Ming~Gatao: Precipice of Change

Humanity has taken the long and windy path within the shades of green trees and on barren lands with stony roads. The path seems long for you are seeing with your own feet and their perspective. You are seeing that which is measured in physical distances through the human mind. These standards no longer quantify and align with the quantum perspective which is continually moving, changing, morphing, expanding, growing. The path that humanity is trodding in this moment of your now seems bleak, rocky with few waterfalls and no spots for rest. And yet, we urge you, to do so. To rest. To see the beauty of what is to come so that you can create it, breathe it, become it. Many pebbles make rough stone under feet.

I Ming~Gatao am with you this evening on the precipice of change. It is as if you can hear the roar of a mighty beast or a loud river. You can hear the noise. And you wonder what is on your path. Great change is on your path, friends of the way. Your path is your way. (I am seeing beautiful green mountains intermixed with green landscapes and rocky terrain that would be hard to travel on foot. I am seeing pagodas and bamboo sandals and dirty feet.) Yes, galaxygirl, the path is not always a smooth one, nor is it always a clean one. In my time in ancient China I was am empress. I am not mentioned in your history books for that was before women were thought worthy of mentioning. It was a world of men. Of war. The divine feminine has been suppressed. Gaia will return to her state of green glory. The divine feminine will help heal it. I am showing you muddy paths for that is how many of you are feeling. The 2/22/2023 energies have been exhausting for many Lightworkers and many are worried of the state of your world. In every era there is the worry of the dominance, the threat of war. Gaia has known little peace. There are eras of peace but in the scheme of a planetary life much war and pain has been birthed and died on this planetary body.

I Ming~Gatao am speaking tonight as I bring with me the energies of your ancestors. I am an aspect of this one’s former journey. You have all been many things, many people and in many places. It is time to tune into these multidimensional components of self so that you can be strengthened in the coming days and reawakened and aware of your former glories and powers. The human power is a mighty tree, unfettered, unbroken. With deep roots it is not easily shaken. But they will try to shake you. You will feel the wind, you will hear the rushing rivers. They are sounds of your environment. Your inner garden must be a peaceful place for your soul to find solace. I am showing this one a beautiful ancient garden. In my time although nature surrounded us and we were more one with it than you are now, there was still a separation and a desire to control it. Although the gardens in my palace were well maintained and structured, I enjoyed the wildness of it and I always told the gardeners to not cut it back so much, to let the mother stretch her arms, let the flowers stretch towards the sun. Scatter the pebbles to create interesting wayward paths so that the mind can ruminate as the body walks.

There is so much structure in your modern lives. This one was reading about the proposed 15 minute cities that those who wish to dominate the garden by killing it, in their will to control the flowers. You are strong. This will not happen in this version of earth. Those that wish for more totalitarian adventures will find it elsewhere. For it will always be there for those who seek it. Earth is a school of hide and seek, of seek and find. Seek, seek, find, find. I find you! Your wishes and energetics find you. That is why it is critical to not allow the dross, the mud, the pebbles under foot to take your goal off of the winding beautiful green paths around you. Do you see? Again I say the 15 minute cities have no place here on an ascending world and it will not come to pass, do not focus on it. It would be like taking a machete to a garden and filling it with cement. No. Gaia is stretching, growing, yes. There will be earth shifts, yes. There will be loss and change and rebirth, yes. And you wanted to be here for this, yes. Do you remember?

I Ming~Gatao am speaking. I am sending you loving gazes. There is much power in the gaze. Do you know this? Look in each-others’ eyes with love. Embrace with love. Be love. Tend your garden. Water your flowers of your heart and sit. Sometimes when I was upset I would sit in the garden and feel the rain on my body. It comforted me and reset my frequency.

I do not miss my time on earth but I would not wish my experience away either. It was a profound experience of love, of deep growth and pain and rebirth for me. It will be for you as well. I see you as the strong warriors of old that you are. You have returned. And you feel too old for this, or too tired. And perhaps you are! But that doesn’t stop you! That never stops a true warrior of the way, of the light. Light never truly gets tired for it never stops shining. Ask for what you need in the coming days. The ancestors are listening. I am proof of this. I have awakened to my fractal. You will find more memories of other lifetimes coming to the fore of your mind. And you will wonder, why am I seeing myself as a man or as a woman, or as a child? Whatever image of a former you or current you comes up, embrace it. Love your garden. Love your heart. We love you endlessly. I am Ming~Gatao.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

3 Replies to “Ming~Gatao: Precipice of Change”

  1. Jason

    I like this message — there is sadness, truth, and hope in it. She does not miss her earthly life, but she treasures her experiences while living here.