The Arcturians: Synchronicity

e9889f_3a59039f14a84b7ca348d8fb35092a83Greetings, dear ones.  Again we come together in love and understanding, and with a mutual desire for truth.  Each day becomes new as global and individual awareness grows for  as consciousness unfolds and expands, so do its outer expressions.

Many of you are beginning to have experiences of synchronicity as you go about your day.  Solutions now seem to appear

Cherokee Nation Suing Federal Government Over Trust Fund

chsealTwo hundred and thirty-one (231) years to the day after the Cherokee Nation entered into the Treaty of Hopewell with the United States government, the Tribe filed suit against the federal government over trust relations.  The Cherokee Nation filed a 50-page lawsuit (Cherokee Nation lawsuit) against various departments and officials of the U.S. federal government on Monday, Nov. 28 alleging

Zap/Poofness 12/5/2016


We are happy to report that we see the progress and we are quite pleased with the way things are unfolding. The mess is not yet cleaned up and the changes coming are not going to be that flowing, in spite of how it looks. There are still those resources and forces that have ideas that do not align with what you’re working to accomplish