Kryon: You Are Dearly Loved

What do you know about love and compassion that you’ve been told esoterically for many years?

Love and compassion live in The Field, and it can be transmitted long distances around the world. You can love somebody dearly and imagine that they’re receiving it and they will. That is esoterics at its best.

We’ve told you about things in the past that were hidden in plain sight. We’ve given you some of the attributes of your soul. But none of them, nothing I’ve ever told you, is as powerful as this one.

Let’s talk about your DNA for a moment. The DNA that you have is enormous. You have no idea unless you study it. There are billions of pieces to it, and it’s more than just simply the blueprint of the body. That DNA of yours in its enormity carries attributes of your past life.

These things are not all contained, for instance, in your brain, as you thought they might be. So if your DNA carries attributes of your past life, what else might it carry? It carries your lineage. It carries that which is the marker that says how many times you’ve been on the Earth.

The DNA that you have, the multidimensional part, is the biggest part.

There are some things in biology that you’ll say have cascading effects; that when one thing happens, it triggers another and another. The body is balanced, and it wants to stay balanced.

Now, these cascading effects are often negative things that you hear, and they have to do with poor health. The one I’m going to tell you is a cascading effect that is the most positive effect you have ever heard, and it starts right in your DNA.

You might say you have receptors in your DNA for love, both for receiving and transmitting. The human being is a wonderful transmitter of compassion and love because the multidimensional antenna you have, Dear Ones, is magnificent.

Once you queue into it and know that it’s working and how to receive and transmit, something happens. I’ll tell you.

When you start receiving that love from Spirit, you relax and understand that you are part of all of Creation. You relax with the incredible love that’s pouring into you, and you take your self-conscious and put it out of the way (no matter what you’ve been told), and it starts to pour in through the greatest source that ever was; it allows you to then pour it forward, to start transmitting it.

When those two things happen, the reception and the transmission of this power called love… Not the emotion, but the essence of the Creator. When that starts to pass through you, there is a cascading effect that is triggered in your DNA, and let me tell you what it does.

It starts to heal you. Everything you’ve asked for; the problems, the fear, the anxiety, the biological issues, all of it starts to snap in place.

What if I told you that this cascading issue is called health and balance? If you want health and balance right now on this planet, start transmitting love and receiving love. Health and balance is what happens. It is the catalyst for everything that you’ve asked.

And so it is,

— Kryon of Magnetic Service

**Channel: Lee Carroll


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