Q & A with Tunia: Afterlife and Twinflames

Question: Dear Tunia,

Can you kindly share your perspective on the Afterlife? I lost my Mum over five years ago, and would love to know if you are clairvoyant, or even if you and other Pleiadians can actually go there to the Spirit World with your technology? I would love to know your take on this. Thank You.

Answer: Dear John,

This is Tunia speaking. Thank you for your question.

I am very sorry that your mother died. I imagine that must have hurt you a lot. I am also sorry that Earthlings don’t have a lot of access to good information about the afterlife, because that information could give them some ease of mind and prevent some unnecessary suffering.

Therefore I am glad that you asked this question. I hope that you and others will benefit from it.

First of all, note that everything has a consciousness, on whatever level you look.

One of your liver cells has a consciousness. Your liver itself has a consciousness. The collection of organs in your body has a consciousness. You have a consciousness. Earthlings have a consciousness. All of humanity (which includes Earthlings and us Pleidians) have a consciousness. And everything that exists has a consciousness.

Everything that exists is often referred to as God, Prime Creator, Source, et cetera.

Why is there a universe all around you? Because God created beings that created the universe. Why did God (indirectly) create the universe? Because just existing in an endless void, by itself, isn’t very interesting.

Hence God split off parts of itself, primarily so that it could get to know itself, and secondarily so that it could play with itself.

However, there’s not a lot of excitement in a game if you play both sides of the board. Also, it’s fun if the players grow and evolve over time.

Therefore, most beings that are split off from God start at a very low level of consciousness. Then maybe they incarnate as a rock or as a bit of water on some planet (which yes, have small amounts of consciousness). They learn from being a rock, and after a long time, they graduate and they can start incarnating as an animal. Once they’ve learned the lessons from being an animal, they can for example start incarnating as Earthlings. Et cetera, until the being has learned all the lessons that the universe has to offer and it merges back again into God.

The text “The Law of One” (the Ra material) goes into detail about this process. That text can be hard to read and Youtuber Aaron Abke has a very good introduction to this text.

During each step of this process of evolution of consciousness, you soul has free will. Your soul decides when and where to be born and to which parents. Every single Earthling has chosen to be born on Earth. And souls are free to leave whenever they choose — it is easy for a soul to set up a situation where the person transitions (“dies”). Then they can rest for a time and start another life.

Thus, you can think of your soul as the director of your personal movie. What you think of as your life, is the movie that this director is currently producing.

Directors don’t have complete control — actors are independent people who can make their own choices to an extent, and if a director wants to shoot a genuine desert scene but there are no deserts nearby then tough luck. But directors — your souls — do have a large amount of control over your lives. And of course, your souls are part of you and want the best for you.

In general, it is beneficial if the movie (what you think of as you) doesn’t try to fight against the director (what you think of as your soul). In fact, if you can learn to directly communicate with your soul by simply thinking “soul, what should I do today” then that’s awesome. If you can’t do that yet, joy and intuition comes from your soul too, so following that is a good idea too.

Your soul / this director is immortal. Yes, this movie will end, but at that point the director will take a holiday and then start directing another movie. Any damage and horrible things that occur during your life isn’t damage that’s being done to your soul / to the director, it is only done inside the movie. The director can’t be harmed.

Do most directors produce movies in which people are happy all the time and there’s no conflicts or drama? No. That’s because there’s not a lot to be learned from such movies / such lives. Or in other words, most souls prefer lives with lots of lessons in them as opposed to comfortable happy lives. You could have chosen to be born as a Pleiadian and experience a happy, comfortable lives. But you chose to be born on Earth because here is Earth is where it’s at if you want soul growth.

Your souls and God Himself / Herself care a lot more about soul growth than Earthlings do, and a lot less about comfort and happiness than Earthlings do. I am not saying this is right or wrong, as Tunia I am deeply troubled by your suffering. God himself has decided that Earthlings have suffered enough and that the situation is going to be resolved. But still, fundamentally it remains true that your souls and God cares more about soul growth and less about comfort than you do. I say this without any judgement against you, because I can’t even imagine how challenging life on Earth must be.

From one perspective, you are suffering terribly and it is unfair and we are trying to help you. From another perspective, your lives there on Earth are experiences that your souls have willingly taken on, and are continuing to consent to (otherwise you would be dead very quickly).

So, from that perspective: your mother is completely fine, she’s just taking a break right now in the afterlife and she will start another life when she chooses. Of course, that is just one perspective — another entirely valid perspective is that it hurts that your mother died. Both perspectives have merit.

