The Messenger: Where We’re Headed

energy updateOh Lord, Thou art our shepherd who leads us into the peaceful mountains where we will find ourselves.  Each one has a God and a Light within.  Realise that this Light is the God within us.  It is the God that leads us, lifts us and it is indeed the God within us when we find moments of quietude.  Then we can

New Study Proves Meditation Can Keep Brains Young

meditationTaking a few moments each day to quiet your mind can reduce stress, depression, pain, and fight inflammatory diseases on a genetic level. While the scientific world often remains skeptical about the healing powers of this ancient technique, sometimes we don’t need scientific proof since there is no denying that this non-invasive technique works on so many levels

Jeshua: The Whole Point of Being Human at this Moment is to Find Love Now

sanandaHere in the spiritual realms, which are right where you are in this now moment because there is no separation, we are enjoying the rapid progress that we observe humanity making in its awakening process.

All of you who are consciously on a spiritual path are assisting enormously, and that is why you are