3D man. An exam where simple decision-making was equated to action, as it happens in higher dimensions.

The choice had to be made with the Heart. Those who answered “Yes” are enrolled; those who do not are eliminated from the program.

Guan Yin personally vouched for each participant of this project. Then there was a vote, and the Karmic Board approved the powers of the applicants by name based on their Service, self-sacrifice or readiness for it, work in a group, purity of Soul and thoughts, absence of karma.

Now, without violating Cosmic Laws, those who have been selected, under the personal responsibility of Guan Yin and Melchizedek, can clean from karma other people on completely legal grounds. Although temporarily. After the completion of the assigned mission, the status will be revoked as unnecessary.

But not everything is so simple. Karma Lords is not just a position. Upon initiation into this status, applicants undergo a special ceremony, during which they receive a dose of someone else’s karma for working out.

This is both a vaccination (after all, they have to work with a karmic substance) and a kind of aptitude test. And they should not have any karma, even residual.

On the night of February 3 to 4, 2022, both leaders of the ground team passed the Karma Lords’ initiation ceremony.

A karmic substance was introduced into them, equal in volume to their former Causal Bodies. In fact, it was karmic doppelgangers.

Lightwarriors didn’t sleep all night. One fell into a semi-delirious state, drenched in a cold sweat. The heart was generating Light at the limit of its capabilities. The second one woke up with a temperature of 38.5, in a terrible state. They didn’t even have the strength to get up on the bed…

When the tests were successfully terminated, on February 6, at 14:07 CET, Co-Creators and Karma Lords informed the team of some details of the global anti-karma multi-pass that they had conceived.

The operation was named the Karmic Iceberg and aimed against unauthorized actions related to abuses and crimes using the karma mechanism on Earth.

On February 7, at 18:00 CET, Lightwarriors activated a new structure that was earlier created as an anti-karmic reactor. Now they have decided to turn it into a Temporary Spiritual Sun, the Logos of the Earth Karmic Liberation Team.

Activation was carried out strictly according to the planned procedure. The female part of the group worked with feminine karma, the males – with masculine one.


At the appointed time, the Lightwarriors entered a highly vibrational state of Absolute Love. Connected with their Higher Selves. Well-grounded.

Then, they united into a single Spiritual whole, sending Light and Love to each other.

Tuned in and synchronized with the anti-karmic reactor and by the pulse of Light and Love activated simultaneously its feminine and masculine aspects, concentrating the attention until installation reached full capacity and self-generation of Radiant Synthesis.

In conclusion, they thanked all op’s participants, sending Light and Love to everyone.

Thus began a new global work of Co-Creators, Galacom and Lightwarriors.

The planned cleansing of the fallen soldiers-defenders of the Fatherland – is just the tip of the Karmic Iceberg of Earth.

Other details have not yet been disclosed.

But preparations are already in full underway.

As for the Lightwarriors, they are now officially called the Earth Karmic Liberation Team.

Part 1

**By Lev