The Future of Humanity and Earth

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The future of humanity is no longer at stake. It is secured, with abundance, advancements in all fields, with love and unity for all.

Contrary to what you may see on your media, all hell is not breaking lose. There is a change occurring. Humanity and Mother Earth are ready being uplifted into a higher dimensional reality. The door to the fifth dimension is open for all who wish to transcend the old paradigm of the third dimension.

What you see now are the remains of the old matrix. The inorganic way of life and all that came with it, are crumbling and dissolving. Artificial constructs of the old third dimensional world cannot withstand the higher light of the Galactic Center. For in the higher frequencies of this light everything is designed, created, and powered by pure divine energy.

There is no Armageddon, there is no judgement day, the world is not ending. What you are seeing now in your world is the illusion collapsing. The false, man made matrix dissolving, which was powered by fear. And the emergence of a new world, a new divine matrix, that is powered by love.

A higher awareness, a new perspective, a new foundation has been set, a new peaceful and prosperous way of life is to begin for humanity.

You must let go of the old outdated beliefs and ideas, in order to understand the magnitude of what is truly unfolding.

Yes, you are already seeing the end of what you call the economic system, when in fact it is paid slavery. You are seeing the end of religion. It’s invention never had good intentions. For it was brought forth by malevolent entities. You are seeing the end of “the science”. For it is false science, that was always backed by people who never had humanity’s interests in mind.

Most importantly, you will come to understand that humanity’s origins begin in the stars, not on Earth. Now is the time to become open to greater truths. One of these greater and exciting truths is that you were never alone in the Universe. For God would not create billions of stars and galaxies, just to leave them all empty, without life. All stars and planets have life. And we do not speak of “bacteria” life types. We speak of sentient life.

You were never alone on Earth. Higher dimensional beings, which in the ancient days were referred to as angels by the different civilizations, have walked the Earth for millions of years. And many still do now. For if it were not for their interventions and protection of Earth, your world would have been extinguished long ago. As you shift into the higher frequencies, these beings of pure light will reveal themselves to humanity, and welcome you all to the Galactic Community.

There are many humans who fear change. Many who wish to hang on to the old ways, because they just cannot grasp the thought or idea of complete peace and freedom. Being open to the universal truth of other civilizations existing on many planets and star systems. You must release the fear of new truths coming forward. For it will not matter if you’re a “pure blood”(unvaccinated), if you continue to cling onto the Satanic infused religious texts and dogmas, and remain in survival mode, filled with fear, you will find yourself on the same path and facing the same experiences as the those who have chosen to receive the nanotech injections. Fear is just as if not more lethal, and it will keep you in dark states.

For those of you who choose to move forward, to be a part of the new Earth, you are to experience paradise and beyond. You are to experience the life that was originally intended to be experienced here on this planet.

Millions of years ago in the stars existed a place known as The Garden of Edon, or the Garden of Love. This planet you know now as Earth is to be the second Garden of Edon. A place where beings of light from all areas of the Universe will meet, interact, share, and grow together.

Humanity’s awakening has sent reverberations throughout the galaxy and beyond. Your hope, your will, and strong belief in change for the better has surprised many civilizations across the galaxy, many of them were in doubt, and that it was almost impossible for a civilization which has fallen into a bottomless pit of darkness, to return, again, to the light. And now they are cheering you on, their joy has increased tenfold. Many of these light beings are just a few miles above Earth.

You are already noticing more sightings of their star crafts.

Many of these civilizations are your ancestors, your family. In the not too distant future, as they have done in the past, they will land on your beloved planet. Only this time they will not leave you. We will even take the risk of giving a time frame here. This grand reunion will take place within the next four years, or sooner.

You may not perceive them now, these light beings, but most certainly they are closer than they have ever been before. The moving “stars” you see in the sky are in fact your family’s light ships.

They watch over you, with the purest love. Many walk among you. Know that you are safe, your bright and prosperous future is guaranteed.

Hold your light now for it is needed in these times of great change. In the final stage of the upliftment. For as the illusion continues to dissolve, there may be a few bumps here and there. So we say to you bring out the god from within you, and shine your light on everything, and see it transform into the divine essence.

We promise you that you do not have long to go. You truly are on the threshold of a new reality. A new world of unity, filled with the highest light, and a world that is lead with love.

This is a time of celebrations. All the light to you dear ones!

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!

18 Replies to “The Future of Humanity and Earth”

  1. That

    The probability that graphene in the vaccine will be decomposed in the human body is 0. If the 5G technology is started, graphene will continue to delay the blood vessels of the vaccinators day after day, making people feel that life is worse than death. At present, the only solution I can think of is to replace my body.

