Archangel Gabriel: Change

gabrielDear Ones, so many of you are afraid of change. Yet your heartfelt manifestations can only come to you through change. So you are wanting change, yet blocking it at the same time by seeking to remain the same. No wonder so many of you are feeling discomfort!

You have developed a belief that change is bad or unwanted. But you must understand that healing is a change, a new job is a change, moving into your highest service is a change, birth is a change, experiencing deeper love is a change. If you don’t have enough money, abundance is a change. Growth is a change. World peace is a change. Unity consciousness and acceptance is a change. The entire ascension process is change – the profound shift from victim consciousness to authentic power, from stagnation to creation. Evolution, by its very nature is change. Do you see?

Perhaps, just perhaps, it isn’t change you should be afraid of, at all. If you really wish to be afraid of something, we would suggest it be fear of staying the same, because it isn’t change that is the hard part. The really painful struggle is the discomfort of resistance, and trying to stay in energies that no longer support you.

So thrive, Dear Ones! Surrender. Flow. Shine. Understand movement is your friend, because it is through change that we can best serve and support you, leading you always to your next perfect match and experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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