Hakann: On Paedophilia

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Today I would like to answer the following reader question:

Question: What is paedophilia?
Is nature or (lack of)nurture part of it?
Is it the soul needing this experience?
Is it a lack of certain enzymes, proteins, ..? during inception?
As ideologies now go into ideas that age is transitional (a 40 year old may feel and act as a 19 year old and a 10 year old may be feeling 19, hence they can be in a sexual relationship), so many things around paedophelia get even more muddled.

Answer: Thank you for this very important question.

First of all, needless to say, paedophilia is a bad thing. It is harmful to the child. Do not engage in it. Some paedophiles have suffered themselves, but that does not mean that they get to harm others.

If someone would feel that they would grow from engaging in paedophilia on a soul level, even then it is not justified, because it harms the child. Children cannot consent to something like this. You do not get to harm others just because you feel it would help you personally on a soul level.

There is a strong body – mind connection, far stronger than most people realize. Very few conditions are purely physical or purely emotional. Like most things, paedophilia has both a physical and an emotional component. However, because the bio-chemistry is not that useful to an average person, I will be discussing the emotional dimensions of paedophilia.

Paedophilia can actually come from several different things. One is that the person is emotionally much younger than their physical age. Hence they feel drawn to children who are also emotionally younger. This is not a very common reason and of course, this still does not justify paedophilia because that harms the child.

Another reason that someone feels paedophilic urges is that the person did not get to experience a happy nurturing childhood, and possibly they had to grow up way too quickly. Hence as adults they are drawn to the innocence of a child, because they never got to experience a proper and happy nurturing childhood. This is probably the most common reason for paedophilia.

A third possible reason is that the person is simply evil and is possibly working with demons, and he wishes to violate and destroy that which is innocent and indeed sacred, namely children. Or certain organizations force the person to engage in paedophilia before he or she is allowed to reach top positions, and then that is secretly filmed and is used as blackmail material against the person later, to force him or her to do as the dark controllers wish.

A fourth possibility is that the person was raped by an adult as a child, and once the person grows up they perpetuate that cycle of violence. Hurt people hurt people, unfortunately. By molesting a child, the person can temporarily soothe their own feeling of powerlessness that they felt when they were molested.

The majority of paedophiles have suffered themselves. Again I do not condone acts of pedophilia, but as always, I advocate for unconditionally loving everyone, no matter what, and only condemning certain actions. So I love the paedophile, just as I love literally everyone, while I oppose acts of paedophilia. That is what it means to love unconditionally.

The majority of people who feel sexual attraction towards children do not engage in those acts, fortunately. Those paedophiles who have those feelings and do not act on them are actually brave and worthy of praise, in my eyes, because they are choosing the well-being of another over their own pleasure or their own pain relief. They can’t help that they have feelings of paedophilia, but they are doing what they can to not harm others, while getting very little support or empathy or understanding from society. To me, this is worthy of praise and respect.

So, what is the ultimate solution to paedophilia? Well, if a person is wilfully evil, then the solution is locking them up or tracking them every hour of the day or the death penalty. However, if the person is a paedophile because of past trauma and also genuinely wishes to heal, then the solution is for them to directly work on healing their trauma, and after that, nurturing and reconnecting with their own inner child. This might mean doing coloring in a coloring book, or playing with balloons, or having stuffed animals, or something like that.

In an ideal world, paedophiles would absolutely be stopped from molesting children, but they would also receive love and understanding and access to healers if they wished to work on themselves. Yes, some paedophiles actually can get over the feelings and urges that they have, but they do need to want to heal and most likely they will likely need the support and help from a skilled and open-minded healer. After all, people who have paedophilic urges but who do not act on them, are not actually doing anything wrong, and they deserve a helping hand as much as everyone deserves a helping hand.

I hope this message was helpful. To be perfectly clear: nothing that I said here undermines the fact that people should not molest children. Children should absolutely be protected from those adults who would molest them.