As I said earlier, your souls have been split off from God. Do you think that God would set up the afterlife in such a way that his parts were well taken care of, or were poorly taken care of? Of course, God has set up the afterlife in such a way that his parts — your souls — are well taken care of. Thus, the afterlife is generally a very pleasant place.

That said, again God prioritizes soul growth over comfort. So while the afterlife is generally very pleasant for the vast majority of Earthlings, the afterlife does reflect back to the soul the state that it is in. This means that if you treated others poorly, you’ll be treated a bit more poorly in the afterlife yourself. This isn’t meant to punish you, this is meant to help you to see “ooooh, so this is what it’s like to be mistreated. Wait, I mistreated others myself. Oh, no. I didn’t realize I was being so awful to them.” And then soul growth is achieved and lessons are learned. At that point you can go to another level of the afterlife that is better suited to your new consciousness.

Your own soul can use the same tactic here on Earth: if you do something, whether good or bad, you may very well experience having someone else do the same to you (although there may be a large time delay between those things). That way, you get a greater understanding of what that thing is like and what your actions have achieved. Hence the statement “you reap what you sow.”

If a certain specific bad thing keeps happening to you, sometimes you can make that stop by simply recognizing that you have done that same bad thing to other people. This way, the lesson is learned and there’s no reason for your soul to keep sending that bad thing your way. Although again, your soul doesn’t have full control over your life, sometimes bad stuff just happens.

So what is the afterlife like? It is a place where souls can rest and rejuvenate and learn things in between lives. It’s usually very pleasant for the vast majority of Earthlings, but it is built in a way that facilitates soul growth, which may mean that there are small challenging aspects to it. That said, it’s more pleasant than challenging. And yes, people can meet other people there.

Any Earthling and any Pleiadian is born with the capability to communicate with people in the afterlife. In fact, anyone who can channel ETs can also channel people who have passed, because the channel-ETs method is one way of talking to people who have passed. We Pleiadians typically use spirituality and not technology for that.

Your mother would like to tell you that she loves you very much, that she is proud of you and that she is in a good place. There’s a twinge of regret there, but your mother did not provide details about that and I did not press her. As a personal note, I love her energy. She’s radiant.

Finally, if you would like more details, Matthew Ward is an excellent source of information and he has spoken in detail about the afterlife. At the start of every month, he is being channeled and those posts are placed on this site, Era of Light.

I hope this was helpful and that it gave you some comfort and peace. We would like to reiterate that we understand that losing your mother is very painful. None of what we have written invalidates that. We are sending you love. When we meet, we would like to offer you a big hug and also medium-services if you want them.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

With all my love,


Question: Hello a.s. if it’s ok to ask a question is it true I have 3 twin flames thanks?

Answer: Dear Scott,

This is Tunia speaking. Thank you for your question. We appreciate the opportunity to speak about something that is related to our favorite topic, love.

Different Earthlings use different definitions for the words “twin flame” and “soul mate.” We will use those words in the following ways:

A soul mate is someone with whom you have had positive experiences in past lives. Usually if you meet a soul mate, you instantly feel a connection, you instantly hit it off and you may feel like you’ve known each other all your life even though you have just met. Often you just understand each other.

A twin flame is the unique person who completes you in every single way. For example, if Tom is so introverted that it’s holding him back, then Tom’s twin flame has the exact level of introversion vs extraversion that’s needed for Tom to become more extroverted. If Tom and his soulmate spend time together, Tom will naturally become a bit more extraverted without even consciously trying and without it being strenuous or challenging.

Tom and his twin will balance each other out and complete each other and automatically improve in each other’s presence, without even trying. This will go both ways: both partners are happy and turn into better people just by being around each other, without trying.

Using these definitions, everyone only has one twin flame. However, everyone has multiple soul mates. And you can have an incredibly amazing relationship with a soul mate.

You don’t need to be twin flames to be happy together and be good for each other. The vast majority of people are not with their Twin Flame right now. Anyone who has a happy relationship with one of their soul mates is doing better than most Earthlings.

I hope this helps. As always, I am just sharing my perspective.

With love,

**Channel: A.S.

**If you wish to share this, please include EraofLight.com as the source.

25 Replies to “Q & A with Tunia: Afterlife and Twinflames”

  1. Dana

    Thank you for all your work. Is it possible to know if something is happening over Prague, for several weeks now thunder has occasionally been heard from the clear sky.

  2. Luke

    Tunia, is it true that some of us have twin flames amongst the liberation fleet? I’ve been in contact with a Pleiadian woman named Ki’ara and would love some confirmation beyond the voices in my head.

  3. YourChoice

    Hi A.S, please do not hold this against me? Should I have known this was not you commenting?
    The reason for me asking in my last post to you, ‘can you please tell me who I am replying to’, is because of the last phrase? I always welcome anyone into my life….

