Hakann: Operation to Free Earth

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is commander Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

The operation to free Earth is progressing well. We are also pleased with how much humanity is growing. Unfortunately, we cannot give Earthlings direct help until the operation is further along, and I cannot give a date when that will be. While we know the situation on Earth is tough and we sympathize, the operation to free you is progressing well.

There will come a time when your lives will be significantly better, and when we and Earthlings will be able to meet each other in the flesh. Right now you will barely be able to imagine just how good that time will be.

My very first message was that you can do anything you put your mind to. This is still true.

My message today is that you are already and inherently good enough. Just by existing on this planet, you are carrying a heavier load than most beings in the galaxy carry. In fact, lots of you are bearing a heavier load than I am, even though I am a commander. That’s because all my needs are met, and most of you are not in that position.

So today I would encourage you to be kind to yourselves. Yes, you can do anything you put your mind to, especially once you are together with your tribe. Yes, you can move mountains. However, you don’t need to do anything to be good enough. You already are good enough.

Just by existing on Earth, you are carrying a heavier burden on Earth than most beings in the galaxy. Can you do more than just existing? Yes, absolutely. You can do anything you put your mind to. And if you take action, we will be right beside you, cheering you on all the way. But you don’t need to do more than just exist, in order to earn the label of “being good enough.” Every single one of you is already good enough, is already respected and is already deeply loved.

So, to holistically put together these last four messages: humanity is one. Every single human is already and inherently good enough. Just existing on Earth means carrying a heavier burden than most beings in the galaxy are carrying. If you live on Earth, you are automatically good enough because living there is a very heavy burden, one that few beings could carry. You are respected and you are very much loved. If just surviving is all you can do right now, that’s enough.

Now, if you have the energy available to take action, that’s great. Earthlings are incredibly powerful and incredibly good at moving forward and bouncing back from potential failures. Even if you try something and fail, usually that’s a net benefit from you. Action is the cure to feeling stuck. Taking action is often better than not taking action, even if you’re not entirely sure which action is best. You really can do anything you put your mind to.

If you’re not sure what the best action to take is, a good option is to say or think to your heart: “Heart, what should I do today?” The very first thing you’ll hear is the answer from your heart.

Another great idea is coming together with other people, because you are even more powerful if you work together. Plus it’s often more fun. We encourage you to be open-minded to working together with people who have a different worldview, because fundamentally most humans want the same thing. However, that doesn’t mean that you should accept people treating you with no respect.

We hope that this message of “you are already good enough” gives you a platform from which you can further heal, take action, rest or do whatever you want.

You are already good enough, you are respected and you are deeply loved. In time, star beings will probably want to learn from you, just how so many of you managed to survive and maintain a good heart, in a world that largely tries to exploit and control you.

You may think we’re wise and kind. Well, we think you are unbelievably strong. From our point of view, it’s unthinkable to live for years in a situation where multiple of our needs regularly aren’t met. We are genuinely very impressed with Earthlings, that so many of you survive and maintain your basic human decency and kind-heartedness in a very tough situation. Honestly, I think I could learn a thing or two from you myself.

I leave you now in peace and love. You’re doing great and you are already good enough.

Finally, Tunia and I are open to answering questions about any topic you choose. If you have any questions, feel free to post them as a comment, addressed either to Tunia or me. The channeler will either answer as a comment-reply, or the question and answer will be included in next week’s channeling. That said, there’s a limit to how much energy the channeler has, so he may not be able to answer every question.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light
** Channel: A.S.

28 Replies to “Hakann: Operation to Free Earth”

  1. Zuza Duszynska

    I do have one more question. I know Tunia explained that we Earthlings are one human race, although we differ in our genetics. However, I do wonder if you can shed some light on the RH negative people. It has always wondered me why would some people have blood that is so risky in reproduction process. I and my kids we are RH negative and I wonder does it just mean that we inherited more genes from one ET race?
    I also wonder if having this qualities help us in developing certain skills that we should probably focus on some more.
    My daughter loves to play in telepathy game, when we send each other simple colours or numbers. I know now, that you explained about it more, that telepathy is not that easy, but still we play the game hoping to better feel the energy of each other. I wonder if you have any advice regarding supporting our children in this time of change.
    Love you both!

