World on Fire: Questions Swirl Over Global Outbreak of Active Wildfires

By Adan Salazar

A viral TikTok video features a man questioning why active wildfires appear to be prevalent across the globe in the wake of the devastating blaze that destroyed Lahaina, Hawaii.

In the video, the man shows how he used Weather Underground’s “Wundermap” to map out fires occurring in real-time around the globe.

“Now I saw this video going on on TikTok of this girl going through this showing the world burning, and I had to go check for myself because I just wanted to verify and make sure — and it was true,” the man says.

Astonishingly, much of the globe bizarrely appears to be covered in active wildfires.

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“This is all climate change right?” the man sarcastically asks.

“I’m sorry this just doesn’t seem normal to me,” he adds.

Aside from the devastating fire in Maui, other high profile wildfires making headlines over the past week have unfolded in British Columbia, Canada, the Spanish island of Tenerife, and the US state of Washington, with local governments declaring states of emergency in response to the blazes.

News of the alarming number of active fires globally comes as the legacy media has embarked on a new fear campaign pushing “climate change” as the new cause célèbre, providing a motive for the shifting narrative.

In the wake of the Maui fires, Democrats are now begging Joe Biden to declare a “climate emergency” which would grant his administration vast unconstitutional and undemocratic powers.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has signaled it already has its finger on the trigger, with Biden saying he’s already “practically” declared a climate emergency, and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitting Biden “is doing everything that he can” to “deal with this existential threat.”


4 Replies to “World on Fire: Questions Swirl Over Global Outbreak of Active Wildfires”

  1. Theosophist

    Programmed so well they cannot see even what is directly in front of them, that their government is a traitor to the human species and are trying everything in their power to kill you. Being unable to comprehend that the Satanic pedophiliac psychopathic criminally insane haters of all that is Good really are beyond reason with hatred and contempt. Those who refuse to think, refuse to investigate, and blindly obey are tools of the Evil. By taking the jab you assist Evil and help destroy all living creatures on Earth.

    1. hawkins iris

      Yes, this is part of the plan, cloud seeding, kabal, elites, , people being paid, to corrupt along with a corrupt system, MAN will destroy the earth

    1. Gavin Swinden

      Buck Satan Go back to kindergarten and learn what Directed energy weapons are and the climate change hoax