Message from the Light Realms: The Divine Emergence

Dearest Holy Beloveds,

In the name of all that is holy and sanctified, the divine light of the One is more deeply in fusing and transforming all of the physical matter on the holy Earth.

As this happens, the purification of all that is not of the light has moved into a new level of visibility and manifestation.

These manifestations on the Earth are heartbreaking and distressing to witness, and all hearts grieve not only for the painful events and the desecration of life that continues, but also for the disillusionment and loss of hope that many feel.

At this time dearest Beloveds, the oppositional forces on the Earth are more visibly manifested, and each embodied soul on the Earth now has a choice of how to meet this time and these events.

The brilliant and divine emergence of spiritual light on the Earth is present and available to all now, and yet many do not know how to find it, or do not yet know how to remove their attention from the prevailing narrative attempting to influence human consciousness.

You dearest Beloveds can be of service at this time by nourishing and strengthening light within you, and by attuning more deeply and pursuing your spiritual calling more completely. Leave no corners of your consciousness unattended holy ones.

Clean out the closet, of all within you that is not of divine love. Release yourself from all that has passed that is no longer needed for this time.

Unburden yourselves dearest Beloved holy ones. You are free, whole, and complete already, at this very moment. The divine One that is All is holding you at every moment and in all the moments of your embodied life, and beyond.

Hold each day as a profound gift dearest Beloveds, and be aware that this day will not come again. Do all that you are guided as much as you can, and make use of each moment.

Nourish youselves with love dearest Beloveds, by opening your heart to the divine, and by asking and praying that you be sustained, upheld, and ever more deeply connected with the One source of true nourishment.

Fear not the manifestations of darkness on the Earth. These may appear to hold power and control for a time, however
those that are guiding the Earth in her sacred transition have ordained from the beginning that she shall be a holy planet of light.

All souls living upon her are making this passage through the darkness into light. We abundantly bless and sanctify each of you and your prayers, your deepest heart’s desires and your soul’s divine purpose. May you be blessed, amen.

**Channel: Mashubi Shekiniah