What is a Collective?

Simply, it is a collection of creative energy and experiences

Many Blessings,

We share energy with you and HOLD space for you.

Feel for Us, For We most certainly can feel you.


Two or more minds create a collective.

The collective is also a collection of thoughts and experiences

For example,

Your home, if more than one, you form a collective.

Your street has more than two people, they belong to that street collective.

Pull back further your streets forms a neighborhood.

Your neighborhood is a collective

You Town is a collective and has its own unique experience, created by those in the town, neighborhoods, streets, home.

Collectives within collectives.

Your towns, collectively create counties, counties create states or regions.

Regions or states create the countries

Countries are a collective of everything within it.

Countries roll up to continents.

Continents create the world Collective.

The world contains a collective, a collection of everything experienced.

Can you Now See how you can drill down and up and possibly tap into each collective.

Can you also see that each collective is its own unique experience.

Can you also see on a world scale how each collective is a little different and how some may want to experience that collective for the experience.

Now you can look out and see how each solar system is its own unique collective? or star systems?

Can you also see how there is a Universal collective?

What collective does your Conciousness rolled up to?

What about animals?

Would you not think that each type of animal has its own unique collective?

How do animals just know what to do?

Where do their actual instincts come from?

They are born and know just what to do why?

Is it possible each animal group is connected to their own collective, and you can apply the same understanding to an Animal Kingdom collective within the Planet collective?

If all the animals are connected to the same collective that is tied to Planet’s collective, then they are all connected and aware of each other.


Where is the current Human collective?

What is the Original Network?

Nature or Spirit?

Why is it, animals fear humans? Why do Natural animals move away from most humans?

Where is the human collective?

What if the human collective was focused on EGO related experiences?

What if this EGO collective is separate from the Natural forms of Collectives, a shall we say one of ILLUSION?

What if the Humans belonged to the Natural Collective, then the animal and human would get a feel of each other.

What would happen if the Collective created by the EGO went back to the Original Network?

Guess we are about to Find out.

Stripping everything you ID with within your EGO mind, removes you from the FALSE COLLECTIVE

There is a NEW collective in terms only because you forgot about it.


IN MODERN TERMS…… You are stuck on a non-routable network.  You are at 192 IP address trying to reach the different networks.  It is a closed private ego network, you need to find your GATEWAY to get access to the Universal Network  🙂


Oh school is Open, this is gonna make one heck of a SPLASH

It is NOW, it is always NOW…every time you check your clock it is still NOW


Can you now see the point of a NARRATIVE?

Collective control much??  Mirror Mirror

Up Next, the players of the GAME

100th Monkey Experiment 

We hope you are having FUN.  🙂

We share in Love

Forged from the Finest of Fires, Teaching the Teachers.

It’s EZ