High Council of Orion: Living Life Without Constraints

78888Greetings Dear Ones, we are the High Council of Orion. Let’s talk today about allowing yourself to thrive wherever you are in the here and now. And we say to you right now, not to limit your future, not to limit your vision in any way shape or form, but to understand that what you have in the moment, is all you have in the moment, and everything you have is in the

Archangel Gabriel: Looking Forward to a New Year

gabrielAs you look forward to a new year, you are going to be creating in unprecedented energies. The question to ask yourself now is what will bring me joy?

Many of you have been done a great disservice in your life. You have been taught that to follow your joy is somehow wrong or frivolous. In truth, the things that bring you joy – your innate passions and interests – are

Star Origins: Vega

lyra2Those who have Vega as their planetary origin are self sufficient, independent, proud and strong willed. There is an outer smooth energy and appearance of strength and capability. Those from Vega tend to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas, they may be trivia “collectors” for information concerning their areas of interest. They have a variety of talents and capabilities, are quite creative and often have an ability to combine creative expression with intellectual expression.

The Arcturians: Choosing Your Timeline to 5D

147483740665260Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken as many steps as we can to ensure the smoothest possible transition for humanity. We have only advice and suggestions for you at this point. There is an opportunity for all of you to shift completely within

Big Pharma now wants to vaccinate babies while they’re still in the womb

pregnancyIt’s bad enough when pregnant mothers get vaccinated, but now Big Pharma wants to take vaccination to a whole new level. Instead of just vaccinating mothers-to-be, the industry wants to be able to inject unborn babies with their latest concoctions, too.

The 21st Century Cures Act is poised to pass any day now. While this legislation claims to bring