Divine Unions Complete Our Ascension

Powerful Divine Love, Union and Bliss waves are flooding into our Hearts and into the Crystalline Core and Grids. These super high frequency diamond plasma waves streaming in from the God Worlds and Source, open our Hearts and Minds ever wider open, with powerful clearings and upgrades to our DNA, Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody, continuing to build in power as the Supernova of The Heart Event is about to fully ignite our New Eden!

All as we OPEN OUR SACRED CRYSTAL HEARTS UP WIDE, TO the Love that we are, allowing the Cosmic Mother and Father to heal our wounds and traumas and clear any remaining limiting beliefs, fully from our and the Planetary Brain.

No matter whether you are already feeling the Bliss and Divine Love wave rolling in, undergoing a deeper purification, holding the zero point field of Divine Neutrality within the Still Point on behalf of ALL, or anything in between, know that you are exactly where you need to be in order to hold the Frequency bandwidth that is unique to you as part of the whole. So you can collapse your part of the Matrix Quantum Standing Wave function, into the Still Point of the Zero Point Field, which is unconditional, Divine Love.

There is no more time for the Forerunners anymore, as we have fully merged with our Eternal Self that is atONE with Source and ALL of Creation, where no-thing feels separate or like a threat to us anymore!!

Finally we’re FREE OF FEAR, which IS TRUE FREEDOM!

There’s a deeply healing Divine Cosmic Re-Union between the Masculine and Feminine Energies and principles, as well as within the Cosmic Monad, ALL the Soul Groups and Tribes completing, in this eternal now moment, that is flooding the field with an immense amount of pure TRUE DIVINE LOVE, HEALING ALL! It is as if the Divine Counterparts and the Cosmic Monad have already started the Celebrations and some of us have started to feel the Divine Love-bliss & Joy bubbling forth from within!

This pure True Divine Love that is arising and felt by the Divine Counterparts, is dissolving all remaining illusions of separation, all fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, nervousness, anxieties, shame, guilt, blame, resentments, defensiveness, sadness, grief, loss, traumas, wounds, and most importantly, our now UNIFIED HEART-MINDS ARE OPENING UP WIIIIIDE! All part of the Divine Union of the Triple Solar Divine Masculine and Feminine principles of Creation.

There’s a deep healing of our Central Nervous System, including chakra system, and physical, mental and emotional bodies taking place, as well as meridians and nadis, which are directly interconnected with the Planetary Grid system. It’s really our whole Morphogenetic field/ Divine Blueprint, which holds our new Androgenous Krystar SAphiRA, Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle, being fully healed and upgraded VERY quickly now! This is also interconnected with our ability to keep rising and up-levelling in multi-dimensional frequency bandwidths and all the clearings and upgrades that come with it, and therefore Consciousness, as we reach a level of perfect equilibrium and wellbeing!

This is what the QUANTUM PARADIGM SHIFT OF THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS & ONE MIND is all about & is reaching its full completion as THE COSMIC MONAD TRIGGERS THE COLLECTIVE AWAKENING through the 100 monkey effect. We’re already constantly upshifting in dimensional frequency bandwidth and Consciousness.


This doesn’t look like many of us expected it to look like. That’s why I was shown from the beginning on to hold onto my beliefs and any expectations very lightly, and keep embracing the uncertainty in childlike wonder, as we simultaneously continue to imagine and project out, the very best outcomes for everyOne!

What is taking place at the deepest level is truly us losing all fear from being our True Self, of being judged, condemned, rejected, demonized, abandoned and projected upon, or worst. We’ve fully healed our persecution wound, traumas, and all remaining illusions of separation held within our body, cellular memories and Consciousness. As the Core Cosmic Monad, so the Starseeds, do this, this goes out to the Collective, as this Quantum Shift completes fully, any moment now!


We are completing our healing and especially the long womb healing process which is coming to its full completion, also connected to us having healed our core Mother Wound and all illusions of separation that make us feel like we’re disconnected from Source and One another. This is also freeing up and igniting our creational energies, also part of the Kundalini rising, and extended Kee-Ra-Sha energy currents that stream the new Trinity Wave of the primal sound and light fields and waves, allowing us to run Rainbow Rounds throughout the Crystalline Grids which have been fully cleared and are ready for the final ignition!

The spiritual war is ultimately a war over Consciousness, which boils down to a war over belief systems and thought forms, which are the programs that the false Matrix simulation was based upon! This is the Consciousness that expresses through our genetics, our DNA that holds the instruction sets for our realities and acts as a film strip for the projections.

This whole Ascension and evolutionary journey is all truly about the purity we hold in our Hearts and Minds, and that ultimately means we’re free of judgements, that’s what is clearing out all of the inverted programming now, for us to complete our full ascend!

Judgements of others is what prevents people from being their True Self, which is what Soul fragmentation is really about, when we feel separate and reject parts of ourselves through judgement, which were taught/ given to us by others. It starts in childhood, when we’re told how, what and who to be, undergo a lot of programming and conditioning. I’ve been shown that our judgements is what ultimately keeps co-creating the very things/ people/ situations we’d rather not see, as we keep feeding them with our sacred life force energy and attention. No matter whether that’s greed, selfishness, anger, cognitive dissonance, addiction, crime, the government, cabal, fallen angelics and the various shadow aspects of THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, we feel separated from, it’s all part of the fragmented ONE Mind and Cosmic Monad, which has created a fragmented and dimensionally split Multiverse.

The things we judge in others and out there, are attributes we embody ourselves, just that we require a mirror to see the hidden parts of us better, and help us integrate, to come back together, unified as ONE with SOURCE and ALL of Creation. It’s those unacknowledged shadow parts that we deny, that get projected out onto the holographic screen, just dressed up a little different, in disguise of someone else, that which we can’t see the reflection of in our own suppressed self. Once the unconscious shadow self has been made conscious and alchemised, there’s no more of the old movie to be played out. We simply switch off the movie and fast forward to what we truly wish to experience and see on our holographic screen!

Us having full confidence in ourselves, our gifts, abilities, power, wisdom and gnosis, is us being truly at home, truly in Love with our True authentic Self, not the false ego stuck in the illusions of the Maya of the Mind, in the unreal.

You in Divine Love with your true authentic Self, is you fully healing your Divine Blueprint and with it Earth’s morphogenetic field, and that of the whole Cosmos, truly helping to heal ALL, as ALL IS TRULY ONE HEART-MIND, BODY & SOUL/ LOGOS!

**By Ramona Lappin