Archangel Michael: Sunsets and Sunrises

Hello my dearly beloveds, I will speak about what is going on. A long time ago there was a natural rhythm. And now this time, following the exact same timeline, there are inflicting parts in this timeline, that makes it tremble, and not so strong anymore.

A timeline is a living being.

Time is an element.

If you love time, you will help it!

You will heal time with your love!

There are many timelines of course, and no matter wich one you are in, you will learn something important.

The natural way is the love way!

All that is not of love will make a timeline tremble and wither and slowly dissolve.

You have a personal timeline and also according to what you want to achieve here on Earth.

A stone has its own timeline where it is laying on a beach where the waves makes it a little smoother for each wave.

A mountain has its own timeline as it stands high after being created for a long time, it will slowly in its own time become smaller and more rounded and eventually it will be little stone pebbles on a beach somewhere…!

It is all about time!

An ant has its own timeline! A lion has its own timeline. A turtle!

A tree has its own timeline and it looks totally different from an animals or a mountain or a little stone on a beach.

A tree actually holds time! A tree holds information! Like a living book, a library!

A tree holds water that is so precious!

You hold water as well!

You are also a holder of a timeline, your own unique one!

You are also a library, you carry it in your dna of your body but it is connected with your soul, and it mergers together with the ray of love.

So please believe in the importance of love!

Don´t chop down a tree! Let it live! It stores wisdom for you!

Trees are antennas also in contact with the sourrounding universe. It is never just a tree, just a bush, or just a christmas tree. Love it and keep it alive, do it in another way, respect the life it has. Love it!

Love yourself and your special code you carry! You all have special unique codes that you are here to use and spread your love with.

For each sunset and each sunrise your codes are being re-newed, as each new day is newborn and has never existed before.

You live in a planetarium and everything hangs together, creating a song, your special melody. And I can hear all of your tones making the most increadible music!

The more you love your code and your tune the more pleasant for the ear and heart to listen to, but all in good time, as all is about learning.

All is about learning to allow yourself, to be, to fully accept yourself as a lovebeing no matter what you go through in your life.

I was young too in my life once upon a time and my tune was not so beautiful to listen to, at first. The more I practised on my tune and learned myself about me, who I am, then I could play my tune in my special way, the unique happy way, as I finally understood myself.

No one else can know who you are but you. You play your tune, as only YOU CAN. See yourself as an instrument. First you don´t even see it, and understand it is there. Then you observe it, you discover it, but you don´t know what it is for. Then after a long time you pick it up and examine it, and you try to figure out what it is, and you have to learn very slowly about it as it is yourself.

Then you will find your joy in it, beginning to play on your instrument, and the more you are relaxed and having faith to your own abilities to explore yourself, you more and more let go of pre-fabricated ideas about how everything must be done.

There are no rule book. There are no exact lessons to learn who you are, the truth is there is just your own love and devotion to yourself.

You are a lightworker, a loveworker on Earth. You have all the uniqness, as no one is exactly the same. You have your timeline and your codes and your tune and melody. So cheer up and have fun, make your own life into a lovers delight, and don´t worry so much.

You know that worries, and fears and other emotions are clouding your sky, what you direct your attention to, will grow.

So go into the love and stay there and then it will grow. It is your own choice! I am with you if you need me, and you can ask me any question whenever you like.

I love you


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


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  1. Chantelle

    What a love-ly message 💜

    In response to the tones/melodies. I know how important music and sound are to souls so I have some beautiful uplifting music I would like to share with all my family. I hope it touches your hearts. Enjoy, with love to all.

    – This Love, Dougie MacLean
    – Ready for the Storm, Dougie MacLean
    – Hard Times Come Around No More, Mavis Staples.