Shanika of the Merpeople Collective: We Are Much More

Greetings. I am Shanika. I am a sea creature with humanoid features. You call those of us merpeople but we are much more intelligent than we have been portrayed. We are peeking out of our interdimensional vortexes to see when it is safe to come to the surface. Many of us have been within the earth for it is a safe haven for us there. The waters are pure and clean.

I come forth to tell you that great changes are coming in the waters. The waters are much more alive than you have been led to believe. In fact nothing that you have been told is true, except that God is love. The great love that surrounds and feeds us is love. The corrosion happened long ago, long before my kind came from our place to this place. (She is showing me a large ship filled with water which is how they arrived from their worlds to ours.) We seek haven within the inner deep seas of inner earth.

I Shanika am speaking. The waters are alive. I wish to communicate this fact with you, for those of you reading are intelligent and aware of energies. Your palms are conductors of electrical currents. You can charge your water with light. It will help enhance your crystalline force, which will ease ascension symptoms. Surrounding yourselves with water during this energetic Aquarian onset will soothe you.

Watch the water. Many water changes are occurring. (I am seeing vortexes and whirlpools deep from within inner earth coming to our oceans bridging energies to help balance the flow.) The inner and outer charges have been so out of alignment for so long. I am assisting with this. Many of you have aqua aspects that are assisting with the communication of water. It is time to listen to your water and learn what it has to tell you. It is wise, liquid plasma within water form. Water conducts energies, information. Water is information. Your scientists have been studying water in secret for they know this. It is time for the masses to know the great value of water and the insight that it brings. We sea dwellers communicate with the water for we are surrounded with its embrace. We flow and fly within it. We understand that in these vessels you have you cannot yet breathe underwater but you will be able to when the time is right, and you will feel the massive energies that support and surround. Water is womblike. There is water in the womb for many reasons. For us, the oceans are the womb of the great Gaia, and we honor her with our light. We flow within her embrace and are at peace.

I Shanika am speaking. (She is now blowing bubbles and diving deep out of sight. She is swimming back now holding something. She is smiling at me showing even rows of jagged white teeth.) I am bringing to the surface ones this flower from inner earth oceans where it grows freely. (It looks like seaweed with pink daisy-like flowers on it that sparkle with light). We eat this for our nutrients. Many of you will enjoy the nutrients and new forms of sustenance that your bodies enjoy as you continue to morph, that is why relationships with your waters that you consume are so important. (She starts munching the flowing seaweed, tearing off the pink flowers vigorously with her teeth. Her long tentacle-like ‘hair’ moves independently like fingers and surrounds her face. She color changes like an octopus for camouflage and is a variety of colors but mainly clay brown with blue on her scales, that change and glimmer in the light.) Remember all is energy, all is light in different forms. Crystalline bodies require different nutrients. You can program your water to give you exactly what is needed for the moment of ascension that you are in.

This is why the waters have been so ravaged on your world. The sky ones work with the water ones to eliminate the threat of pollution. The sky ones are our friends. They work with Gaia and honor her great blue body.

I am Shanika. Talk to the water. It is listening. (I am hearing the song of humpback whales, and feeling the presence of the cetaceans, the sentinels of the deep. She dives deeply out of sight.)

**Channel: Galaxygirl

4 Replies to “Shanika of the Merpeople Collective: We Are Much More”

  1. harrrrrie

    Thank you! I love to see water and be in it. I miss swimming but our water is too cold. Someday…

  2. Wiseman

    Really enjoyed this, a movie called shape of water is very romantic to watch as heart day is coming up soon also the Asian man dr emote his water experiment books

  3. Gem

    Thankh you Galaxygirl and Shanika! This brings much joy to my heart. I do not consume water or food that I have not spoken to and told to heal Us. I am eternally grateful for this!
    OneLove, One💚
    Gem 💎


    Thank you and GALAXYGIRL for these useful updatings.
    Love to your merpeople.
    Until we meet – much of love