I will leave you today with all my love, respect and well-wishes.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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34 Replies to “Hakann: On Paedophilia”

  1. scotth9510

    Hi a.s. and hakaan I’ve been thinking about what is known as incest whether it’s straight or gay and regardless of who does it to who and just curious if the galactics and the divine view it differently or in the same context as pedophilia even if there’s no abuse or anything bad. Just like if it was a slightly different type of relationship that we normally would think it’s ok thanks. P.s. I’m not interested in hearing any crap from anyone on here thank you

  2. Sebart

    Thank you Hakan and channeler AS for all your loving messages. I send you love from here as well.
    I have a question regarding the point of interest in your previous message about a previous life cosmic family.
    Assuming that I am fortunate enough to meet such a galactic family in the future, how would it be possible for us to resume our relationship? And if it were possible, how would I be able to prove that they were my true family? And are there any methods or procedures to safely reunite them?
    I would appreciate it if you could tell me. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Zuzana

    Dear Hakann and Tunia, and A.S., thank you for all the information and care, and not avoiding difficult topics or unpopular perspectives. Really appreciate this. Love Zuzana

  4. Neil

    There can be no truly legitimate discussion about pedophilia without first discussing the anti-Christ forces behind these abominations and the energetic/spiritual component which is the driving force behind these abysmal aberrations. This is just the tip of an ugly iceberg which will ultimately lead to horrific disclosure regarding the systematic abuse, enslavement, and trafficking of children both on world and off. Surely a benevolent, advanced ET would be aware of this and at least share the basic facts and principles behind these things happening right under our noses? Are we not adults? I believe we CAN handle the truth.
    In simple terms, it mainly all boils down to energy (loosh) harvesting through the parasitation of divine energetic structures. And where does the most pure divine human energy exist on Earth? In the child. Are all abusers aware of the higher energetic consequences and/or involved in ritual trauma-based torture? Of course not.
    But the voices that they hear encouraging their harmful behavior most certainly are aware. Lisa Renee at Energetic Synthesis takes some deep dives into these tough subjects if some of you here are tired of this controlled narrative and endless fluff and butter chanellings.

    1. undercoveranbu

      High jacking your comment here a bit Neil.

      The reality of us being able to ‘handle the truth’ in that area does not equal being able to productively mitigate the issue at hand.

      Are you going to storm these places and liberate the children? People currently are struggling with just managing the basics like how to feed, house and secure a stable certain future.

      Bringing THAT topic onto the table will do us no good at this point, because currently we are incapable of dealing with the basics well LET ALONE a heavy and extremely deep that issue goes.

      I understand your eagerness to address this serious issue but it isn’t something humanity is ready for yet, in due time this will be addressed on a larger scale.


      To those below that have reacted strongly in a negative way to Hakann’s post.

      Understand that approaching ANY topic without empathy and understanding at a deeper level will lead only to more issues.

      There is a reason why Source takes the act of UNCREATING seriously.

      Let me ask you this, when did the death penalty ever deter people from committing evil things?

      If it worked so well as a deterrent then all serious crimes would have stopped after it was introduced, hasn’t has it?

      By killing something you forfeit the ability to understand and influence it and in turn others like it.

      You can only understand something truly if you approach it with an open mind and some empathy, even if you may not like it, that is the only productive path forward.

      Anyone who screams for the death penalty for such things is simply kicking the can further down the road and giving themselves a pat on the back for ‘fixing the problem’.

      Why not kill drug dealers, they cause plenty of deaths, or drunk drivers to kill people? If you can’t apply your reasoning consistently to all factors of life, then you should re-assess it.

      Hakann, I apologize for the disrespect you receive sometimes from us Earthlings. I thank you for trying to talk to us about difficult topics, even if we aren’t all ready for the conversation yet.

      Clearly we still have a long way to go.

      I owe you that drink still, one day.

      1. popgoestheweazle

        Lol… you are so funny dear undercoveranbu… YOUR comment is so much more disrespectful than what you’re apologizing for…

        MIGHT have to do with what one sees in others is merely a refle… 🥱🥱🥱

        Yet not harm done… not even worth mentioning actually 😂😂😂

  5. sea

    What an unGodly bunch of excuses – “I do not condone acts of pedophilia, but…” But? and there it is. ‘but’ negates the previous statement, there are NO buts AND your intentions are clear, to normalize this heinous act. totally disgusting to say and even more so to post.

    1. Goofy McGawrsh


      What an unGODLY amount of cognitive dissonance – “Again I do not condone -acts of pedophilia, but”

      Yeah, pretty much you can ignore what was said before the word “but”. The thing is, you seem to forgot to read the words after the word “but” so let me quote them for you:

      “as always, I advocate for unconditionally loving everyone, no matter what, and only condemning certain actions. So I love the paedophile, just as I love literally everyone, WHILE I OPPOSE ACTS OF PAEDOPHILIA. That is what it means to love unconditionally.”

      Gawrsh it’s so funny how so many of you “love and lighters” and “allies of justice” just won’t hesitate to become the very thing you are trying to destroy, eh?

