Remote Viewing

Received by Judith

Friends Of Earth!

As We Continue To Review Aspects Of Consciousness With Abilities That Transcend Your Senses, Become Familiar With Your Own Gifts! For None Of You Arrived To Experience A Pinpoint Of Conscious Awareness Without Great Discovery! Many That Receive This Message Are On The Precipice Of Remembering And Enjoying The Innate Gifts Of The Soul!

In These Moments, I Will Share Knowledge Of Remote Viewing. Without Realizing That All Have This Ability Throughout The Waking Dream, Experiences May Be Discounted With Distractions And Believing That Only Your Physical Senses Are Able To Operate On Earth.

Remote Viewing Is A Method Of Seeing An Object Or Location From A Great Distance. This Gift Has Been Available To All Beings Since Their Creation Of Soul. Few Have Discovered This Amazing Mode Of Reviewing And Detailing Their Findings To Others. Awakening To The True Self Is The First Step To This Experience.

When One Is Awakening To The Essence And Awareness Of Source Energy, Consciousness Is Expanding In Increments With The Management Of The Soul. If Seeing Is Opening To Explore Other Realms As Well As Traveling In Consciousness In 3-D, The Seer Will Learn To Manage And Control Aspects. This Is Done To Continue To Live The Life Of The False Identity In Each Waking Dream Without Complete Disruption.

There Is No Going Back To Unsee And Deny What Has Been Experienced. To Those That Desire More, Know In Truth That You Are Unlimited In Power And Abilities.

Remote Viewing Has Been Studied In Vain As Scientists And Those Steeped In Knowledge In The Outer World Attempt To Understand The Ways Of Spirit And The Inner World.

Being Much Like The Gift Of Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing Differs In Aspects Such As Traveling In Consciousness And Through Objects With Eyes Closed.

Military Operations Have Been Assisted By This Gift As The Seer Travels To Remote Areas On Earth With Consciousness And Reports Details Back To The One Requesting Top Secrets.

Those That Enjoy The Gift Of Sight As They Traverse Areas Unknown To Others Would Be Interesting To Some Humans And Found To Be Strange To Others! Knowing That Remote Viewing Allows Access To Multidimensional Travel And Experience Might Allow You To Desire This Great Opening In Consciousness!

Spirit Is Alive In The Connection Of All Life! Becoming Aware Of Your Innate Abilities Will Bring Power And Peace. Used In A Method To Lead Others To Their Own Light Will Bring Unity In The Collective Of All Life! Indeed, Our Desire Is For Your Growth And Expansion!

I Love You So!


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  1. Rolly

    A million thanks, LAKA, for this wonderful sharing of yours. It is truly lamentable that due to separation from the Source that human beings fell into grace. It is now the time to reclaim our lost value and to fully utilize the innate abilities we naturally embody coming from the Divine Creator.