6/6/6 Harmonic Portal

Beloved Ones,

June represents the harmonic passage that we are immersed in since this year began, a Six universal year that reminds us of the importance of holding more balance, harmony, and love, as Guides emphasize, as the basis for us to build the foundations of the New Earth’s harmonic timeline, for all who desire to step into a more illumined reality. A reality that is first created when we possess this same loving frequency within, as it is the only way for us to recreate this same vibration outside ourselves.

The 6/6/6 passage is one of profound harmony and peace, one that we can align with to send and anchor more love, for there are many who are willing to receive. Many who are beginning to awake, who feel lost, confused, and who need the help of others who have walked the path before them.

A passage in which many who are prepared to embody these energies may feel tired, even exhausted and sleepy, as was my case yesterday, for this is what the body often experiences when it integrates the sixth and seventh-dimensional frequencies that we are now receiving.

Frequencies that our body is not yet accustomed to, for the body works in a more dense dimension, and when it integrates more illumined frequencies, it needs to pass through a process of realignment until it can function in a higher way.

As everyone is unique, it is important to go within and commune with our own God Illumined Self to become aware of what we really need at this time. Giving our bodies the peaceful resting time that they need, as it is pivotal for us to be able to act again on our projects and soul desires. If we push ourselves, we will not obtain the desired outcomes, for it does not come from an aligned space.

When there is no rest, there is no possibility for integration, for our bodies have not yet released, and purified themselves to be able to hold a new light. This is why it is so important to work on conscious nutrition, as well as everything we put into our minds – negative thoughts vs. illumined ones, as it is all a personal choice –  as it all signifies a great movement forward or backward. Feeding our bodies lightly is essential to conduct the light. Otherwise, these harmonic energies will only find a density that they cannot co-create with.

It is up to us to take time, release, let go, nurture ourselves and realign with the new frequency we have chosen to hold, at this time.

Guides recommend us to work with the following universal tools, at this time, if guided, to integrate the harmonic frequencies that are descending upon our planet.

• Living in the Now moment is the first tool that guides invite us to work with if we desire to be able to embody these loving frequencies. Every time we move our consciousness into a time that no longer exists for us, whether past or future, our body may still be present in this timeline, but if our consciousness is not, we cannot fully integrate the energies and co-create with them, for we are co-creating with other energies from different parallel timeliness.

This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to stay focused on our bodies and on this present moment.

• The second one is protection, for the majority of us are empathic in nature, and at this time in which many still choose to experience the opposite, we have chosen, we may unconsciously overwhelm ourselves with the suffering and the many chaotic situations that are taking place. This goes especially for the earth transmuters so they do not feel the suffering as if theirs, but as something, they simply have to filter and transmute.

• The last one is a crystal, a celestite, as the sixth-dimensional crystal that can best help us integrate the current planetary harmonic energies. A crystal for us to work with our throat chakra and upper ones, so we liberate blockages and express ourselves, our Divinity and guidance, freely.

This will also help us be more attuned with the harmonic illumined energies that we are receiving, harmonizing our bodies and sacred spaces, so we can harbor these energies, for if our space is not pure, as well as our body and heart, these energies could not coexist.

Everything is preparing us for living a more illumined life. All the energies are already preparing us for interdimensional contact, for we were never meant to live isolated. This contact is one that is first established from within, with our Guides team, Monad, and God Self, for there is nothing outside ourselves that can come to save us or offer us the wisdom that already dwells within.

It is our personal task to be as pure and as conscious as possible, so we can hold these loving frequencies, utilizing them to create a more loving space for All.

I wish you all a loving and blessed passage, Beloved Ones,

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


6 Replies to “6/6/6 Harmonic Portal”

  1. Douglas A James

    Okay ..I like the idea…now let’s have some action!! No more well ..perhaps we had the date wrong.. June 6 2022 let’s go!

  2. Greg Wais

    06/06/2022 I believe it is Gematria where you add the digits of the year 2+2+2=6
    Big event happened 06/06/1944 D-Day 1+9+4+4=18/3=6