      It’s so funny how so many of you just keep tunnel-visioning on something, completely losing your minds and inner peace, letting yourselves become blinded by anger and hatred to an aspect of yourselves, further perpetuating the cycle of hatred and revenge like no one’s business.

      Not realizing in their pursuit of justice coming from a place of unconditional anger and hatred, they are becoming part of the problem themselves.

      What a show; bunch of interesting characters, huh. *slow clap*

      1. Paladin

        You seem to be full of ego for someone so full of love, ego and anger for anyone who doesn’t fit your notions of highly advanced spiritual enlightenment.

        Please forgive those of us that are so spiritually inferior to yourself.

        But, I think you’ll just continue your incoherent ranting and ridicule.

        1. The Chariot


          *”Do you not realize that “Unconditional Love” doesn’t mean being foolishly being soft and gentle to criminals and enabling them, and instead signifies that you must take action to prevent them from causing further harm to others and themselves in a calm, yet powerful manner like a Martial Arts master and not perpetuating the cycle of hatred by vanquishing/disabling them while maintaining inner peace without hatred and anger, instead of vanquishing them WITH hatred and anger?”

          Yeah ESL and all that. But it would be nice of you to answer my questions above.

          For me, that Goofy impersonator is just calling you people out for such poor judgment and behavior while eschewing basic spiritual concepts like worthless trash so you can stroke your ego without thinking too much about it.

          1. Paladin

            I make no claim to a spiritual master on the verge of attaining my rainbow body.

            I simply maintain there can be no other policy than execution for Pedophiles.

        2. The Chariot

          Questions to Paladin (and to others who reacted negatively) p.1:

          1. Excuse me sir, what part the comment of that Goofy impersonator is incoherent for you?

          Though it might be just me but I understand where they are coming from. Apologies if perhaps it means I’m more “spiritually advanced” than anyone else and is “full of ego” because of it, but from my perspective, what Goofy is saying does make sense.

          2. Did you even read their comments and replies to you at all?

          Because for me any people with basic english understanding can comprehend what they are saying and where they are coming from.

          3. Do you, kind sir, understand basic spiritual concepts such as everyone being individuals while still being part of the whole, a.k.a. Individual Expressions of Source, and that includes the abused children, the criminals, the innocents and those who seek justice?

          4. Do you honestly believe you’re an individual separated from the collective and what you do to others you do not do to yourself?

          5. Hence you so easily wish ill of other people, even after they incarnate (as a child no less) just because they did something, instead of eliminating/disabling them in a calm, surgical manner so they are prevented from further harming others (which are also themselves) and helping them heal while maintaining your Inner Peace and not perpetuating the cycle of hatred, anger and revenge?

          6. Do you not realize the concept that fundamentally at a soul-level you are also the abused children, the abuser, the law enforcer, all at the same time?

          7. Take what undercoveranbu said a few comments above: do you not realize that your approach of ‘an eye for an eye’ only “kicks the can” further down the road and then patting yourselves in the back for “solving the problem”, while not realizing how egotistic that is?

        3. The Chariot

          8. Do you not realize that “Unconditional Love” doesn’t mean being foolishly being soft and gentle to criminals and enabling them, and instead signifies that you must take action to prevent them from causing further harm to others and themselves in a calm, yet powerful manner like a Martial Arts master and not perpetuating the cycle of hatred by vanquishing them with hatred, instead of vanquishing them while maintaining inner peace without hatred and anger?

          9. Did you try putting yourself in the place of the pedophile or criminal before issuing your “justice” statements below? Were you the criminal, would you like people to brutalize you lifetime after lifetime even if you incarnate as a baby in your new life (because everyone is a baby at some point, no escaping it), or do you want to be stopped from harming others or yourself by a calm and collected powerful warrior without hatred and taking great care not to cause you too much pain and suffering while vanquishing/disabling you and helping you heal afterwards?

          10.Do you not realize that in your previous lifetimes, there’s a high possibility you yourself was also a criminal and done atrocious things to innocent people?

          11. Lastly, do you not realize that ranting on the internet about what you want to happen to criminals does NOTHING to actually help real, actual children being captive by the criminals and also help the criminals heal and preventing them from causing further harm to others and themselves?

          Would really like to know where people like you are coming from.

          Because I don’t think people like you who wish such brutality on others are any better than the brutal criminals themselves, you just switched “brandings” but still basically the same breed. Or perhaps you people are too blinded by egotism, perhaps even god complex, and most prominently: anger and hatred, to realize that you’re becoming the very thing you’re trying to destroy.

