Ashtar: Disclosure is Coming Closer

I am Ashtar. I come to be with you at this time, at this opportune time, this time that has been long coming.

Long have you been looking for those various things that could happen within your society that would bring about change, or bring about the showing of change. Or the toppling of those dominos that you have heard of many times. And I am here now in this moment to tell you that that is coming very shortly. Many various changes are about to befall mankind in many different ways, and from many different sources.

And for our part, within our ships, we have been preparing, as you have heard before, preparing for the Great Changeover that is coming to this planet. I speak of The Event, yes. But I speak also of those, what you might call ‘mini-events’ to occur beforehand.

And one of those is the beginning of disclosure, beginning of disclosure of our ships. So in the very near future, weeks, perhaps months, you will begin to see more and more of our ships. More of what you would call large sightings. Many across the planet will view the spectacle that can be shown to them from our ships. More on that cannot be given at this point. But just enough now to give you an inkling of what is about to occur.

You have been waiting a long time. Preparing yourselves for a long time. And I speak now beyond this lifetime. But many lifetimes previous to this you have been preparing. Preparing your various bodies. Not your physical body, but your astral, your etheric, your mental, causal bodies to prepare for this very changeover that is coming where energies within your body are increasing. And energies all around you are increasing as well. And you are able more, and more, and more to be able to handle these energies, withstand these energies.

It is time. It is the time that you have been waiting for, looking for, the time where all shall be revealed. It is coming. And it is very short now. Watch.

Watch your various sources as more and more truths begin to filter through now. Filter through the various media processes that you have leading to even that of your mass media beginning to turn. For they cannot hold onto the darkness much longer and still be within the light. It is not possible. So know this.

Know that all the circumstances that are happening now across the entire planet are bringing this process forward. Bringing the truth forward. Bringing disclosure forward. And leading to the Great Changeover and that Solar Flash comes across the planet and all in that moment shall find the light within them.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to look to the stars whenever you have the opportunity. Because your family is there watching over you. And if you would look ad believe, they will show themselves to you as your third eye continues to open more and more, and then you have those eyes to see.

**Channel: James McConnell

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14 Replies to “Ashtar: Disclosure is Coming Closer”

  1. Ruth❤️

    I enjoy seeing @ night the star ships when the weather permits.This will be an exciting event meeting our space bros.& sister soon, goosebumps aho!☝️💥✨💫

  2. Paulo Urbina

    Arrestaron a unos rabinos que traficaban órganos y partes de bebés, eso es un comienzo y una declaración de Netanyahu dice que el reinado de satan a terminado y que el fuego de la verdad a comenzado a arder.

  3. C

    Through my own experiences I have learned that one aspect relating to the timing of disclosure involves the multitudes of people that have had what could/would be termed as “alien abduction” experience, and then as well, more specifically- experimentation experiences.

    There is a certain disclosure and healing process occurring within that grouping of humanity, which first must get to a certain level – so to speak- before larger, more widespread disclosures can/will occur.

    There are a lot of layers to this.

    Please use your own discernment when receiving this information, and Go Within for any further information, guidance and direction.

    1. Gustavo Frein

      My inner discernment tells me we won’t see them. How many times have we heard this?

      1. C

        I tend to believe the fuller disclosure will happen, but also, that it may not be as we (collectively) “expects” it to be. As for “seeing them”, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that we already have (seen some) we’re just not aware yet that we have. Kind of along those lines of “not everything is as it seems”.

  4. miluska

    Srdečný dík za dobré zprávy. Velmi se těším na nové zítřky. Často sleduji nebe s velkou nadějí. Zdravím všechny tam nahoru.

  5. david k gates

    yep….It’s getting closer and closer and everyone can feel it. It’s almost like Christmas Eve and we are 5 years old again!!!
    When the EBS messages start……many people will freak out! Up to us to stay calm and be The New Light. Tell them SOMETHING WONDERFUL is coming!

    I know Ive posted this subject before and will keep doing so every few months, Hopefully this is the last one…if ya know what I mean =)

    Many people will just stay home so services will come to a screeching halt for a while. I guess…hmmm………1-4 weeks for a trickle of stuff to start getting through??? no idea!

    Power will most likely go out at some point…….!!! PLAN ahead. Go to the Dollar Store or Hardware stores and buy super cheapo solar lights, for gardens and sidewalks. Solar rechargeable LEDs.
    Remember to stock up on food, water, stuff you need- Light sources, fire for cooking, pet stuff, something to do-books games etc
    Hope we wont need it for this but always better to be prepared for anything Deep State will throw at us
    Go online and search for emergency preparedness guides, kits, FAQs, etc

    If you are lucky enough to have a grocery store with bulk bins, I highly, highly recommend buying a Seal-a-Meal and storing “easy to prepare” emergency foods (example-potato flakes need just a tiny fire (candle) to warm up water to mix. Lots of snack mixes-grab and eat.

  6. Mike Ohira

    Galactic disclosure will come during this year. Halleluyah! I heard this directly from “One Of The Highest Of The Universe” in early July and he said “in a couple of months”.