Embracing the Changes

When we have gone thru dramatic changes it can feel overwhelming to take another step forward. In our human physical form we are conditioned to use what has occurred as a template for what will occur. As the templates are now dissolving there is no “template” with which to place before ourselves. This triggers the human logical mind which demands an outline that can be stepped into. This is the containment that we have worked hard to resolve and to release. Attempts at living this way are not supported and will work against us. We will feel a slight resistance and feel that we are being opposed.

Moving into sunlight may take us a moment to adjust to the light itself for we have been working in the dark for so long our eyes have simply become accustomed to this. So we are led into the field of sunflowers and we are asked to adjust to the change in temperature and SON LIGHT. For some of us it may feel a bit overwhelming and we may feel very vulnerable, we are fully supported by the Angelic Realms during this phase, they sit with us as we relearn how to walk and most importantly how to play. So dense is the frequency bandwidths of the old earth that often we simply get used to the weight that it pushed upon us. When this is released it may take a while to adjust to moving and feeling safe whilst doing so.

This phase is phase 3 and is slightly slower than phase two for this very reason. We are stepping forward but we are doing so on EXPANDED LEVELS, so whilst in the old earth we stepped forward in 3 dimensions, when we step forward now we are moving forward in many dimensions at once. This sees depth to our human life experience and we must adjust to walking in this way. Outcomes will appear FASTER at this level due to the affect being in more than the 3 dimensions from which we began.


As we prepare to align more fully with the next Phase of our journey we will find there are moments where we require to download deep and expansion information. This will see a few things occur that we require to let wash over us as we simply let go and allow the frequency to move thru, around and within us.

This is an intense opening and we require to give it our full attention, indeed at times it will not be possible to multi task and simply get on with everything at once, when the universe speaks we are required to listen and to understand that as we communicate at these levels it will get EASIER. Like many who began their interactions with the races and realms during phase one and beyond are aware, once we understand the key is LETTING GO completely it becomes like breathing. Then we no longer need to go into “trance” or any “altered states” as we simply align and communicate at an everyday waking life experience level.

Evolution is the process that is now kick started fully and we must simply allow the interactions to flow. The ability to digest complex and expansive information comes naturally during this phase of the process, we must however be open to challenging that which is accepted by humanity and which is at times vehemently defended. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE.

**By Karen Doonan