          1. Paladin

            I think Goofy is your sock puppet, or maybe you are his. I have no intention of answering your essay. As I have simply stated and put forth, Pedophiles and child killers (Pedovores) are to be put to death. Make of it what you will and disagree all you want, I simply don’t care.

            Bring back Goofy for some more inane babbling.

        4. The Chariot

          Well, peace be with you, sir. No matter the case, you will ascend either way, one way or another, despite whatever beliefs you hold on to.

          Whatever floats your boat… or sinks it, as they say.

          Still if you want to ponder upon something, then do take the time to ponder upon my questions, perhaps it can benefit you in the long run and accelerate your progress, if at least being an actual decent human being to start with.

          1. Paladin

            Chariot, if I have to have compassion and love for Pedophiles and not want them to be executed to meet your standard of a decent human then call me indecent.

            Do you have any children?

            I don’t think you do, because if you did, and you knew these monsters were waiting for their opportunity to molest, kill or cannibalize your own child you would not claim to love them.

            I do have children. I know how wonderful it is to hold your child in your arms, play ball with them, take them fishing or read them a story. You love them more than anything, not the monsters seeking to destroy them.

            Even so, I have not called for them to be tortured to death or burned at the stake as you seem to think, just a quick death to remove them to make children safe, and for justice to be served.

            It’s all I have to say on the subject.

        5. The Chariot

          Now you’re back-pedaling Paladin; a massive contrast from your previous hate-filled rant a few posts below.

          I’ll clarify it again for you: love (unconditional) and compassion towards malevolent individuals DOESN’T equate to enabling them and letting them do their thing; it’s stopping them from doing further harm to themselves and to others, be it by disabling them, vanquishing or even ending them outright.

          All without hatred and anger behind your actions; only DUTY and CONCENTRATION, because you must never forget that those criminals are also an aspect of you, along with their victims being also an aspect of you.

          I suggest to drill the concept of “we are all one” into your mind, for as long as you make decisions and take actions that are fueled with revenge, hatred and anger and various negativities, you WILL perpetuate that cycle and it will never end: a hell of your own making.

          A surgeon wouldn’t angrily hack away at the cancerous tumor of a patient during operation because of the suffering it was causing the patient; only precision, calmness, concentration and inner peace while performing their duty is all that is required.

          Defend and protect yourselves and those you care about, defeat your enemies without any hatred; just “unconditional love” to help them by stopping them from committing more atrocities to themselves and others.

          How difficult is that to understand?

          1. Paladin

            You are the poster formely known as “Always Light” or as you came to be known as “Always Right”. These are your typical tactics: put words in people’s mouth, change the context of what they said, prevaricate, lie, disingenuous etc. You’re most defining characteristic is accusing others of what you yourself are doing. Remember how you just devolved into calling people names, Always Right? Always Right, the man with fast track to 5D because he is so far elevated above others, those little people that are spiritually retarded.

            Show me where I back peddled. In my first post I said Pedophiles are to be executed nothing more. I did not rant about how I hate them….that’s you doing your transparent weasel wording, trying to rephrase what was said or just completely lie about what I said. Another favorite thing of yours is to read people’s minds or the “energy” of what they wrote to imply something different from what they actually said.

            You once again came looking for an argument that you generate with your your semantics and lies and distotions spewing from your mouth.

            I don’t pretend to love everyone. Yes I hate Pedophiles. I hate the government. I hate Hollywood and the MSM. I loathe Trump. I hate doctors. And I loathe you, Always Right.

            That about sums it up.

            Should I just run my thoughts by you before I express them oh high and mighty spiritual master?

            Why do you have a sock puppet, Always Right?

        6. The Chariot

          Can’t see where you back-pedalled from your newer posts to previous ones?

          Then it would do you good to reread your previous posts down below along with your grandoise egotistic statements about making someone suffer lifetime after lifetime.

          You’re so deep in your hatred and ego, you can’t even see anymore.

          I suppose have fun loathing everyone and may peace be with you on that path.

          1. Paladin

            Once again the judge of everyone else, Always Right. And you are deliberately distorting and lying, as is your way, about my statement about 1000 life times. I did not condemn them to being executed 1000 times. If reincarnation is true, and some soul keeps coming back as a Pedophile, eventually they will learn this is a bad idea, that was the intent of what I said and you know it.

            And if it is true that we just play a game as immortal souls and play the part of a Pedophile in one lifetime and a good and kind man in the next, then the dark side is right, there are no moral absolutes, do as though wilt is correct, it’s all just a game. No one is good or bad we are just playing a game hey Always Right?

