Arcturian Council: Holy Ground

We see your light, beloveds!

In your being there is fire. It is a part of you!

Fire is an element, as wind, earth and water. Within you there is a combination of these elements! Of course! They are all a necessity to life itself! They are equally important! Don´t you believe anything else…!

So what about fire?! You might wonder! That is your engine. The engine where is it? It is situated in your whole body! Wow how is that possible, you might wonder? In your cells. Each cell have a unit within each and everyone – a little engine that gives the spark. And they are in constant contact with your heart, that gives them the pulse, a beat, a natural rhythm. And they also are in contact with all of your major chakras. A constant cooperation, pulse, fire, ignition – LOVE!

You are light! Like a candle.

The root chakra – earth – is very important here to all your cells! Your electrical -fire -system needs to be grounded. As you walk on earth you get grounded. Especially with bare feet in grass that is green. That is a very good way to help yourself to be grounded!

Sometimes we actually need to be specific about the grounding bit! Because then all of your body – the light system – all cells are being healthier!

You don´t have to be an engineer to understand this, it is common sense! In your bodies there are a constant energy exchange! That moves from top to bottom and at the same time in the opposite direction. You are both energy of your own. And also, a transmitter and a giver and a taker!

You receive energy from the ground, Mother Earth, that goes through you and up to the universe. And you also receive energy from the universe, through you and down in to Mother Earth, so what does this say to you my dear friend?

It is good to be aware! Is it not? Don´t let this information make you sad in anyway! This is how it works, and always have!

But what is so important right now? The earth. Mother Earth! Your mother! That gives you everything each day. You drink her water. You eat her food. She provides for you. She loves you! And how does she feel? Today!?! What do you think?

You are walking on her! Feeling her! Touching her! The treatment of her – how you choose to treat Mother Earth – is the energy that flows through you…every breath you take!

How do you treat her? How do you treat yourselves? The more love and respect you treat her with, the more will get back to you.

It is an investment of LIFE! We who live far out from your planet, feel you. We feel how the energy goes through Earth and then through you also!

We know – she – your mother- is in need. She is in need for love, respect, peace and healing.

The energy that you are sending out, like a beacon from you and your beloved Mother Earth is sad. It makes us sad too.

We want to help you! We love you! We have always loved you! We are family! But we can not help you til enough people want help – in their hearts! It is the law of the free will! An omni rule. A rule and law of the universe.

Not even God have the right to bend that law.

You have a choice. No matter how small it may seem. You are all light. But most of you do not know it! Many live in fear. In the dark – not knowing – they already are a part of the life light!

You are all candles! May you all let your light shine bright! Know in your hearts, how important you are!

Know that you are unique, and so loved!

From where we are – the more light we see – the more YES it means, that we are welcome to aid you, dear beloved ones!

We love you,

The Arcturian Council.

**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


3 Replies to “Arcturian Council: Holy Ground”

  1. Terry Downs

    “we can not help you til enough people want help”

    At 9:35am U.K. time on 8th May 2022 there were 7,982,602,878 people alive on Earth. There were 176,512 births so far that day and 68,502 deaths so far that day (source is countrymeters world population).

    How many people wanting help are enough? And what is help?

    In some way or other most people need help, whether that be food, water, protection from weapons, financially, health related, housing, job, bereavement, tiredness, loneliness, etc

    We all need help one way or another, even the luckiest people with wealth and good health can be in need of help. We also have to deal with the fact that a select few are deliberately killing us and making our lives harder and harder on a daily basis.

    The majority of people on Earth have never heard of the Arcturian Council. There are nearly 8 billion people here and the majority need help in some way and each person knows that they need help.

    “we can not help you til enough people want help”

    I think there are enough people that want help.

    1. C

      Whenever I see a channel/writing talking about “help” I apply the lifeguard analogy. In this instance here – it’s basically saying that the lifeguards won’t get in the water until more people are drowning.

      Firefighter analogy – they won’t battle the blaze until more structures are burning. Many analogies are appropriate.

      From the beginning of recorded history, people have prayed for help inwardly and outwardly. Countless have asked and are asking. Yet, according to this channel, it’s still not enough…

      Blessings of Peace and Discernment everyOne 🙏🕊