Friday 13th-Your Big Awakening

nbmGet ready for some fun surprises! Friday the 13th (especially this one) activates a code of excitement! Contrary to popular belief, Friday the 13th is a highly fortunate day.

Friday is the day of the week dedicated to Venus, goddess of LOVE. Venus reminds you to TRUST in your beauty – trust that inspires you to move forward, so you embody your divine gifts with ease.

On any Friday the 13th, Venus joins the number 13 and the Moon to blend beauty, love and powerful shifts:

• 13 is aligned with the Moon: there are 13 lunar cycles in a year and 13 weeks in every season.
• 13 represents fearlessness, empowerment, transformation and the divine feminine.
• 13 symbolizes “divine empowerment”… an eternally evolving cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
• 13 reminds you of your constantly evolving journey of self-discovery.
• May in 2016 joins the number 13 with May’s 14/5 Universal Month of adventure, connections, joy and freedom.

So, May 13, 2016 emits a transformational 13-14 code which lights up your confidence as you embrace exciting surprises and unexpected shifts.

Let’s break down the number 13:

• 1 allows you to forge ahead with new ideas and a single-mindedness and purpose, allowing your uniqueness to express itself totally independently.

• 3 represents of creative perfection – the mother, father, child principle of creation – the joy and connection with the divine.

The “root” number for 13 is 4 (1 + 3 = 4) which grounds your originality and creativity into physical form, making it real and tangible.

This is why 13/4 is so powerful – it embodies creation and manifestation. 13 represents your divine power to birth miracles.

With the natural connection to the Moon, 13 is aligned to the rhythm of nature, the celestial music of the stars, and the natural changes of life, death, rebirth here on Earth.

At first it may feel like a challenge to be grateful for changes that force us to be flexible and grow… (I can relate!), but once you welcome all experiences without judging them (after all, you DID attract them!), there is nothing that can hold you back from success and happiness!

13 got its bad rap from our fear of death. In reality the ‘death’ is about release and rebirth.

Change means – letting go.

We don’t like old habits to die.

We prefer holding on to our familiar ways and beliefs – the familiarity gives us a false sense of security… .and inevitably we suffer the consequences…

So on this Friday the 13th say goodbye to your out-dated beliefs and ideas, to people who aren’t delighted by you and support you unconditionally, and even take a look at a career you may have outgrown.

Say a big HELLO! to new fresh ideas, loving people who energize and inspire you and a vocation that inspires.

In any 13 cycle unexpected events will INVITE you to just let it all go.

So welcome beautiful change on this Friday the 13th!

Use the power inherent in this extraordinary number to leave something of value. Welcome new people, fresh ideas, stimulating new conditions.

Be grateful for any shift – not just the good ones! The challenging shifts are the biggest abundance generators!

By adapting to creation in a graceful way, you bring out the strength of number 13. Trust the universe always – the universe is divinely designed to bring you what you need to grow and thrive at any given moment.

Astonish yourself.

Welcome the fresh, new energy in your life.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle