Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 14, 2022; Hope

After the intensity of the 6/6/6 harmonic portal, we now welcome another intense passage a Super Full Moon in Sagittarius together with the Solstice on June 21. Harmonic and very transformational energies that continue descending upon Earth and that will remain for us to co-create with them, when we are ready, for we are all on different paths of our ascension journey.

The Sagittarius Full moon brings us the opportunity to come back to a state of peace, joy, and excitement for all that is yet to be created and enjoyed, in our physical plane. It is a time to move from fear, delusion, and sadness into a more joyful space, restoring faith and hope in who we are as species, and as individuals who are evolving.

As I always say, the Moon has a vast history behind it, and we all need to listen to our guidance, as we all have our own time to understand that the moon is just an artificial inorganic satellite. It is the energies that surround it and the conglomeration of the many alignments that take place within it, that bring us the many benevolent energies for us to work with. We need to become aware of it and remember that, not to fall again into manipulative traps.

The Sagittarius Moon sextile Saturn and makes a T-square with Neptune in mutable signs. We have the Sun in Gemini, the Moon in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces, which is the peak of the T-square. Neptune, which also trine Pluto at the Moon time, is often called the planet of illusion. However, Neptune’s essence is one of spirituality, compassion, intuition, and a higher connection to the Divine. Neptune can be our ally, if we know how to integrate its powerful frequency, to help us move from a low state of consciousness into a more illumined one.

It is with Neptune that we have the opportunity to awake to the human dream we are living and begin to remember who we are, as it offers us the opportunity to step into other dimensions. As we too have Saturn influencing this Moon, they make a very good couple as Saturn will help us to be grounded, emotionally strong, and have the discipline, the devotion, required for us to shift what is needed within and in our physical reality.

This is a time when many are passing through a rough time in their evolutionary journey, feeling confused and not knowing anymore where they are heading. This cosmic alignment will help them move into a state of hope and faith, understanding that transformation often requires a void, where we do not know or see the end, but that is because we are releasing at the same time that we are integrating, and there is a gap until we finally adjust to the new level of consciousness that we are now embodying.

This is where Sagittarius has a major role, as Sagittarius teaches us the importance of living and enjoying the moment, rather than feeding old or future timelines, as all we desire to manifest, comes precisely when we are focused on the Now moment, using the present energy to build and be aligned.

It is with Sagittarius that we resurrect from the ashes of the old into the illumined beings that we are, regaining our authentic essence, which is, as I always say, one of joy, love, and compassion. This passage is very important for it is helping us to reconnect with our Divine Self, restoring hope and faith, as many are trapped in confusion and need to shift from desperation to hope.

Sagittarius invites us to be conscious of the importance that enjoying the journey has, more than getting to the “final destination”, being grateful for all the “lessons” learned in the path itself, knowing that in truth, there is never a final purpose or destination, for we are forever evolving and becoming anew, within the infinite realms of Creation.

A purifying and cleansing passage for us to reconnect with our Divine Essence, seed more love, harmony, and joy, and hold more faith in our personal journey, and that of humanity, for there are many things that we are not able to envision, from our human view, and we cannot know why all that is taking place occurs. However, we can be sure that all have a Divine purpose behind it.

We are evolving, moving forward within the endless spiral of Creation. We may not see it, but for many of us who are already creating our own harmonic reality, it is a fact, for we feel it already, and that is enough for the ones who trust in the Divine Universal Plan for All Creation.

Have a blessed passage and Solstice, Beloved Ones,

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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