  2. Tricia

    Thank you for being here A.S, Hakann and Tunia. I’m enjoying reading your messages and Q&A it’s been wonderful to learn your insights and inspiring to see your service to humanity in answering questions for the collective. Your feeling so much closer now if that makes sense, although you can’t be here yet in physical it’s nice to see your contact through this page. I have a deep understanding in the ‘battle’ so I’ll call it today, to liberate planet earth I have released all my frustration and understand why things are the way they are and why things might not appear to be better in the physical world yet however I do feel and see the smallest changes happening and know the light has won it just has to manifest in the physical now, that’s up to us to do this work to make it so on the ground now so to speak, I have 1000000% faith in god the alliance and all beings of light working tirelessly to liberate us all, I know we’ll be okay however I do understand completely the timings cannot be given and dates. I always had a strong sense as a child I was different to the other people around me, I would think differently act differently and feel differently. I hated school and authority, and I never felt I fit in with people. I felt alone for such a long time but at the same time preferred to be on my own because that seemed to be better than being around people I didn’t feel comfortable with. I did however start to fall in line and I call it I entered the matrix life working 9-5, measuring success with how much money I earned, getting a mortgage recreational drug and alcohol abuse however 10 years ago I started to slowly come back to myself and I call myself back online now. 5 years ago I started an interest in extraterrestrial life, starseed concepts and I was blown away. It made me feel whole and complete again like it was the missing link I been looking for all my life. Then I kept receiving synchronicities about the 144,000, fleur de lis and Arch Angel Michael. I believe it did volunteer to be here it’a been so hard not feeling comfort in your own body and mind and a yearning to be home but not knowing where home is. I’ve never ‘settled’ anywhere I have lived in my 42 years on this planet. But knowing your all cheering us on and helping us and now I understand why I’m here to a degree gives me so much more comfort.
    My only deep sadness is the children I really feel the pain for the children of the world.
    I did have a dream once I was on a ‘ship’ in the sky and I could see planet earth through the window of the ship, however I got very scared and asked to wake up, hopefully one day I will have the courage to stay and see.
    I wish you all well and hope to connect with you all one day.
    Love and hugs 🙏💖❤️

  3. gaffer

    Thank you, brother, Hakkon! For your support! I believe, I know the Day will come! When we meet

  4. TheNOWTeam



    SO BE IT
    SO IT IS
    IT IS

  5. Daniel

    Dear beloved Hakann & Tunia,

    Can you tell us about the 144K light warriors? Such as what is their purpose, how can they assist us in Ascension, where are they are from, and when will they be here and activated on Earth.

    Love, Peace, & Joy!

    1. Denise

      The 144,000 aren’t here to save us, they’re to cheer us on in saving ourselves, teach those who will listen, and they’re already here! Your I Am can give you information on them, I don’t know who knows what yet so I’m leaving that one alone! Lol

      1. AzureLeaves

        Plot twist: Everyone that took the role of the Negentropic Forces (Light/Spiritual Warriors and Workers, Starseeds, etc.,), trying to overcome the Adversaries/Entropic Forces/Cabal etc., are all part of the 144,000.

        The 144,000, as far as I know, is an energy signature, not an actual literal number of individuals.

        1. A.S.

          I agree with this. The group of light workers does not consist of exactly 144,000 souls.

          About 5% of humanity are light workers / star seeds / etc (although not all of them have woken up yet). That’s far more than 144,000 people.

          Some light workers have woken up years ago, some have not woken up yet. Some of them have woken up partly but not fully yet.

          If you are reading this site, you are almost certainly a light worker.

          If you are a light worker, then before your birth you agreed to help Earthlings and/or Gaia in some kind of way during this current life. As a group, light workers are the change-makers, the way showers, the vanguards, the healers, the truth tellers, the energy workers, the torch bearers and the initial architects of a new and better society.

          Light workers aren’t here to be saved by the cavalry. Light workers are the cavalry. That does not mean that you need to save the world by yourself, there’s many millions of light workers so you only need to play your part. You only need to make your contribution, which doesn’t necessarily have to take up your entire life.

          Conversely, “normal” humans typically had as a primary pre-birth intention, to experience or learn something for their personal benefit. That doesn’t make them bad people, they just have a different orientation. They may still have “help others” as a secondary pre-birth intention. They may still be good people.

          Light workers have had many lifetimes on other planets, including planets with benevolent ETs. Normal humans have typically also had lifetimes living among benevolent ETs, but less of them.

  6. Star_strucksarah

    Hello Hakann my star brother,
    Thank you Hakann/Tunia and A.S. to have a platform like this for the lightworkers.
    Can you please clarify what you said about 60% of earthlings do not have a soul. That is a big bold statement. Are you referring to the dark forces or the regular people in the grocery store?
    Sending love to Hakonn/Tunia and A.S.

    1. A.S.

      Dear Star_strucksarah,

      Thank you for your question. Please see my answer to Gustavo’s question below.

