The Collective: Surfacing Emotions

Greetings, friends! Today we share some energy work, embedded in the video below. Many are finding intense and often difficult emotions coming to the surface, related to this and other lives.

Some of this may be a subconscious kind of wrestling away from denser aspects of your old Earth DNA, and interference from various presences, such as ancestors, family energy bodies, entities, and other etheric influences.

We encourage you to find safe spaces to allow these emotions to emerge, and to write out how you are feeling, speak to a friend or counselor, to use Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), or speak inwardly to your Spirit team or any Ascended Master or Archangel whom you feel close to, calling forth their support and wisdom.

The Lightforms flowing to the Earth now from your Sun are particularly transformative–more so than most energies you have yet experienced since Earth fell to the third dimension.

Keep this in mind, and take time for yourself to process and allow these emotions without feeling that they define you or that you will be caught up in them indefinitely, for you will not.

We encourage you not to make any big decisions while in a state of upheaval, whether mental/emotional or otherwise.

Be kind to yourself in these days, for though this is the Transformation you came in to experience, it can be both exhausting and strenuous on many levels.

The video here was created to offer energy assistance in these powerful yet empowering times.

Throughout this month of May, many things will shift upon your planet, in your own physical being, and in your inner life.

You are breaking out of the old constructs so as to ready yourselves to create the new ones.

In this New Earth, you are the co-Creators you have long dreamt of being.

Know that the way of the peaceful warrior also stands for the stamina, patience, and calm acceptance of all you see now, without feeling the need to resist this great wave that carries you in its current to a far greater world.

Know we are with you each moment, without fail. So call upon us to intervene in world affairs, and to intervene in helpful ways in your own life! The time is now, dear ones. Stand up, and say Yes to all you are healing and transforming now! Namaste!

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan


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  1. pan211

    Thank You The Collective,Thank You Caroline Oceana Ryan,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.