            What bad things have you done in this lifetime Always Right, that you feel the need to run cover for Pedophiles?

  6. Andrew

    there is so much of this in the collective. Yes they deserve a certain degree of care if it is the case that they were traumatized themselves and wish to heal. but that doesn’t eliminate the threat to our children. It should all be about protecting the children. They deserve so much better than this current situation we’re in.
    There is tons and tons of collective trauma that is floating around in the collective surrounding this topic.

  7. Paladin

    First off, we don’t need an explanation of what Pedophilia is, it is explicitly self evident. Secondly, there is no mitigation that excuses this behavior. Pedophilia should be punished by death. If we are on this never ending exchange of one life for another then they consented to being purely evil and wanted to know what being hanged or shot in the head felt like.

    I’d say the 3rd explanation for this behavior is what is really going on. It is moral relativism, or “do as though wilt” and the Luciferian ideal that there are no objective and universal rights or wrongs just ones own subjective ideals based on what brings them pleasure no matter how horrific.

    No forgiveness for Pedophiles. No BS about their bad childhood or mean daddy as their excuse. Execution swiftly and justice served. Let the Pedophiles be executed in a thousand lifetimes till they learn that death is all they will learn.

    Not everyone is worthy of love. This is a destructive case of weaponized altruism, which the darkness has been using against us. Keep your love for evil on your spaceship Hakann.

    1. WK

      Somebody asked, and they answered. Perfectly simple(!)
      I, for one, am not part of your “We” (whoever they are)…

    2. Goofy McGawrsh

      Gawrsh, so much ANGER and HATRED on this one for your co-fractals eh?

      You seem to be one of those people who can’t bring themselves to dispose of and vanquish malevolent individuals without being apeshit about it all the while misinterpreting “love” with lovey-dovey rainbows unicorns energy all around instead of actually exhibiting unconditional love and compassion for these hurt individuals by eliminating them, or at least disabling and preventing them from causing further harm to others in the most painless, swift, surgical way possible and with as little suffering for them as possible.

      Gawrsh, gotta love “an eye for an eye” approach on “yourself” eh? Fat lot of good that’s gonna do to the perpetuation of the cycle of revenge and hatred. *slow clap*

      Lotta peeps keep misinterpreting a lot of things; the moment someone says something about controversial stuff, they always have their anger and hatred and “an eye for an eye” approach at the ready, pitchforks raging with anger, hatred and revenge and just outright flushing the concept of “we are all one” in the toilet, sheesh.

      It’s like you folks can’t even do your job properly of protecting vulnerable individuals and vanquishing/incapacitating/disabling the malevolent ones without having to power up yourselves with the same negative energies you’re fighting against. SMH my head.

    3. Goofy McGawrsh

      Oh, secondly I also found what you said quite amusing:

      ” Let the Pedophiles be executed in a thousand lifetimes till they learn that death is all they will learn.”

      PFFFT HAHAHA! Gawrshdang, I sure hope you realize what you’re saying can also be interpreted as cursing at these aspect of yours you hate so much, so that they themselves, after they incarnated as a child, would suffer horrible things as well eh. I can’t believe you have the heart to wish ill for a child.

      See folks? This is what letting anger and hatred go out of control can get you, you start to not care of the fact that the Soul is eternal, and everyone becomes automatically free from guilt after they start over as a clean slate after incarnating in a new human body.

      While such atrocious acts in their previous lives is a stain in of itself on their soul, you gotta rethink your moral code if you wish a thousand deaths and suffering to a child just because it has a soul that was a pedophile or atrocious criminal in its previous life.

      Sheesh, insane what can happen if you let anger and hatred control you, huh. Laughable for a bunch of “love and lighters” and “allies of justice” out there.

  8. Tylette crosby

    It’s lot of. Them. On. This. Planet. They. Need to be. Remove From this. Planet all over the. World It. Is evil and you know. It They. Must be. Remove

  9. Jared

    it is certainly more than enzymes ha!
    and we know epstein didn’t suicide he was murdered.
    even psychos in prison know pedophilia is bad
    and 99% chance a hardcore pedophiliac in prison will be murdered if it is known what they did
    i hope the epstein list is revealed now and justice is served for all beings amen
    pedophilism and pedovorism is the worst things you can do
    along with enslaving humanity through the federal reserve and central banking system and genociding everyone with covid injections
    and lying to everyone with the media
    that’s the worst crimes.
    justice now amen