      Most (not all) of the dark forces have no souls, But yes, there’s also lots of people in grocery stores and quite possibly people at your job who have no souls.

      The average Earthling light worker today does not yet have the consciousness to realize “this being I am talking to has no soul.” Though perhaps that is for the best, because it would be quite disconcerting that slightly above half of all people around you are soulless.

      That said, the difference between souled beings and soulless beings is actually smaller than those terms make it sound. Both have consciousness and both can experience pain and joy and love.

      If you are reading this site, you are almost certainly a Light worker. If you are a Light worker, it is likely that your direct family and long-time friends have souls. Some people who seem “NPC-like” to us do have souls, they just haven’t woken up yet.

      Sending love to you,

  7. Apenas eu

    Queridos Hakann / Tunia, o quão perto estamos da mudança final?
    Agradeço seu apoio, a vida aqui não tem sido fácil, vivemos como se não tivéssemos esperança de dias melhores. O que posso fazer para canalizar suas mensagens? Tenho me cobrado tanto, tentando ouvir meu interior e seguir as instruções que leio nas canalizações, porém gostaria de um contato mais direto. Seria possível?


  8. Mark S. Young

    Dear Hakann\ Tunia, Thank you for your letters and encouraging messages. I have a question about the ringing, buzzing in my ears that has been going on for years now. It doesn’t hurt but its always there. Is this a higher frequency that is coming or what? It’s really noticeable when I meditate. I would really like to know if you have any idea why I keep hearing this. Sincerely, Mark

    1. A.S.

      Dear Mark,

      Tunia answered your question as a comment under the recent article “Tunia: the collective vibration.”

      I agree with her statement. I can’t do much more for you than reword what she has already said, which I won’t do because I do not wish to exhaust the channel.

      Should you not have found Tunia’s statement helpful, then we recommend that you try to connect with your own soul or heart (or failing that, your intuition) and try to get an answer from it. I have just talked about telepathy in my reply to Zuzanna below, which you may find helpful.

      Your own soul is your ultimate guide. It can advice you better than anyone or anything else can. Any time you get a genuine message from your soul that contradicts something we are saying, please listen to your soul and not to us.

      With love,
      Your star brother,

  9. Lilas

    Wanneer halen jullie ,st Germain,de twaalf stammen Israël nu eens

    eindelijk op,ze wachten al zo lang!!!

    1. A.S.

      Dear Lilas,

      In comments under her article on this site “Tunia: the collective vibration”, Tunia has explained why we’re choosing not to directly answer who is and who isn’t part of the cabal, and also why we’re at this time not directly arresting Earthling bad guys.

      From our (admittedly privileged and comfortable) perspective, the primary obstacle to a better society isn’t the presence of bad guys, or that the public doesn’t cognitively know what’s really going on. The primary obstacle is the absence of a high enough level of consciousness in the average person there on Earth.

      If the level of consciousness of the average human were higher, you wouldn’t need us to arrest the bad guys. You’d do it yourself and you’d get a valuable empowerment experience in the process. Conversely, if magically tomorrow all the cabal members were arrested, you wouldn’t get the amazing society you’re hoping for. You’d get a power vacuum, which would be exploited by other service-to-self people.

      So what’s needed is an increase in the level of consciousness of the average person on the planet. How can that best be achieved? Well, the best way I can think of to accomplish that, is via what’s happening right now. Yes, it’s very hard. I know. That’s what average people need to turn their attention away from their daily routines and towards elevating their consciousness. Yes, I know that you Lightworkers are shackled to the willfully blind and that this is not really fair to you. I am sorry for that.

      Meanwhile, we are helping. One of the things we’re doing is stopping certain unacceptable things that the cabal is trying to do, such as nuclear war. That will not be allowed. Also we’re ensuring that the positive energies on your planet keep rising every single day, at just the right speed, to help elevate the consciousness of humanity.

      And I am sending these messages of empowerment, because we are working together. The more that Earthlings accomplish, the more quickly this transition will happen.

      That said, yes, I do understand that life on planet Earth is incredibly tough, and that I am living in luxury while you are suffering. I also acknowledge that no matter how much I try to understand the situation on Earth, I don’t really know what it’s like to live there every single day. And yes, light workers are indeed getting gaslit and told they’re crazy when in fact they’re the most evolved people on Earth. That is unfair. All these things are true.

      I will promise you that one day, the vast majority of people will be living much better lives than you are living today.

      Your star brother,

  10. Zuzanna

    Thank you! I wonder if you can ask Tunia and Hakan what is the % split between the souls originated from earth, lightworkers, and beings without soul on earth right now, and how many of them are awakened now.
    I also wonder if they could advise on how to learn telepathy. Is it a skill that can be learned or discovered when we progress as a soul.
    Many thanks!

