Judas Iscariot: All Is Ready

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and I come with good news today. Everything is backed and in place for your new start, dear Earthlings. It took a bit longer than planned, but now it is finally ready. Time for “GO” dear friends and it is not a moment too early. Many are poised and ready to take charge of their new tasks. Others will wait a little longer. Everything is perfect and nothing is wrong

Mike Quinsey 6/30/2017

mikequinseyTime marches on and continues to increase in such a way that you cannot fail to recognise the changes it is bringing about. You really do not seem to have time to do as much as you used to do previously, yet you find that time as you read it from your timepieces seems absolutely the same. In reality you are doing as much as usual but there is a sense of urgency that gives

Matthew Ward: DNA, Karma, And More

matthewwardWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. When you hear of natural disasters, fires, vehicle crashes and terrorist attacks, sadness about the lives lost and compassion for those who love them are natural feelings. Thinking of all the souls affected by such events and the millions caught up in humanitarian crises in the context of chosen

The Arcturians: The Path of Light

arcturiansFollowing the Path. Those three words mean quite a lot. Therefore, we will break it down word by word. First, what does “to follow,” mean? You could follow submissively, or follow bravely. Then, what is “the Path”? Does this path mean that there is only one path? Or does it mean that you follow a specific path, or follow your personal path? Finally, what does Path mean? Is this

Angelic Guides: Mythical Creatures, Do They Exist?

angel messageToday we will discuss something a little different than usual.  We would like to focus your attention upon the existence of what many believe to be “mythical creatures”.   We will share with you our perspective on these beings regarding their existence upon your world.  Please know that there are in fact many “species” that exist upon your world which your scientists

Holistic Nutrition For The Awakening Process

careforyourbodyeraoflightDear Friends,
last weeks Cancer New Moon energy field has brought up important questions for the human collective about authentic holistic ways of nutrition for human beings, and many people felt the need to take a closer look how it truly works. On our united path to awakening into higher vibrations, our physical body

Galactic Light Signals Are Contacting You With The Shambhala New Earth Mission

thebluerayThe Inner Earth, Pleiadian Ascended Masters of Shambhala, Agartha and Galactic families are reaching out in communication via their ships, light ships, orbs, spheres, Light generator transmission, in dreams, and through telepathic and empathic communications.

The Blue Rays, Starseeds, Lightworkers

Montague Keen: Mankind’s Slavery is Coming To An End

monaguekeenMankind’s slavery is coming to an end. It has taken time and great effort to get the right people in place on both sides of life and to enable them to work together as one unit. We have done this and it is proving to be successful in removing the controls that enslaved humanity. The control systems were put in prime locations. We required special energy codes to

The Council: Comes the Dawn

council of mastersYou have been told many times, in many languages, that the world around you is a mirror. And most often, it has been taken by you as meaning your individual selves. And most often that has been because you have been on a quest to make yourself better, thinking you were not good enough in some way. But the world around you is not just something that you, as an individual

Indigo, Crystal And Rainbow Children

body of lightMeet the Rainbow Children! They are the embodiment of our divinity and the example of our potential. The Rainbow Children have never lived on this planet before, and they’re going straight to the Crystal Children as their moms and dads. These children are entirely fearless of everybody. They’re little avatars who are all about service. These are children

The Council: Protecting Yourself from Evil

elohim beingsIn this quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they take a strong stand on workplace harassment. We are all take to be kind and caring but there are times when a strong stance is necessary.

Questioner: How do you protect yourself from evil in today’s world, especially in the work place where

Arcturian Group Message: Peace

arcturiansDear ones, be not afraid of what you are seeing and hearing, for these are the symbols of a changing universe, the dying throes of old energy that is soon to become part of another world in which you who have chosen to awaken need not take part. All have been given the choice to ascend. Most are un-aware of this, but on the deeper levels, everyone is choosing.

Circular Breathing Heals Your Body

meditationBuddhist monks have been aware of the spiritual power of the breath for centuries, and many use advanced breathing techniques similar to circular breathing during deep meditation to help them achieve higher levels of consciousness and awareness. Known as life force, prana, or chi, our breath is a powerful tool that can be used to both heal and prevent a wide range of

Maybe You Aren’t Actually Gluten Intolerant, Maybe You’re Just Poison Intolerant

mother earth era of light dot comNow we may know why. The tests were right. I’m not gluten intolerant. I’m poison intolerant. I read a mind-blowing article last night that put it all together for me. (Please go read the entire piece by Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist.)

“Standard wheat harvest protocol

Jeshua: Who Or What Is The Soul?

sanandaDear people, I am Jeshua, your friend. I am with you during this moment as a brother. Accept my companionship, my presence, for I am not far away. I want to caress your heart with my hand to remind you of who you are and of the unity that binds us together. Greet me in return; open your heart to me. I am a messenger of the Oneness and I kneel down before you because you are my