Archangel Metatron: The Universal Womb

Universal connection through the womb is not the only connection that humans have to each other and to the source of creation. All humans are created through mind, body and soul and are forever renewing your perceptions of yourselves in relation to the Earth, God and to each other. For some of you, renewal is easy because you are able to remember the love your mother felt for you before you were born and gave freely to you after your birth. You feel connected, protected and loved by your mother and a higher source, even if you do not name it as God. For many others, however, the love of your mother was never or rarely felt and your knowledge of what love is or feels like is sketchy at best. In this case it may be either extremely difficult to ever feel true love for your own children, let alone for yourself or a partner because it was not felt in the womb first.

The concept of universal connection is a difficult and complex one but its impact is far greater when it is magnified by either loving or malicious intent. The vibration of thoughts and feelings towards another human being can be mild if they are unintentional, but focused intent creates form and the creation of form brings action which will attract an equal reaction. The consequences, then, of life that is created through loving intention and then nurtured with equally loving intention will have a major impact on all persons in that family and will ripple out positively to the world. The vibrations of unconditional love held in the womb of the mother will also be held in the Universal Womb, holding the family close and allowing subsequent generations to know how it feels to love and nurture their own newborns. Similarly, those born into families or to mothers who conceived them through violence or with an absence of loving intent will only hold those vibrations in their own womb. Access to universal knowledge of how to feel love for a child will not be readily available to them because the feelings have never been felt by or shown to them. Thus it is that such people must be taught how to feel loved either by someone who learnt that feeling in the womb or from the Creator himself.

In healing the grief of feeling unloved, abandoned and rejected in the womb, any healing will be far more effective if the emotions are also healed and released from the Universal Womb at the same time. In the same way, any healing that deals with beliefs about self-worth in relation to God, religion or society must also be released from the human collective consciousness that holds all of the thoughts, opinions and judgements of countless societies around the Earth. In some cases a person will hold beliefs pertaining to other worlds and will therefore need a healing of their universal collective consciousness.

I AM AA Metatron.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


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  1. Jared

    babies have a hard time feeling love when they are getting genitals cut. keep foreskins safe! GESARA! medbeds!