    1. A.S.

      Dear Zuzanna,

      Great questions, thank you. I also always love to talk about ways in which people can empower themselves.

      About 60% of Earthlings have no soul. Yes, I realize this is a much higher number than many of you had expected — there is a reason for the meme that “lots of people are just NPCs (non-player characters).”

      That said, if you’re receiving this message, then you can be reasonably sure that people you have known pretty well for a long time do have souls. Otherwise you would have noticed and/or they would have drifted out of your life.

      As for the other 40%, almost all of them had their first incarnation on some other planet than Earth, and then have had several incarnations on both Earth and other “starseed planets.” In that sense, there’s not a sharp line between starseeds, light workers and “normal souled people.” It’s a matter of degree: how many lives have you had here, how many lives have you had elsewhere, to what extent have you opened yourself up to positive energies?

      But to put a number on a fuzzily defined term, about 60% of Earthlings have no soul, 35% of Earthlings are “normal” and 5% of Earthlings are light workers. Light workers are in various stages of waking up, and of course normal Earthlings can do good deeds and make spiritual progress too. But you Lightworkers are the vanguard of the positive change. The normal people may be happy to join your love-based civilization once it’s there but they’re not to be the initial architects.

      The word “awakening” has many different meanings.

      If you want to ask how many people have a pretty good idea of what’s generally going on in the world, that would be about 30%.

      If you want to ask how many people are currently compatible, consciousness-wise, with the amazing love-based civilization that we all want and that we are aiming for, then that would be about 4-6%. It’s not literally that every light worker is and every non-light workers isn’t compatible, but it’s not too far off from that either.

      Most normal people can become compatible with the love-based civilization we want to create. But they are going to need more time. They’re not there yet, as you well know: the average person isn’t living based on love right now.

      I really enjoy the opportunity to talk about telepathy. Thank you.

      You have a number of senses. There’s actually more of them than you think, but the classic ones are touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. There’s a major sixth sense that you are overlooking, namely your “energy sense.”

      One obvious way in which you are using your energy sense is that it allows you to feel that some places have a nice atmosphere and some places or people feel uncomfortable. Okay, that doesn’t sound very interesting yet.

      It becomes more interesting when you realize that thoughts are a form of energy. Your thought sense allows you to perceive the content of your own as well as other people’s thoughts. This is what you think of as mind reading. Siblings and married people can often complete each other’s sentences, which they are able to do via their energy sense, which is well-attuned to the other person.

      It is interesting to note that every thought in your mind is a thought from somewhere — it may be from yourself or it may be from another person. Hence the sentence “don’t believe everything you think.”

      Some sounds that you hear are produced by you, other sounds you hear are sounds that are produced by other people. Similarly, some thoughts you think are produced by you, some thoughts you think are produced by other people. You’re just perceiving them and sometimes falsely thinking that you produced the thought.

      Time and space are not barriers to this. If you stand on a high place, your energy sense might pick up the energy from person in the past who genuinely wanted to jump. Then you falsely think “Huh, but I don’t want to jump, why am I thinking about that?” The mistake you make here is that you don’t realize that this thought actually comes from a person in the past who did want to jump. It’s not your thought, it’s their thought, you’re just perceiving it.

      So, every human with a soul has repeatedly read other people’s minds. Most people are just not conscious of that. You’re all mind readers, while being unaware of that.

      This is one of the reasons why I have repeatedly said that you are all so much more powerful than you realize.

      Telepathy is just consciously sending energy / thoughts to another person. If that person is spiritually advanced enough, they can receive the message via their energy sense.

      It’s easy to accidentally perceive someone else’s thought. It’s quite hard to intentionally perceive someone else’s thought. However, if someone else intentionally sends energy or a thought to you, perceiving that has a moderate difficulty.

      Channeling an ET is just having the ET send energy or thoughts to the channeler. Being a medium is just having a passed person send energy or thoughts to the medium. The technique is the same and in both cases the requirement is that the channeler / medium is advanced enough that they are able to perceive energy / thoughts that are sent to them. And that they can distinguish their own thoughts from the thoughts that are being sent to them (hence a quiet mind, self-knowledge and discernment are very useful).

      The confusing thing here is that your own thought, other people’s thoughts, ETs, dead people, archangels, etc all just sound like your own inner voice. That’s because your own inner voice is just your own energy sense. However, spiritually advanced people can sense that an archangel’s message may sound the same but their words carry a different energy.

