The Autumn Solar Eclipse – Prepare Now

On October 25, 2022, there will be a SOLAR ECLIPSE in the sign of “Scorpio” (Tropical Zodiac), and it will visible across Europe, West Asia, Northeast Africa, and the Middle East.

It will be followed several days later on November 8, 2022, by a LUNAR ECLIPSE in Taurus (Tropical Zodiac).

This article at this time, however, deals only with the SOLAR ECLIPSE.

“Scorpio” is the sign of profound transformation and transcendence.

It is governed by Pluto, the planet of major changes often in dramatic and discomforting ways.

Its ancient ruler is Mars, the planet of impulsive actions, anger, aggression, and warfare.

A SOLAR ECLIPSE tends to offer opportunities for new starts in major projects, relationships, and philosophical frameworks.

In doing this, it will create conduits for HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

However, the knowledge must be followed in order to achieve the greatest benefits from this type of eclipse.

Ignoring what surfaces in daily life will cause disruption and chaos because the eclipse will then have to force the changes that could have been made with an elevated consciousness or a wise use of free will.

People often wait until a situation that has been building for quite some time before taking action.

When this occurs, then usually the individual is anxious and confused about what to do.

However, if decisions are made beforehand in a calm manner, then any sudden event can be handled more easily because the individual will have prepared for whatever eventuality could occur by having a “Plan A” and a “Plan B”.

Therefore, now is the time to reflect on what is occurring in the various key aspects of your life and where conditions seem to be leading.

There is time now for prayer and for journaling in order to arrive at various potential outcomes. Globally, this eclipse will affect world leaders.

Dramatic changes will happen that will require organized and efficient moves to be made rather than slow, confusing, “wishy-washy” actions being taken that will make situations more hectic.

Also, there can be large earthquakes and storms which alter land masses. I

f these do indeed occur, they are powerful cleansings of the material realm to make way for stronger LIGHT to enter as Earth/Gaia continues to vibrate faster and rise higher.

If you have your natal chart, observe where the sign of “Scorpio” is situated.

This will be the “house” where the eclipse will be most effective in its activations.

Concentrate now on what is occurring in this arena of your chart, and decide on various steps that need to be taken. Also, observe the opposite sign—“Taurus”.

Where is this situated in your chart? Here, too, is where the eclipse will be somewhat active—but its strongest actions will be on the house where there is the sign of “Scorpio”.

During eclipses—both SOLAR and LUNAR—cosmic energetics tend to be potent in terms of solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, solar sector boundary crossings, helio-spheric current sheets, the stirring-up of the magnetosphere, and more. In other words, the COSMIC HOLY BOOK metaphorically shouts its “chapters” and “verses”.

We are already having daily “messages” sent to us via certain cosmic forces, and our DNA within our cellular records is constantly being regenerated, revitalized, and re-aligned with SOURCE.

The SOLAR ECLIPSE will add further vibrational frequencies to our physical vessels, our emotional settings, our mental states, and our spiritual capabilities.

This eclipse will be even more powerful because it is the first one since the arrival into the new planetary year—“The Day Out Of Time” and “Tybi”—which occurred on July 25th.

It brings new awareness and new possibilities because of the “Scorpio” energy.

In the Sidereal zodiac, it occurs in “Libra”—the sign of balance, harmony, and focus on love.

It can, however, have an imbalance, lack of harmony, and one-sided love if there is a tendency towards not facing particular realities.

There is much to ponder with the coming SOLAR ECLIPSE, and this is why now is the time to think deeply and to prepare for its activations.

We will have already experienced the autumn Mercury Retrograde of September 9th to October 10th by the time that the SOLAR ECLIPSE arrives.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali