The Telosians: The Ego Makes You Sick

We greet you dear children of the Earth. It is important to know that this year that you have just started is going to be the year of Purification. What do we mean by that? We want to speak to you first of all about your own cleansing. We explain:

It may be that from time immemorial or more recently, you have had recurring pain in your body. No matter how much you try this or that treatment, it doesn’t have much effect, so you despair that you don’t understand what is going on.

“How I would like to live in a physical body without pain, I would like so much to know the lightness of the physical body, to feel happy in it etc… “.

How often do we hear these phrases there! Very often… too often, we will say.

Indeed, we, in the places where we live, we know how to suppress the pain, we know how we can live in a light, airy body. For that there is only one miracle and it is in you, we have already told you.

When you have a pain, or something that oppresses you, if you have negative thoughts etc., don’t blame the other person in front of you, just be honest with yourself and say: “But what does this person in front of me create for me? What does the exasperating presence of my brother, my sister etc. create for me?

Only in this way will you become honest with yourself, even if it hurts your ego. Yes, the ego is often the cause of all the pain in your body, it is the cause of conflicts because, out of pride, nobody wants to let go and wants to be sure of what he says etc… Your ego makes you sick, very sick, that is why there is so much duality on Earth whether in families, at work or at the level of governments.

So learn to let go of your ego by focusing honestly on yourself. Try to understand why you hate this person, why this other person annoys you, why you are jealous of another and so on.

We will tell you that it takes a lot of honesty and humility to stop blaming the other person in front of you for all your problems. There may have been a problem in your life with this person, but the feeling you are experiencing that is creating your pain belongs to you, ONLY YOU. The other person in front of you is not responsible for the feeling that creates your pain; you created it yourself.

We know that by saying this, we are going to make many of you jump up and down and say, “Yes, but if I feel this way, it is because of him or her. We agree that at the root of your pain there was an altercation or something else; but who created this feeling in you that is creating pain and eating you up? It is you, only you.

This is why, at this time, a large number of humans will find themselves confronted with increasing pain, increasing discomfort, etc. All of this is necessary in order to lead you to what we have been talking about for a long time and which is arriving in a great acceleration: the New Earth. We have already told you that you are in the transition phase between the third and the fifth dimension. IT IS IMPORTANT TO LET GO of everything because you risk suffering more if you hold grudges, anger, jealousy and all the heavy and painful feelings that you know on your planet but that make you unhappy.

So why continue to remain unhappy? Choose to live happily!

But for that you are asked to “work” on understanding your pain, your unhappiness. You are asked to let go of all the negative feelings that we have just mentioned above. It is very important now to be honest with yourself and with others by realizing with humility that it is you who create your suffering.

Some of you who will read this message will have understood what we mean, but we know that the ego of other humans is so strong that they will not want to “stoop” to acknowledge their responsibility.

We say to them: if you cannot clarify the meaning of your physical or moral suffering, it will come a little later or in the next life.

Dear children of the Earth, you are going to be shaken during this new year, not only in your innermost being but also in your countries and continents. You will be forced to face honesty and humility, it is a delicate learning process for a human being, but you will get there, we confirm it.

Have confidence in your divine force within you, it brings you Peace, Serenity but for that we repeat it once again, go and meet it in the depths of your being through moments of introspection and meditation.

We accompany you with great Love.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation into English by


5 Replies to “The Telosians: The Ego Makes You Sick”

  1. vaarrr

    These is not ego
    these are your guardian angels
    guide you
    train your perception of it

  2. Kris

    Beautiful 🥰 It feels good knowing I am the source of my own pain and suffering because it means I have the power to transmute it. Very helpful message ❤️

  3. simply4truth

    Man darf sein Ego nicht verlassen. Es kommt darauf an, wie man damit umgeht? Das gänzliche Verlassen des EGO, auch Selbstbewußtsein, wird
    Niemanden helfen. Also angemessen ist das Ego, Selbstbewusstsein niemals zum persönlichen Schaden. Eben es kommt darauf an, wie man sein eigenes Bewusstsein für sich beansprucht.

  4. Michele Ramsey

    I have been doing a lot of introspection lately. What is it in me that I need to release and it is working! Ask and you shall receive! Peace and 💕