      If a Pleiadian friend of mine sends me a telepathic message, then he doesn’t use his name to identify himself. I will simply instantly know who he is via the energy that’s contained in those words.

      Learning telepathy with other humans is quite hard, unless you happen to have a spiritually advanced master nearby. For reference, our channeler is an excellent channeler, but he’s not able to consciously mind read and he can’t telepathically communicate with the vast majority of humanity.

      To learn telepathy, the following things are much easier:

      – Think or say “heart, what do you think I should do today?” This is requesting that your heart telepathically sends you thoughts or energy, which it can and will do. Then it’s up to you to be able to receive that. Only thoughts, feelings or pictures that arise immediately come from your heart.

      – Do the same things as the last point, but then ask a crystal “crystal, how are you doing?” Crystals are excellent telepaths.

      If these things fail, it’s best to keep developing spiritually and try again after a while. At some point, you will just succeed at this without having to really practice it. Any Earthling with a soul can learn this, and if you’re reading this, you certainly have a soul.

      If you succeed at any of these things, congratulations, you are able to receive telepathic messages.

      At that point, you can think “archangel Michael, what do you think I should do today?” or ask him any other question you like. Or you can start directly talking to Tunia or me.

      Once you’re at that level, we would caution you to start setting some boundaries against potentially malevolent beings trying to contact you. For example, you can say “I do not consent to be contacted by any beings other than those beings for which it is in accordance with the highest divine blueprint that they contact me. I am asking wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, including my guardian angels, to help and protect me.” If you say this once, it will provide life-long (though subtle) protection.

      We really enjoyed talking about this. Thank you. If you have any other questions or if you desire clarification on some points, please feel free to reach out again.

      Your star brother,

      1. Gustavo Frein

        This quite fascinating that such a high percentage of the population are soulless NPC’s. I have read this claim made before. I would ask you Hakann, how did this come to be? How are the majority born without a soul? I have spent the last 2½ years banging my head against the wall trying to wake the “Normies” up. It can’t be done, maybe because so many are NPC’s?

        So my next question are these NPC’s even considered to be human? When they die is there a cessation of everything for them? Do they feel real emotions or is it just a kind of pantomime they put on to give the appearance of emotions? I can think of many people that are so bereft of any depth of emotion, and their world revolves around crass materialism and robotically programed behavior, that they must be NPC’s.

        Thanks for bringing up this insight.

        1. A.S.

          Dear Gustavo Frein,

          This is your brother Hakann speaking. Thank you for your question and this opportunity to converse with you and Earthlings further.

          Yes, I understand that it takes some getting used to the idea that so many Earthlings have no soul.

          And yes, many of you reading this have tried to wake up soulless people. That is one of the reason why few to no benevolent ETs are advising the general Light Workers community to focus on telling your fellow man what is really going on in the world. (Some specific Light workers might genuinely get that advice, but this advice isn’t given to Light workers as a group.)

          Some people who refuse to wake up have no souls. Others do have souls but they do not have the level of consciousness yet to wake up. If someone refuses to see reason, then that does not automatically mean they have no soul. Some of them do and they will wake up in the future.

          More people than you would expect are clones or human-looking robots. Also, God can and does just create lifelike “background actors” out of nothingness and have them vanish when they are no longer needed (typically after a relatively short while). Those background actors generally aren’t born and don’t die in the normal human sense — they just plop in and out of existence, as needed.

          In fact, your own soul can create background actors too, to help you or help the general situation on Earth. The reason why God is sometimes called “Prime Creator” is that you are creators too.

          Your world is a lot less solid and a lot more fluid than most of you think it is.

          That said, I would advise you to treat everyone with love and kindness, even those who have no souls. Just because they do not have souls, does not mean they do not have consciousness or experience emotions. Even rocks and atoms have consciousness and have experiences, and yes, a clone has consciousness too and can experience pain and joy too. Otherwise you would never be fooled into believing it is a “normal” souled being.

          Clones and robots do not have as much consciousness as an Earthling, but that is no reason not to treat it with love. Plus, it benefits you too to treat other beings with love, even if they have no souls.

          Yes, if clones or robots or background actors die, their consciousness and awareness just end and there is nothing left. It’s only souls that go to the afterlife.

          Thank you for your question, Gustavo. I enjoyed answering it and I hope it helps.

          Your star brother,

          1. Gustavo Frein

            Thank you for the explanation, Hakann. It saddens me to know that soulless people just end, like the Dark ones want us to believe about ourselves.

            I find it very sad.

      2. Zuzanna

        Thank you Hakann and AS. 🙂 I appreciate your thorough explanation. Sending my warm hugs to you!