  2. harrrrrie

    This is beautiful and wonderful and so needed. Thank you KejRaj and everyone who has made all the good and loving possible.

  3. Raksha

    “For it will not matter if you’re a “pure blood”(unvaccinated), if you continue to cling onto the Satanic infused religious texts and dogmas, and remain in survival mode, filled with fear, you will find yourself on the same path and facing the same experiences as the those who have chosen to receive the nanotech injections.”

    This is a very harsh statement (I am not jabed btw).
    I do hope (and I am pretty sure) that this is not so serious.
    I heard that the Galactics already took some measures to lessen the effects of the jab, I don’t know if it’s true. But if 80% of the people are doomed, than I would have a few words to say to the Galactics after this life (hopefully before that).

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Please take time to understand what is being conveyed here.

      There are way too many bragging about not being jabbed, while at the same time existing in fear of the worst outcome, at the same time waiting for a savior, waiting for god to punish the evil doers, while attending rituals in temples created by the same “evil doers.” And fearing that some demonic aliens might show up. It’s time to snap out of the amnesia and the old programming.

      Fear keeps one anchored in the lower realms, in this case the third dimension. Setting yourself up for unpleasant experiences. Fearing God is one of the things promoted most in religions. Because it keeps you further from God, closer to the dark ruled planes of existence.

      1. Raksha

        I knew I was inaccurate. I almost immediatly wanted to be more precise but decided to wait a bit. Your main point I totally agree with (first paragraphe of your answer). That being, that not being jabbed, is not all there is to “it”.

        My point was, that it seemed in your discourse that the jabbed ones have not much hope. Maybe I am over-interpreting, but that was my feeling. I did not mean any offense.

        1. EraOfLight Post author

          I understand. It is alright Raksha.

          If I were to fully express myself, as I have in the past, it has angered people, and that is not my desire. Simply few a truly ready for the truth.

          Many who still want to believe that all of humanity is ascending to 5D. This is not the case. So when someone comes along and says otherwise, those people get angry. That is why I say practice detachment.

          1. Raksha

            Yeah. And I am sorry, I am not so fluent in english, and often I am frustrated because I cannot be as accurate as I would wish.

            And yeah, I know it will not be a 100% harvest, but I sincerly hope that the jab is not a “no-go”. That would suck. There are plenty of confused but good-hearted people who took it.

            Also, I understand that you might get a lot of negative comments. I read most of the public comments so I can guess. My inital answer was really not “emotionally charged”. Again, I am at fault for my inaccuracy.

    2. Matthew

      Karma is probably worse for those who took the jab so they could more easily eat in restaurants or travel then for those who took it because they didn’t want to lose their job..

  4. Max

    Thanks for the message.

    It helps to confirm our own dreams and visions, which we have.

    I saw structures and the false matrix imploding. It was like a series of implosions.

    We will transcend and move to the 5D.

    It is all happening.

    Ignore the mainstream media — it pure drivel.

    1. Kazar

      Hey Max. This is a question for you and Kejraj. What artificial structures have collapsed. What specific part of the illusion is now down? I think it would be helpful to express that, rather than just speak in generalities. Thats been going on for a long time

  5. Susan

    Such an uplifting and inspiring message! So moving! Thank you for cheering us on!✨✨👍🕊🥰

  6. Dimitar Luneski

    Thank you KejRaj for these blessings and i love you and all the Cosmic beings from the botton of my heart~
    I love GOD

  7. HELP!!

    Already in 5D an altered-inoculated person could have benefits by activating his/her DNA from 22 chromosomes 2 strands to 24 chromosomes 12 strands. However, this will take much longer, I am talking about 7 years which is the personal time it takes to replace all the cells in the human body (and this is speculating as we have no data to support this at this time). However, the harmful effects of the inoculations will destroy the person’s body much sooner than 7 years, creating the inability to regenerate their DNA, even being in 5D.

    Another problem is that even if it is re-activated, who knows what is re-activated since the damage to the body’s DNA is all the body and all the DNA, creating for example the potential for serious alterations and birth defects in people having been brought into 5D by triggering unforeseen changes to the person’s DNA caused by the inoculations.
    Now 80% of people have been vaccinated, please think about it

    1. Auryan

      We are also in an energetic opening where ‘time’ is collapsing as a construct. It is now more possible and easier to live outside of time. So healing will be more spontaneous and not the linear version we currently buy into.