The 20 Biggest Cancer Lies You Have Been Brainwashed To Believe

careforyourbodyeraoflightYou’ve been taught all sorts of lies about cancer by the “cancer profiteers” — the institutions, cancer doctors, oncology centers and chemotherapy drug makers who profit from cancer.

In order to keep their profits flowing, they have to keep you in the dark about cancer truths: How it originates

Judas Iscariot: The Hour Is Yours

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and I continue to welcome the new world that now is here. In spite of some difficulties to get some governmental proposals through it is now over. The abundance can start and has already started in some parts of the world. The cabal is now defeated and it is now wide open for the prosperity to take over. Abundance instead of lack is now the word to honor – Abundance

Cannabis Oil (CBD) Cures 12-Year-old Girl of Life-threatening Seizures

cannabis flowerCannabis oil (CBD) has saved a 12-year-old girl from having life-threatening seizures caused by a rare form of epilepsy. Earlier this year, Annalise Lujan was competing in a Tucson gymnastics competition when she started vomiting and lost all feeling in her legs.

“By her fourth event, she just couldn’t

Simon Petrus: We Walk With You

simon petrusI am Simon Petrus and I walk with you on Earth today. Yes, there are many of us who walk with you now. The light has allowed us to descend and walk with you today. You have many guides with you now and all want to help you best they can. There is a beehive of life and movement on Earth. All the colors are fantastic and Earth is now shifting into all kinds of colors. Mother Earth has a grand