Archangel Gabriel: Embracing The Unfoldment

gabrielMany of you have an inner fear of your dreams coming true. It feels safer to keep your dreams off in the future, as a potential for one day. This can be because of a fear of success and a fear of failure.

Fear of success can occur for many reasons. Perhaps you think it would change you or your relationship

The Hathors: You Are a Conscious Inviter and Portal

34567We are here, joining you once again in this manner, as we observe the events that are unfolding in your dimension. We can affirm and assure you that you are living in exceptional times. You are being challenged as well as reminded that you are here on special assignment. You are here to truly seed and anchor the new reality that will come forth from the

Benjamin Fulford 12/12/2016

benjamin_fulford_3The Khazarian mafia is planning spectacular false flag terror operations between now and December 19th in a last minute attempt to prevent Donald Trump from being formally appointed as President of the United States, CIA sources say. However, the military forces of Russia, China and the United States are all working together now to remove the final vestiges of Khazarian control so these efforts will no more than the final thrashes of

Six Best Hair Masks To Grow Hair Faster Naturally In Two Months

57394e35x846b73461f3a690How to make your hair grow naturally? LEARN HOMEMADE HAIR MASK recipes for quick hair growth.

How to make your hair grow faster, thicker, longer and gleaming hair is the question in every women’s mind. However, hair damage, split ends, hair loss, hair thinning, etc. are some of the common problems faced by many irrespective