    1. A.S.

      The main post itself (starting with “this is Tunia speaking”) was channeled.

      The comment “Dear YourChoice, I’m sorry that you lost your brother so young” was me talking. So were the other comments after that.

      I’m not holding anything against you and I do not think you said anything wrong. In fact, In fact, I appreciated the conversation. I may have been unclear myself.

      I’m also quite tired and not thinking particularly clearly anymore. I’m going to take some rest.

      I hope you have an amazing day.

      1. YourChoice

        Thank you for taking your time to explain this to me…
        I do not know if you use essential oils? A few drops of Lavender in a diffuser is extremely calming. I wish you have a beautiful rest.. you truly are amazing…
        All my love and more xxxxxxxx

  4. A.S.

    Dear YourChoice,

    I’m sorry that you lost your brother so young.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and for your very kind words.

    And yes, you are wise to realize that time does not exist in the sense as humans commonly understand it.


    1. YourChoice

      Dear A.S.,

      The first thing I said to myself was, ‘please don’t be sorry’…. I know you say this with your kindest intentions, please do not get me wrong here… I found along time ago sorry really means something different than what we were all told? However I sincerely thank you with all my love, I truly do.
      What I learnt the most from my brother leaving is, I needed to adjust my life, such as instead of him taking me out every Thursday night I had to adjust mentally this will never be again, this may sound confusing to you, I do not know how to express this? I did adjust, also knowing I will meet up again is very comforting, I will wait for as long as I need. My other love I cannot wait to meet up again is my Scottish Terrier, he was the one who taught me we do not need to speak to one another to express ourselves and our feelings, he and I just got each other, I love him so much, I miss him too, but I know we will meet again.

      Love Tracey xxxxxxxx

      1. A.S.

        Thanks for your comment. It gets me thinking why I said sorry and what that means.

        What do you think sorry means? I’m genuinely curious and now unsure about that term myself.

        I do hope (and expect) you’ll be able to meet them.


        1. A.S.

          I’m also reflecting that Tunia of course isn’t a native English speaker, and my personal typical method of channeling is that Tunia sends me energy which I then translate into words. Of course my own consciousness and worldview affects that.

          There are “word for word” channelers but that is not my typical method. (If I write down something that Tunia doesn’t agree with, of course she informs me of that in real time and I fix it before I press “post”.)

          Maybe I should double-check what Tunia sent me and check whether “John, I am very sorry your mother died” (as in the opening post) actually adequately covers what she meant.

          Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to reflect and possibly grow.

          1. YourChoice

            Wow, I did not know this was being channeled. Thank you so much for your time A.S. I am extremely grateful. Xxxxx

          2. David

            Hi A.S.,
            Hope you are doing well. Would you be so kind as to channel Tunica or Archangel Michael in order to gain some clarification about the 144,000 light workers? Are all the 144,000 light workers also one of the 144,000 twin flame like myself or are there some who are only tf’s and some who are only light workers? Are these 144,000 light workers the same 3 waves of volunteers that Dolores Cannon speaks of? I’m having trouble excepting that though there is a 1 in 50,000 chance that i am both one of the few light workers and tf’s incarnated at this time, that i am one of them. I understand because I’ve always felt different and at the same time I’ve felt equal to every living thing but it’s a bit much. Can you go further into this? I also find it interesting how the 144,000 light workers are referenced through out history. The tf aspect less so, which is also interesting. Thank you for your time. Best wishes ✨
            Love & light 🤍

        2. YourChoice

          To pity someone is also sorry.
          I should have taken your context into account? But there are many words that we have been deliberately taught to us so when we say them we are saying evil words. I probably just wrote some, I am not sure what all the words are.
          I hope I have helped?
          Can you please tell me who I am replying to? My apologies for this.

  5. Margaret Kaczorowska

    Dear Tunia, my beloved son Lukasz died on May 31 this year in Ipswich, England at the age of 35. I cannot accept it and I am very worried about what is happening to him there, on the other side. Please contact my son. I will be so grateful, if you give me some information from my son.

