New Earth Relationships

This is what the New Earth relationships are all about. One will not marry, nor sign contracts, nor will one own the other. No, one will choose to walk with this soul for as long as one chooses to do so, and when one chooses to experience life one one’s own or indeed chooses to leave for whatever reason, one is free to do so. This is because there is no fear of loss, there is no fear of being alone or empty, for one knows that whether this soul is in one’s life or not, it makes no difference. For you are fulfilled from within. Indeed, the New Earth relationships, are of deep companionship, and deep trust and respect. One gives each other the freedom to be simply themselves, knowing that love is ever present, never absent and that indeed love is eternal. Love never ends.

The greatest of all loving relationship is indeed the meeting of souls, in the deepest ways, which means that one can share what is deeply felt and known, and experienced within one’s own soul, with the other, and know that one is safe. As the other can do the same, and thus this is soul to soul, and it has nothing to be sexual intercourse. It has to do with a deep and abiding love, which indeed can traverse the deepest mysteries of the Universe together, and one can meditate, pray and contemplate together, and give the other the freedom to explore deeper or not, yet, the common quest, the common ground, the common calling, will be the glue which holds all together.

This is the type of sacred relationship Yeshua and Mary Magdalene had. It was indeed because she was an ordained High Priestess herself, as he was, and both Essenes, the 7 Mystery schools both attended, which allowed him to share his deepest inner Self with her, as she could share her deepest inner self with him. They could delve into the Mysteries and what they both had been initiated into, the knowledge, in a way he could not do with anyone else, nor she, and this is why she had her own ministry alongside him. She healed, he healed. She taught, he taught. Thus they could laugh and cry together. This is what bonded them, and indeed such a bond then extend into every aspect of life, including intimacy. Intimacy indeed it not taking off the clothes and being stripped naked in order to have sex – no! It is indeed being stripped naked to the core of the soul, where there are no hiding places, both of them, and then that immense power of Love, as all energy centers merge, in the Lightbody form, without them even needing to touch.

There is a great truth here and mystery, which very few ever could understand nor reach in the Old Earth, mainly because mankind started to misuse the sexual energy, and started to use it for control and manipulation, and ownership, instead of using it in the most sacred and holy ways, it was intended to be used, and then only to beget children. And one only begot children, after one had reached the maturity, to also be able to provide the best spiritual and other guidance for them, and after one had deeply contemplated what it would mean to have other souls in the family. What it would mean for the intimate bond of the souls. For the rest it was indeed a totally different union, and only the inner teachings of the Mystery School ever taught and practiced this, those who stayed pure, like the Essenes. That is why they were known as THE PURE ONES. ”

**In a reading done by Judith Kusel


4 Replies to “New Earth Relationships”

  1. harrrrrie

    And only have sex for children?!

    “it was intended to be used, and then only to beget children.”

    Unless they are talking about what the Essenes believed back then, and it doesn’t apply now, or does it?

    Why were the Pure Ones mentioned? So we abstain under all conditions except to have Children?

    For many marriages the loving sex is their favorite way of sharing with each other.

  2. John

    I think i understand this as Love in all its forms will be free but we will choose who we delve deeper into soul levels with in the future we will love all but there will be those who become special whom are soulmates.

  3. JR

    Ascended Pleiadians, not all btw, have casual sex and see no harm. It all sounds confusing. Are we supposed to be better? Are humans on a different relationship trajectory?

    1. P.S.

      You do whatever you feel is right for you and those you love. Just because the Pleiadeans do something doesn’t mean we have to do it. We are allowed to have our own cultures and approaches to life. We don’t have to do the same thing as every ET out there.