Archangel Gabriel: Embracing The Unfoldment

gabrielMany of you have an inner fear of your dreams coming true. It feels safer to keep your dreams off in the future, as a potential for one day. This can be because of a fear of success and a fear of failure.

Fear of success can occur for many reasons. Perhaps you think it would change you or your relationship with others too much. Perhaps you are simply afraid of the unknown. Maybe it feels like if you have your dream come true you will have nothing else to live for.

Fear of failure can be just as stalling. You feel if you fail you will be judged, or you are trying to avoid your own self judgement. You are afraid if your dream doesn’t work out you will have nothing left to live for. You are afraid of being a disappointment to others and yourself.

Dear Ones, surprisingly, the fear of success and the fear of failure are born from the same root – not trusting the unfoldment and placing too much value in the result and not enough in the experience. Hear us when we say you are completely capable to both succeed and to fail and neither is better than the other. The true value your soul is seeking is experience, and the further definition and clarity it provides.

Experience is how you are able to continue to shape and form your life expression. It is through the trying that you find your next great adventure, your next perfect match, your next joyful expression of self. It is how you allow your soul to expand and grow, which allows you to embody the very nature of the universe.

It is through embracing the unfoldment, one Now moment at a time, that you can move forward without overwhelm, and start to feel the magic of co-creation. It is through making one decision at a time that you are continually honouring your self and your preferences, and harnessing whatever the energies may be supporting. This allows you to create from surrendered flow, which is a wondrous path of grace and ease.

Dear Ones, your fears lead to stagnation, stagnation settles into resistance, and resistance always leads to deep discomfort and dissatisfaction. You don’t have to have all of the answers. You just need to commit to move into your highest expression of self in whatever way is most comfortable for you, one moment at a time, following the signs and synchronicities that come from a universe that adores you. That is the way you can embrace change as a magical process of unfoldment that will always lead to greater expression of the beauty of you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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