Disempowering Evil Control of Humanity

By Kenneth Schmitt

As we face the horrific tragedies and challenges in the war against humanity, it behooves us to know that nothing happens by accident, and we have the choice of how we interact and feel about what is happening. Although we share the energy spectrum of positive and negative duality with humanity, it is important to realize that everything we experience consists of energetic polarities that we either align with through acceptance or resistance, or we transcend and transform.

Evil cannot be defeated by identifying, judging and fighting against it and seeking revenge. When we engage with it in this way, we must align with its vibratory level. It is the nature of this energy to destroy life. By fighting evil and those who identify with it, we actually empower it with our life force through our anger and fear. Fighting evil with the intent to destroy it only strengthens the energetic patterns that create it, and we pay a price in diminishing our own life force.

There is a much bigger perspective that we can realize. Nothing happens by accident to any of us. Every bit of suffering and death that we experience is part of our life plan and unfolds in alignment with our own vibratory state of being. All of these things are lessons for us in learning to realize our own higher guidance beyond the realm of duality. In our ego-consciousness, we are victims of our circumstances, but in our true selves, we are masters of our situations. Our transformation occurs in our own realization by resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves and transcending them.

When we are living in victim-consciousness, we need saviors to relieve us of our afflictions, because we do not know that we are the cause of our own condition. The intensity of our own experience depends upon our strength of devotion to the diminishing or the life-enhancing qualities of our intentions. When we are clear mentally and emotionally and aligned with our deepest inner knowing, we can transcend limiting beliefs about ourselves. Our environment reshapes itself in alignment with our predominant energetic polarity.

Because everything arises in our own consciousness, we have the ability to choose the vibratory qualities that we pay attention to. These are the energy patterns that we resonate with and that magnetically attract new experiences for ourselves. They resonate with the qualities of our attention. By living with higher guidance, we elevate the consciousness of humanity toward Self-Realization of our true Being.

We can face negative experiences with the guidance of our heart, which is fearless. As humans, we do not know our destiny, but we can anticipate knowing how to handle any encounter. When we realize that we are our eternal presence of awareness, we can understand our life completely. Aligning with ego-consciousness in the desire to engage with negative energy to destroy it, results in the enhancement of life-diminishing energies. By constantly living with the guidance of the heart of our Being, our hidden creative abilities activate, and we can no longer be intimidated.