Two Ways to Handle the World as a Highly-Sensitive Person

f17b8e27551d20a9ff7c45d9f8afb7bc_large“How can I handle all of the negativity in the world, when I’m so sensitive?” is a question I’m frequently asked, and one that I once asked myself.

Upsetting social media posts and sensationalized news headlines can leave you with a feeling of hopelessness. So how do you handle this world, as a person who deeply feels other people and animals’ pain?

Here are two steps that I’ve found helpful:

Do What You Can to Help. You may not be able to fix the whole world, but you definitely can make a positive difference in your own world. It gets overwhelming thinking how to solve big problems in a big way. So instead, do what you can do. For example, be sure to recycle, use eco-friendly products, and buy only cruelty-free items (no sweatshops or animal suffering involved). Each time you post or sign a petition, you help a lot – there are hundreds of wonderful successes which have come about because of online petition signatures. And shine love and kindness as much as possible, it has a positive-energy ripple effect.

Turn It Off. Once you open your eyes and become aware of some of the issues in the world, there’s no point in obsessively reading or watching about negative happenings. Unless you’re an investigator, stop digging around in the fear-based YouTube videos and Facebook pages. Half the time, those sites just want to sell you supplements or generators anyway. Complaining to others about world issues also isn’t helpful, and just fuels more negativity.

It’s not about going back into denial about the world’s problems. It’s about staying positive while taking positive action steps. Immersing yourself in negative news articles only adds to the negativity of the world. So turn off the negative news sources, and focus on bringing more light to the world.