Mike Quinsey 12/16/2016

e045fcf45c3389fea8ea588eb53fb057When you can see and understand the current situation on Earth, the way forward is apparent and indicated by the collapse of the Illuminati’s control over the events taking place.

Matters are changing even as they try to maintain some kind of control to no avail. There is a greater plan

One Who Serves, Ashira: You Are Now At The Precipice

let-your-light-shine-1024x768-1024x768“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here with you again to continue the process we started long ago with you. Actually you started these processes long ago, many lifetimes, and many understandings. Many different levels of consciousness that you have gone through

Archangel Michael, Council of Radiant Light: December Solstice

mayan-pyramidDivine Ones, we greet you in celebration!

We greet you in love but we also greet you today in celebration. The December Solstice is approaching and this time of celebration is so appropriate given your expansion and the emerging potentials for humanity!

The Arcturians: Being an Agent for Change

obr715In numerology, 2016 is a “9” year. The number 9 represents endings, conclusions, and the completion of a cycle. 2017 is a “1” year. The number 1 represents a new start, a re-birth, and new beginnings.

I spent this morning reading several articles from my favorite writers on the web. The consensus was that we are, indeed, moving beyond a long 71-year cycle that began

Four Common Psychic Intuitions: Which One is Strongest In You?

56777All of us possess some level of psychic ability, whether we’re aware of it or not.  Maybe you’ve noticed that you have a subtle way of picking up on things before they happen or you’re a master at figuring out people’s true motives, or maybe you’re just really good at knowing when not to do something.

Archangel Gabriel: Change

gabrielDear Ones, so many of you are afraid of change. Yet your heartfelt manifestations can only come to you through change. So you are wanting change, yet blocking it at the same time by seeking to remain the same. No wonder so many of you are feeling discomfort!

You have developed a belief

Health and Consciousness Repair: How Many Items On This List Are You Doing?

fruit-vegetable-heart-23560151Your Checklist for Health Repair

Read First: The following discussion on Health and Consciousness is for informational purposes only.  It is not written by a medical doctor