Alex Jones Claims Aliens Want to Make Humans Into ‘Cyborg Slaves of Satan’

A video of Alex Jones has gone viral after the controversial host of the far-right show InfoWars demanded independence from artificial intelligence computers, aliens and Satan.

The video has so far been viewed over 770,000 times on Twitter and was shared by commentator Ron Filipkowski on Monday following Jones’ show.

“I declare this July 4, 2022, to be a declaration of independence against the alien force on this planet today,” Jones said. “[Aliens] are waging war against humans and their biology and our future. That is attempting to exterminate the majority of us and force the minority that is left to merge with AI computers and become cyborg slaves of Satan.”

The InfoWars host is known for spouting conspiracy theories, most notably the repeated claim that the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 20 children and six staff members dead, was a hoax. Jones was sued by families of Sandy Hook victims for defamation and is awaiting a hearing to determine how much he must pay in damages.

Jones was quickly mocked on social media for the wild claims he made during his recent show. Many remarked that the term “cyborg slaves of Satan” would make for an entertaining name for a book, film, or album.

“God dammit, how did Alex Jones get a draft of my upcoming cyberpunk novel,” author Richard Jeter tweeted, as he shared the video.

“Alex Jones makes a good effort at a grand unification theory of conspiracies, but have to find a way to shoehorn in the Knights Templar,” Investor’s Business Daily editor Ed Carson joked.

“Cyborg Slaves of Satan is trending on Twitter and unfortunately it is not the name of our new album. Or is it…” the music group Lords of Acid quipped in a tweet.

“I only wish Jeff and Cyrus of the Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton had thought of Cyborg Slaves of Satan for their name.” Writer and author John Moe tweeted.

The Twitter page of the Church of Satan also joked about Jones’ comments and tweeted: “If anyone has a +1 for the theatrical premier of ‘Cyborg Slaves of Satan’ please let us know. We’ll bring Twizzlers.”

In a follow-up tweet, the account added: “Cyborg Slaves of Satan sounds like a great sci-fi exploitation flick. We’d watch it.”

“It’s worth reminding people Alex Jones doesn’t believe any of this,” Raw Story reporter Matthew Chapman tweeted. Chapman, who also covered the viral clip, argued Jones was making these claims to get more listeners to buy the products in the InfoWars store.

“He just spouts of all this nonsense to panic his viewers into buying his overpriced survival gear and ‘nutraceuticals.’ He is, at his core, a sleazy salesman who just happens to use doomsday as his hard sell,” Chapman said.

Newsweek reached out to InfoWars for comment.

**By Gerrard Kaonga