The Lyran Council of Time: Empowered Choice

lyraBlessed Being, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. We know you throughout time, and we know your uniqueness in form. This Earth journey that you are evolving through in form is natural to you. You are embarking upon it because it is one that you, as one focused on positive evolution, have a unique experience with.

Merlin: Ascension Is An Alchemical Process

energy update“I am Merlin. And while it is true that I am an aspect of Saint Germain, I am nevertheless an identity in my own right!  Now you may know that Merlin is a title given to the Chief Druid.  This is ancient – or as you may be regarding it, ancient.  It’s really just a moment in time, as it is measured

An Easy Guide To A Healthy Aura

auralayersMost of us are unaware of the health of our auras or life energy. We go about our daily business without ever giving a second thought to a very vital part of our lives. For the majority of people auras are intangible, invisible, and the notion of life energy is purely an idea or abstract concept, not a thing that can be monitored and measured easily like blood pressure or insulin levels. Yet life