Archangel Michael: Celebration of Light

Dearest Ones It is a time to Celebrate YOUR life as a being of LIGHT . Many of you have been through many traumas in your own life and you may be feeling battered and bruised by all that you have been through. Maybe you are still feeling down and wondering what life is all about, but Dear One realize that those same traumas that you have experienced, have made YOU what you are today.

Looking back over your life ,whatever experiences you have been through, YOU have survived and YOU are still here today. There may have been many times that you might have wanted to leave the Earth plane but YOU are still here!!!!!!!!. and I applaud you for that. It has not been easy for any of you but YOU, whether you believe this or not, are one of the chosen ones . YOU are a being of LIGHT and as such one of my Special Spiritual Warriors and I now want to Celebrate YOUR life.

Many ,many souls volunteered to come down to Earth at this special time when the Earth Ascends into the 5th Dimension but only a few were chosen. YOU were one of my special team and YOU were chosen . It was known that as a soul YOU would be strong enough to take on the many challenges that have brought you to where you are today and I am here now to Celebrate YOUR Life .

I have looked after each and every one of my special spiritual warriors and in your darkest days myself and my Angels of Light were always there for you and always will be . However you may be feeling it is no time to give up now. You are all at the end of a cycle of darkness on the planet, the Dark before the Dawn so to speak and it is time now to CELEBRATE a job well done.

It is time now to MANIFEST all that you so desire for yourself and the NEW EARTH. However long you have been waiting ,it is finally time NOW to achieve all those dreams that you have been waiting and wishing for. Abundance is your reward now.

An Abundance of Love, Light ,Laughter and Happiness .

It is finally time to say goodbye to the darkness and celebrate the coming of the Dawn of the New World .

You maybe tired, you maybe down ,you maybe disheartened and you maybe weary of the fight but Dear One you are on the edge of a New Beginning. Rest now Spiritual warriors .Rest in the certain knowledge that the best is yet to come.

Celebrate YOUR life .

Call on me now to guide you into this New World of Love, Light ,Laughter and Happiness. Whether you see me or not I am with you always. CELEBRATE your life ,dry those tears, let go of those old feelings and come with me into your new Heaven on Earth.

I am Michael.

I send you so much Love and I Bless you all .

Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light.

**Channel: Thea Grace


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