Still Point

By Judith Kusel

The more conscious you become, the more aware you become, the more the old you, the ego, the persona, the acting roles you took on disintegrate, as your true soul self emerges, in its truthful purity.

When one rises in consciousness you will often find yourself in inner turbulence, which reflects in outer turbulence. What is in truth happening is that you are given a greater wake up call to finally break through all the barriers of the old you and the old regimes which kept you unconscious and in fear and suffering.

When we finally stand in our mastery we are even minded and even-emotionally at all times.
We are not swayed by outside forces anymore.

It is in truth our thoughts, beliefs, and interpretations that we project onto people and circumstances that determine whether we are even minded or have lots of highs and low.

We are now transcending duality.

Equanimity is balance point.

Unconditional love.

Our light body, love body and power body are fully activated.

We stand in our power as a master.

Rock steady.

The steady eye in the middle of a roaring hurricane.

Still point lies within.