Council of Radiant Light: Celebrating The New You

147787834972579Hello, Beautiful Beings!

Today we want to riff a little bit about you, celebrate you. We love you. We love you and we have so much enthusiasm for what you’re doing. It feels like a good time in our co-creation to reflect back to you what we’re noticing.

The Collective: Remember Your True Self

intergalactic-councilBeloved Ones,

It is with great anticipation that we greet you this day. There are gifts being delivered to your world that will significantly change your life for the better. Initially, these changes will be ones that will be of benefit to all in the form of detoxifying your environment, allowing greater ease and flow through

The Arcturians: Wavelengths and Timelines

07d15bd9313458bcf754e43472547942Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There are several wavelengths that you can put yourself on in any moment of time. These wavelengths

Ten Frugal Lessons From The Amish

467898Amish people and communities are unique in many ways. To most outsiders, they’re known mostly as soft-spoken people who live a simple life, don’t use electricity and don’t drive cars. They’ve also had just enough bad press to make some people wary. No matter what your