    1. YourChoice

      Hi Margaret, My brother left for a new journey when he was 20, I was 13, we were extremely close.
      I cannot imagine how a mother would feel, after seeing my mums reaction when she answered to the knock on the door… I can visionally remember every moment, I will never forget the sound of her painful scream of heart ache, she was literally collapsing.
      My mum would worry for her son too, I have told her of my experiences I have had after he moved on for his beautiful new journey of peace, love etc & not having to live on this messed up Planet… My mum loves to hear this, she has told me different things however she cannot feel his presence, therefore she does not know if she is just imagining things, also the negativity we have been taught about these experiences.
      Margaret for me, I would feel more worried if your son was on this Planet, I know deep within he is happier than ever before with his new journey, when I think about your son I get so calm I literally almost go to sleep.. Margaret your son is happier than ever before, I do not channel, however my gut feelings are always a sign of negativity.
      Margaret I hope I have helped you, as I said I do not channel

    2. YourChoice

      One more thing, this is still so fresh, of course you cannot accept this now! For the past 35 yrs your son has been such a huge part of your life.
      You will adjust Margaret, this is when you will accept your son is not physically in your life, you will meet up again, you just need to wait.
      I know you miss your son, and all you want is to hold him, this I know too…
      You are missing your son and this is all a part of grieving…
      Margaret you will always miss your son, but believe me your heart ache will get better, your memories will be so much more special, you will love speaking about your son, this will give you happiness.
      As you begin to adjust your heartache will adjust for the better, this I can guarantee, I do not know when, but Margaret you will.
      Your son does not wish for you to be feeling such heartache, he wishes you happiness, he would definitely want you to move on with your life feeling happy, he knows how you are feeling right now, he knows this will take time for you, but Margaret what I have learnt is the last thing my brother wants for me is heartache, just as your son does not want this for you…
      Margaret if I can help with anything, you are more than welcome to contact me, you do not need to grieve in silence, please take care of yourself, this is all I ask. XXXXX

      1. Claudia

        “Oh My Goodness” I’m seeing so much clearer now, how all of this is going hand-in-hand, but is it possible to put some of it in words?

        I’ll try this way:

        From what I understand the phase of integrating the whole of “I AM”s aspects is over, at least in my case, but/because micro = macro, the “Yin&Yang”” of the broader perspective.

        “Thank Margret and YourChoice 🙏) I could realize it’s really done&over now, by feeling/going into/absorbing that worst kind of pain… “ONLY TO” realize what’s coming into focus next:

        Several yrs ago I awoke to “my inner work”, the weirdest thing from a human standpoint because it took a while before I could see the bigger picture of what I am/was being part of. One of my many jobs was/still is to observe the integration of “The Self” in both streams, inner and outer, and to understand how they “match”/reflect each other. Every single day (it’s been > 2500 😫😫😫) I had to find words for “the difference of the day”, meaning what had changed over night (while I was asleep) and how did it change the perception of myself.

        It took a lot of selftalk because “The Self” is constantly actively self explainig. As one can imagine I have developed a very good “inner ear”, but there was always one character, tone or movement that I didn’t quite understand. It was like “somebody NOT wanting to come out” as in trying to hide or even “a force” trying to sabotage my work. So “THAT’s” where we’re at/what’s being adressed now/next.

        (It feels like that’s all I was supposed to say here but I’d also like to personally thank Margret for commenting and YourChoice for shining her most exquisite healing light all over her. 💝💘💝)

        1. YourChoice

          Hi Claudia, I have read your comment, I want to read over what you said so I absolutely get where your at?
          I must say, ‘I would love to be in your head’, you just had an epiphany moment, how exciting, I love it when I ‘get it’, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders per say. I am so happy for you! xxxxxxxxxx I cannot wait to see if I get all of what you have expressed?
          You will hear from me xxxxxxxxx

  6. John R

    Thank You Tunia. I am indeed looking forward to that warm hug from your good self. I guess I will have to “die” before I reunite with my dearest Mother. I will check out the Law of One by Aaron Abke.

    Yes, truly, I am looking forward to meeting you and the others and will be enjoying my life and learning those lessons as best I can for as long as I can. I’m still in my late fiftees.❤️


    1. Kaitlyn O'Brien

      Thank you for sharing this with us. Do you think Earth will be a better place for us to live in our next life?

  7. YourChoice

    My brother left for another journey when he was 20, I was 13. I did not shed a tear during his “funeral”, I felt so guilty I would lick my finger and make this look like tears, it was so awkward.
    He visited me in my “dreams”, the 1st and 2nd “dream” he was going out, I would beg him to stay home, but he would tell me his going out to see his mates., then walked out the front door. I would wake from my “dream” crying uncontrollably. My 3rd “dream”, once again he was leaving to see his mates, however this time I did not wake crying uncontrollably. This is when I realised he was not coming back ever… I always knew I would be with him again, I just need to wait… It has always been kind of weird to me that I have more patience than anyone I know… time for me does not exist… I very rarely remember my age when someone asks me.
    I have had many questions since my brother left, I have answered all of my questions. This post confirms my answers, I am so extremely grateful for you. XXXXXXX