Sananda: Activating the Christ Energy

I open the path of enlightenment so that everything can flow in from a higher love, unfold the higher part in yourself and ascend.

The Christ consciousness becomes active and the feminine Christine will merge into the unity of joy. Higher and higher the energies vibrate and they open to proclaim the new. A deeper layer is opened in man’s consciousness and the Divine life source overflows with love and activates the chakras so that the manna can be received to enrich the soul. The physical will become feather light and open the mind for spiritual awakening.

Reset Head

The head will receive a reset so that it can connect to the new energy of liberation. The Christ energy is connected to the Divine Source and opens the human heart, intuition begins to speak from a deeper truth. The love of the Christ consciousness will begin to flow and many make the great leap into the new world of oneness. The angels descend to earth to lift man into exaltation.

The shadow of pain wants to weigh them down, but the higher light world will intervene directly to raise the light vibration. They are lifted upward into the frequency of oneness.

The sun has touched the earth in its crystalline core and from the earth a higher energy is now rising upward, preparing humanity. The new knowledge is entering you and the codes of light are opening. These sacred codes are contained within the higher self and when your higher layer becomes active they come alive.


The shift of the old and new timelines become more stable at the end of this year, they find their new position in this great reversal. The old and new are getting further and further apart as the differences become too great.

The parts of the old earth that have become enlightened will join the renewal. The old sacred knowledge will surface and renew itself. Many memories will open up and be purified.


Many starseeds are being raised in their frequency and invited onto Light Vessels such as the “New Jerusalem. Divine love resonates in these light vehicles. The Activations of the Christ Energy that the starseeds will receive are opened through the cosmic DNA. Not everyone remembers this particular experience, the transition can sometimes be too great and peace is what is sought.


Many starseeds are approached by the crystalline lightships and receive an upload so that the crystalline body can become active. The higher crystalline part will descend and connect with the heart, so that the lower human part can be transformed and released.

The effects can be felt in the physical body and there may be some temporary confusion or an increase in physical complaints. This reset is a special form of transition in which the old can be quickly released. The awareness of time changes and the timeline on which one walks is sometimes shorter and sometimes longer, everything changes. Experiences become so special that the gifts from a higher dimension will open up and this brings some fatigue, because the mind and psyche have to process all this. Therefore, the advice is to take it easy and take space to integrate all this, because the new experiences may be understood and that takes time.


Many star seeds carry a unique blueprint that activates the earth codes. The original blueprint is about to manifest through a new crystalline connection. The call to share this information is important, for the starseeds can activate others through their light codes, creating a higher collective consciousness.


The trainings in the Lightships are progressing and later the starlight beings will walk beside you. Many Lightworkers will receive a clear signal and spontaneously change course.


Young adults who awaken from their heaviness are absorbed by the light as they sleep. They are immediately placed in a higher frequency, giving them hope again. The path changes significantly; Christ consciousness will open in them as well. Those who have fallen into a lower state will rise again. People will come into their path to help them.


The Christ energy will rise and provide a new pathway, addressing the shadow fields. Some traumas are deep and intense, this creates a kind of shift in the dimensions of the mind. Innerly, so much happens then that it is barely comprehensible. The aura is cleansed and this creates a physical relief of energy. Joy comes along, to ease the shadow pain that opens up.

A new Divine Plan is accomplished and begins to unfold

This intervention from the higher light is a necessity and can only occur when the supreme Divine Primal Source shines its light upon the earth. This new plan will lift up the earth and the new butterflies will come hesitantly out of their old cocoon, to visit the new world they manifested in the dreamtime. They know that the parallel worlds are coming together in one point of light.

Some souls may receive some knowledge before they can ascend and fly. The light world is ready to pass on the lessons and activate the cosmic knowledge. Your lower part receives the wings of a higher being and this has been within you for a long time. Free the higher part from the heaviness and dissolve the trauma that passes, for then ascension can begin.


The political powers go on to the extreme, they know deep down that a turning point is coming. Their own world of possession is about to collapse and the change within them becomes the turning point. Some are waking up and want to enter the change. The starlight beings have regular conversations with those in power and they are ready to lead them into the light, for the new leadership starts from equality….

Negative and positive come together in the light of unity so that everything can evolve into what humans want to manifest. Thoughts are forces, make them part of the new earth where love will abound and together create this path of joy.

Send a smile to the old and embrace the new….

I greet the Light in your heart.


**Channel: Arthura Hector

**Translation into English by


5 Replies to “Sananda: Activating the Christ Energy”

  1. Arnaud

    I feel the same feeling when I read the word christ. the feeling of being in church and hearing the priest talking.

  2. Marilyn

    Christ is the Light of God which is the Love of God. There is truth in the Bible you have to Trust it and use Faith to know Truth. Christ has always point to Love of the Father and His truth. Have Great Faith which is Trust to know the truth. God Bless you in your journey of Love and Light which is Christ which is Love which is Sananda!!

    1. Saphire

      Sorry Marilyn, that’s buying into the lie that I’m not good enough to connect with God-Goddess-Creator on my own. I don’t need a middle man. The bible is a book compiled by humans who created a religion. Love, Light and Truth to all

      1. popgoestheweazle

        Make no mistake Saphire but one CAN’T make that connection “all alone”, just like it takes A KEY to open a locked door. If religion/the bible is not your cup of tea doesn’t mean it doesn’t work AS A KEY for others.

        [It’s not my cup of tea either… I’m rather seeing/getting//perceiving everything from “A GAME”s perspective, from where “I AM THE KEY” that ultimately we all are/MUST BE, right? But I have zero doubt that “Jesus&Co. work”, just as all other beliefsystems do… 😘]

  3. Saphire

    I need an explanation to Christ consciousness ,, Christ energy. I connect those phases with the religious word christ. ?? As a person that has closed the door on human created religion and its stories and lies, this doesn’t make sense, the message makes no sense, I don’t want to have the mind of christ! That sounds like the BS I use to hear in church! I embraced new age – metaphysical tradition to learn the truth and get away from all the lies.