The Angels: So Many Good Souls

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Tell yourself often, “My life is good. I am good. There are good people in the world.” You can focus on what others wish you to focus on or you can focus on what you choose to focus upon. There are indeed horrific things going on in your world, but there are as well countless, innumerable acts of love and kindness. We would love it, if you would see on your news more stories about all the people helping children, animals, the elderly, the down and out, the lost, the lonely, and the weary. We would love it if you would see the brilliant scientific discoveries that are going to save lives and save your planet. We would love for you to see as we do– to see all the beautiful souls engaged in beautiful, loving actions even as you read this.

We celebrate each simple kindness, and each simple word of love. We celebrate those who pick up a package someone else has dropped. We celebrate those who hold open a door for another. We celebrate those who hand a tissue to someone moved to tears, and those who offer to assist one another out of the goodness of their hearts.

We celebrate the mothers and fathers, some who are weary from work and commitment, who take a moment to listen to and love their children. We celebrate the artists who work with a passion to uplift and inspire, and those who give voice and rhythm to angry passions so as to help others release them in harmless ways. We celebrate your sports figures who give you a healthy outlet for competition and for your emotions. We celebrate all who quietly labor in love.

We celebrate you as you read this, striving to find and feel more love in your own lives. We celebrate the new children coming into your planet, hearts filled with passion and excitement for the changes they intend to bring.

Dear ones when you see the darkness, remember, there is so much light. There is far more light than dark on your planet. As we see it, light is “that which remembers” and dark is only “that which forgets.” You all have times in your life when you remember your connection to love. You all have times when you forget. So is anyone truly “bad” or “good” or aren’t you all rather simply a mixture of remembering and forgetting, all striving to remember that you are birthed from love, given life by love, and live to love?

Those who forget need more love dear ones, not hate. Those who forget need prayers to remember. Those who forget seek to find love by finding company in their misery and many do accomplish this only to find that they have not found what they seek. They need your compassion. They need your light.

Celebrate yourselves. Celebrate your heart that longs to be a loving person as often as you can. Celebrate that with every kind thought, every kind word, every kind prayer, you are one who remembers. In every moment you emit vibration dear friends. Think of yourself as a transmitter of love.You could sit at home in peace, beaming your love and prayers to the world and be a huge contribution You could walk into a market and pray that everyone who passes through its doors is blessed. You can drop a penny for someone else to find and feel their connection with love.

Dear ones, take heart. While there are indeed many who forget they are birthed in love and live in love, there are countless many more, like you, who remember. Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle. Refrain from judging and criticizing yourselves. The energy is intense, and it takes extra focus to focus on the positive when the world is focused on so much else, but you can do it.

Look for something good every day. In every relationship, look for something good. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened. Love is there, dear ones, waiting for you to seek it, see it, and be it. We feel you. As you read these words, you are already there.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

**Channel: Ann Albers


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